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Attestation is the approval acquired on the documents from government officials. It includes attestation from the state, MEA, notary, and embassy. The attestation services look for the MEA and other government official's approval. The approval is a stamp and signature that is the evidence of documents certification or attestation.

Seeking attestation services in Chennai is helpful when you are approaching for the first time. The attestation service is a complicated procedure. There are several government departments that you have to get authentication on your document. The best is to hire a professional having enough experience. It will save you enough time and cost a lot less. However, before handing your documents, doing a little research about the attestation services providing company is helpful.


Attestation Services in Chennai

What are the Attestation Services in Chennai?

The document attestation services are through the agencies as services. It is of great assistance to the citizens who are looking to get legalization from the government authorities on the documents. The agencies or attestation services offering companies ensure the authentication is ready in a short time and they make the course of action simple. The agency reaches the government and the respective departments to obtain the documents certification. They also can get attestation on urgent notices.

sample of document attestation
sample of document attestation
sample of attestation
sample of document attestation

Sample copies of documents attestation stamp

Why do we need Document Attestation in Chennai?

Acquiring document attestation is the key objective so that the documents liability and the owner of the document are considered genuine. The assurance goes without saying between the individual and the personnel. It is a must to get an employment visa, a student visa, or residence visa. You need to avail the document attestation if you are planning to expand in foreign countries your business. The document legalization process is fulfilled by the document attestation serves.

purpose of documents attestation
Work Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Study Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Family Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Business Develop in Foreign

How to obtain Certificate Attestation in Chennai?

The constraints of availing reliable certificate attestation services in Chennai is high and may be a daunting task. However, looking for a genuine certificate attestation services in Chennai ND Universal will be helpful as they will offer readily the certification of documents as skillful services.

There are reliable certificate attestation services in Chennai offering a rewarding service to their customers. They provide service to individuals and corporate clients, alike.

The certificate attestation services in Chennai offer fast authentication services as a specialty. The fast authentication ensures convenience to the applicants as they get their documents attestation and verification quickly. The service providers follow a few steps to get certificate attestation and a few of the attestation services offered by them includes:

  • MEA attestation
  • Apostille attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • Notary attestation
  • SDM attestation
  • HRD attestation
  • Home Department attestation

What are the categories of Document Attestation?

The categories of document attestation include personal, commercial, and educational. You can hire experienced professionals and avail document attestation services. You can get attestation on personal documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, educational or PCC documents such as degree certificate, mark-sheets, and school leaving certificate. Even the commercial documents such as Incorporation certificate, Memorandum of association, and board resolution require attestation.

What is the process for Certificate Attestation in Chennai?

The process for certificate attestation in Chennai includes MEA or Embassy and it is a lengthy process. The process takes you through several steps of legalization and includes verification from local officials to the state government officials and the central government. The document type determines the process. In case you choose professional services, the process begins right from submitting document in Chennai.

The actual certificate attestation procedure begins as:

  • Notary attestation – Home Department/SDM Attestation – MEA Stamp – Embassy Attestation.

Attestation Services in Chennai

How much time is required to receive Document Attestation in Chennai?

The time to receive document attestation in Chennai depends on various aspects as to the country you are going and the authentication you are looking for. The documents type or the organization that asks for your certificate attestation. Normally, it takes a few weeks or a month to complete the document attestation process. The time spent has an influence of various aspects.

What will be the cost to receive the Certificate Attestation in Chennai?

The cost of attestation differs with each service. When there is urgency, the price may vary depending on the documents that requires delivery. Generally, the certificate attestation cost is reasonable. The cost is high when you look for additional services such as documents legalization pick up and drop services. But ND Universal is authorized partner with 9+ Years of experience and providing free document pickup and delivery, Contact to get quote. We provide Attestation service in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mangalore, and Mumbai

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