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Marriage Certificate Apostille in Mumbai

Marriage Certificate Apostille in Mumbai is easy to acquire with the help of apostille services. The service providers know the entire procedure that acquiring the marriage certificate apostille becomes faster. The marriage certificate apostille is from the MEA. It is a personal document verification and is essential assuring the documents and certificates are lawful.


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What is a Marriage Certificate Apostille? Why is it required?

Marriage Certificate Apostille helps validating the document authenticity, abroad. It proves to other countries that you are married legally. It helps in getting sponsorship for your spouse or a family residence. The authorities providing the apostille require specific documents to enable further processing. The certification authentication is issued in the place the marriage was held.

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How to get a Marriage Certificate Apostille in Mumbai?

There are many apostille marriage certificate agents in Mumbai offering the apostille service. the get the MEA apostille for their client’s marriage certificates. However, as you are seeking an apostille service, consider to get a service from a legal apostille agent. It is because an apostille company must be adept in the apostille procedure and should do it quickly. The professionals offering service carry out the marriage certificate apostille process as per the requirement and offer quality services.

What is the Procedure to get a Marriage Certificate Apostille in Mumbai?

The Marriage Certificate apostille in Mumbai procedure is lengthy. The document has to pass through distinct certification stages to finally get apostille attestation.

The Ministry of External Affairs is an Indian government branch providing on the apostille document the MEA stamp. However, the MEA process is regionalized from January 01, 2019. The procedure is with 15 cities Branch Secretariats and RPOs. The Marriage Certificate apostille in Mumbai follows this procedure, starting from:

  • Notary Attestation - It is a certification by notary and the first one to acquire from the local notary. The attestation is in the form of a stamp and a signature. The notary is the primary necessity of verification procedure. It is the foremost step of personal and education documents attestation.
  • Home Department Attestation - This certification is performed for personal documents by the State Home Department. The verification of personal document includes a death certificate, marriage certificate, and a birth certificate. The Home Department carries out personal documents legalization and the officials employed allow attesting documents.
  • SDM Attestation - The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is for the Home Department and for HRD in rare cases. Some authorities offer HRD attestation sternly for educational documents. It is independent and handles individually its functions.
  • Apostille - The MEA offers a sticker, in this stage bearing the information and name of the applicant. It comes along with the apostille sticker. It is obligated on the documents and is suitable mostly for commercial documents. It is through the central government and is the apostille final stage.

How much time it takes to get the Apostille Marriage Certificate?

The time taken to get the Apostille marriage certificate in Mumbai depends on the document type that requires apostille. Marriage certificate is a document of personal type and the cost relies on various factors. Among the other methods, there are offline procedures also taking a few weeks to complete. However, taking the apostille services in Mumbai from the legal agents helps in finishing the process faster for you. The process overall time may have an impact if the HRD apostille is a requirement. It will extend if it varies from state to take and may take over a month.

What is the cost to Apostille Marriage Certificate?

The apostille marriage certificate includes several authentication stages. The fee of the apostille attestation is based on the certification type, whether it is required from other levels or only from the MEA. Attaining the apostille is important and if it is required urgently, there will be a spike in the cost.

Do you have an office in Mumbai to handle the Apostille?

Yes. There is an office in Mumbai and our executive will reach your doorstep to pick and drop your document on completion of the apostille marriage certificate process.

How should I proceed as I have laminated documents?

Our executive will remove the lamination and your document will get apostilled. Thus, you will receive the documents safely.

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