Kuwait Embassy Attestation in Mumbai

Heading to Kuwait?

Kuwait has always been attracting Indians wishing to travel and work in the Middle East. It is more modern, highly prosperous and welcoming in nature.

However, like most countries in the Middle East, the laws are strict as regards travel for business or work. There are formalities to undergo and documents to be procured and got attested before you can embark on a plane to Kuwait.

One of the basic mandate is that individuals intending to travel to Kuwait for business or work must have a letter of invitation from a Kuwaiti businessperson or an offer of employment.

Kuwait Embassy Attestation Mumbai

Documents must be attested

Thereafter, all the applicant’s documents must be got attested by the local Kuwait Embassy in Mumbai or Delhi before the visa is granted and that individual can travel.

Getting the certificate attestation from Kuwait embassy is a daunting task since there are quite a few documents that the candidate must possess and get them attested through the proper channels in India.

But don’t worry!
We are here to help you

Necessary documents Required for attestations

Apart from your passport you will have to furnish various other documents for attestation by the Kuwait Embassy if you intend to travel for employment or business in that country. Documents to keep ready:

Education Certificates

Education certificate, if you got offer from the correspondent in Kuwait offering you employment

Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificate needs to be attested for Family Visa (i.e to bring Spouse as dependent to Kuwait).

Business Certificates

Business related papers such partnership deed, certificate of incorporation, if you are expanding Business in Kuwait

It is not a simple matter of simply forwarding these documents to the Kuwait Embassy in India to get their attestation. Before they do that they will want to be assured that the certificates being produced before them are genuine and authentic.

That will require what is known as Attestation services. For this you can engage us. Because we have the experience and expertise to do it at the least possible time without hassle.

The attestation process

Various documents follow different pathways for the apostille process.

  • In the case of educational documents like if you want Degree certificate attestation for kuwait you will have to furnish these to the local state HRD department which will Verify with the university to obtain their corroboration that the documents are authentic and then stamp these documents.
  • In the case of Personal Document like Birth, Marriage certificate you will need to first get it notarized from a Notary of the place where the certificate was issued. The next step is to approach the State Home Department to obtain State Verification or Attest from SDM.
  • In the case of business related documents the local chamber of commerce must first certify the documents.

Once the first phase is complete the entire bunch of documents is forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs who, relying on the authorization of the respective local authorities, will stamp each documents with the MEA Attestation and it will be signed by the issuing officer.

The Final Process is Attested from Kuwait Embassy

The above process could take anywhere from one week. Once the MEA has done its job of attesting the documents.

Finally we will submit documents to Kuwait Embassy with applicable fess.

Since the documents are Attested from MEA so the Embassy will have no objections to attesting these documents and issuing the applicant a visa.

Doing it yourself or hand it over to an agency?

There are many steps involved until the Kuwait Embassy attestation is obtained. You will have to approach different authorities at State and Central level. This can be time consuming and expensive and it will disturb your routine.

The best thing to do is to hand over the task for Kuwait Embassy attestation to us. We also arrange for doorstep pickup and delivery with guarantee of assured results. It is well worth the money. Since we know what to do, the process is also completed quickly.

How Much Does it Cost?

The total cost is determined by the plan you select?

There are two different package options available here, so pick whichever services suit your needs best.

Services Normal Urgent
Cost ₹ 8100.00 ₹ 9100.00
Time 15-20 Working Days 8-10 Working Days
Pickup Facility
Drop Facility
Same Day Delivery
After Attestation
Remove Lamination

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