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Manyapostille services in Visakhapatnam are eager to assist those who need their documents attested properly. Because there are so many of them, it is difficult to choose and trust one service provider because too many of them are slow and the others will not respect the directions and rules that are finalized by the government for this particular activity.

The process of selecting a single service provider might be time-consuming. ND Universal is a well-known apostille provider of apostille services in Visakhapatnam as it is government-affiliated and government-affiliated and it also assists customers in getting the apostille stamp. If you prefer ND Universal as your Apostille service provider, you need not worry about the process being followed by us because we follow a well-defined method.

Apostile Service Visakhapatnam

What Is An Apostille?

Apostilles are generally stickers on documents and certificates intended for use in countries other than your own. This sticker is only provided on documents and certificates that have passed general verification at another level. These checks are also based on the type of document. Apostille is accepted in 92 countries around the world and is required if you want to travel to a country that is part of the Hague Convention.

The MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), a central-level department dealing with all foreign-related matters, stamps on documents, and certificates with apostilles. Once the apostille is done, these documents and certificates will be legalized for use in countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

Why and When Document/ Certificate Apostille is Required?

People who want to travel to nations that are Hague Convention members must have their papers apostilled. This is the only method these records can be used, and Apostilled records are also needed to get the visa. Individuals will be declined to enter into the parts of other countries, in case their papers are not apostilled. Those natives who are found using un-apostilled documents and certifications may face legal prosecution and will not be allowed to travel in the country.

Degree certificate

  • A degree Certificate is an important educational document. The apostille of this document is crucial since it assists individuals to get an employment visa or a work visa.
  • People who desire to finish their studies in a country that has ratified the Hague Conventions sooner will need to have their degree certificate apostille. Students will not be able to enroll in college or university unless their degree certificate has an apostille.
  • People who will have the apostille degree certificate may easily get the job and admission. In other countries, the documents and the degree will be useless without the apostille label.

Birth certificate

  • The birth certificate is a personal document and is used to obtain a child visa.
  • Birth certificate apostilles help individuals prove their qualifications in other countries.
  • Apostille birth certificates are also useful for students enrolling in schools and universities.
  • The birth certificate is the best document used to show a person's nationality and must be submitted for Apostille.

Marriage certificate

  • A marriage certificate is a type of private record that demonstrates a married couple's relationship. It is basically used to prove the association status of two people.
  • This document must be apostilled for the marriage to be identified in a nation that is a member of the Hague Convention.
  • Apostille of this certification can assist you to get a resident visa, family visa, spousal visa, dependent visa, etc.

Police clearance certificate

  • Police clearance is used to prove that there is no criminal record in the past of the individual.
  • This is a very important certificate that helps to legally verify an individual's criminal record.
  • The apostille of this certificate is important to get a clean chit when traveling abroad.
  • This document must be submitted for Apostille, as each country needs to know that you are a safe person to welcome them.

Export Document Certificate

  • The business owner must apostille this certificate since it facilitates financial dealings in other countries.
  • Apostille of this export certificate will oblige business owners in documenting their companies, growing their firms, obtaining the export licenses, and obtaining the certificates of incorporation.

Single status certificate

  • A certificate of single status helps prove that the individual is not married and has single status as an individual.
  • This certificate must be an apostille to reflect the unified status of the countries covered by the Hague Convention.

Apostille affidavit

  • Natives who wish to claim their birth name and those who want to alter it need to have an affidavit certificate apostilled.
  • The apostille of this certification will assist persons in obtaining name modification in a nation that is a signatory to the Hague Convention.

Death certificate

  • The death certificate is used to prove the death of a person.
  • Apostille of the death certificate is important to receive claims from overseas of the deceased person.

Countries Accepting Apostille Documents

List of Hague Convention Countries

Apostille of documents and certifications is essential nonetheless of why you want to visit the location. But, to use any document or certification in an apostille-accepting nation, your documents must have the apostille sticker provided by the legal authorities of the country.

Not all overseas nations accept Apostille papers. You must remember that only nations' signatories of the Hague Convention will approve apostilled papers and certifications. If the documents needed for a visa are not apostilled, the visa application will be denied. That is why, you must hire a provider of Apostille services In Visakhapatnam.

Process of Document Apostille

Apostille is a time taking process that takes longer than expected. The time taken depends on the document type, procedure involved, and the concerned department. The processes listed below are based on the apostille of different types of documents. The process outlined below should be inadvertently followed.

1. Educational Documents

The following steps should be used to get apostille stickers for educational documents:

  1. The paperwork and certificates must be returned after being verified by the Local Notary or the University. This is the location from where the document was produced in the first place.
  2. The Human Resource Development Department (HRD) will verify the documents thereafter, which falls under state verification.
  3. Documents will be delivered to the MEA after completing the procedure ( Ministry of External Affairs ). The Apostille stickers will be applied to the documents here.

2. Non-educational / personal documents

To get an apostille stamp on your document, you need to follow these steps:

  1. The first check will be done by a local notary who will review the certificate and certificate.
  2. Once the initial verification is complete, the personal document will be verified by the state department.
  3. If both verifications are passed, the MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) can stamp the document and certificate and provide an apostille stamp.

3. Commercial Documents

Commercial papers are pass the following steps of the apostille process:

  1. In this verification step, the Chamber of Commerce must verify commercial documentation.
  2. Local Notaries and the State Departments will not be involved in this document validation.
  3. Subsequently, documents will be forwarded to the department of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) to get the apostille sticker.

The procedure mentioned above should be followed precisely. Individuals are not permitted to pass the papers unless the aforementioned agencies have confirmed them. Any lapse in judgment will complicate the procedure. Documents must be correctly validated to receive an apostille sticker. Just contact the experts of ND universal to make the process effortless for yourself and sit back and rest while we get your documents apostille-stamped.

What Does An Apostille Look Like?

  • The Apostille sticker is a 9 cm long square-shaped computer-generated label.
  • Every sticker of Apostille has its unique identifying digit.
  • The countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention members verify the genuineness of the information mentioned on the papers by using these unique identifying digits.
  • Basically, there is no need to have the documents analyzed by the embassy if you have the apostille sticker.
  • The department of MEA will assign the Apostille sticker to any individual. MEA is basically a central level department in-charge of matters that happen outside of the country.

What If Your Documents Are Laminated?

It is important to remove the lamination, as enabling the lamination will not validate the document. If the document is laminated, do not try to remove the lamination yourself as it will ruin the document. You can send the document as it is to ND Universal's team. Our experts will safely remove the lamination from the document and you will be provided with an apostille sticker at the end of the process.

Documents Required For Apostille Process

The documents necessary for the Apostille Process are listed below.

1. Documents relating to education, such as:

  1. Certificates of 10th, 12th grades for graduation.
  2. Certificate of graduation for post-graduation

2. Documents including Personal/Non-Educational information, such as:

  1. Certificate of Birth/ Certificate of Marriage

3. Documents or certificates pertaining to business or commerce

  1. All business papers, such as export documents

4. Other relevant papers include: To be supplied in addition to the original certificates.

  1. A photocopy of your passport
  2. Photographs in passport size
  3. Receipt of the Passport Application
  4. A copy of your Aadhar Card is required.
  5. A copy of your visa is required.

Time Taken to Complete the Process

The duration of the apostille procedure depends on the type of document, and the departments involved also play an important role. Delays can occur as each department works at its own rate. To reduce the amount of time taken, we can help you complete the process in less time.

Individuals should contact the experts of ND Universal as doing this process yourself will take much longer than expected to complete. Documents are processed in just 5-7 business days.

What Is The Cost Of Apostille Services In visakhapatnam?

The cost of this apostille procedure is actually based on a few factors. The factors include such as the kind of papers to be apostilled and also the number of documents. Travel expenses will be incurred if you complete the process on your own, as all departments are located in various locations.

Services Regular Urgent
Cost ₹ 3900.00 ₹ 4900.00
Time 6-8 Working Days 4-6 Working Days
Pickup Facility
Drop Facility
Same Day Delivery
After Attestation
Remove Lamination

People could call ND Universal to save all unnecessary trips and costs. As your apostille service provider, ND Universal will not charge you more than is necessary and will complete your documents within a week. ND Universal's apostille services in Visakhapatnam are the quickest and most accessible, with clients receiving their papers in only 5 to 7 working days and no additional fees.

How To Start The Process?

To start the procedure, you must contact our executive and choose ND Universal as your Apostille Service Provider. The manager will themselves attend to you to complete all of the requirements. You are welcome to ask our executive any questions you may have. We will begin the process after all of the paperwork has been completed.

The first step in the process will be to collect the documents from your respective residence and provide the acknowledgment receipt. There will be no added charges for picking up or delivering the documents. Once the procedure begins, you would be able to follow up the attestation procedure of your papers simply. We will also keep you updated regularly. Blue Dart Dispatch will offer the last drop-off service.

Highlights of Our Work

  • Brand Equity: We have been in the industry for over 8 years and have sufficient experience to provide our customers with high-quality apostille service.
  • Free Pick-up and Drop-off Service: As a customer of ND Universal, you can use the complimentary pick-up and drop services for documents.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Our experts are ready to help you at any time. We provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Document Tracking: Document trackings are updated from time to time so you don't have to worry about the protection of your papers. You can also track documents online.
  • No additional charge: No additional charges will be charged. You will not be required to pay more than you need.

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