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Attestation Services in Mumbai

Many people from India travel abroad. While some of them might travel to complete their education, get a better job, or even start a business, for these reasons, it is mandatory to have the attested documents.

Document attestation is a difficult task for individuals because of the many departments included in this process. They also need to travel to different cities for this.

But no worries, we at ND Universal provide smooth and hassle-free attestation services in Mumbai.


Why is attestation required?

Common question for everyone: why is it required?

For attestation of documents, they get stamped by various departments.

Start with local attestation and end with embassy.

So all this department will do is verifying your documents so they are acceptable in Gulf countries.

For which country is attestation mandatory?

Its necessary requirements are for Gulf countries like the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

For European countries, it is not required to attest from the Embassy.

What are the documents I need to attest?

Every country has different documents required for attestation.

For employment visas in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, only final degree certificate attestation is required.

For the Qatar final degree certificate, a last-year mark sheet and bona fide certificate are required.

For family visas, child birth certificates, and spouse marriage certificates, attestation is required in all Gulf countries.

Let's understand the procedure for embassy attestation.

Step 1: Local Notary

  • The documents will be attested by the local notary from where they were originally issued.

Step 2: State Department

  • After the completion of the notary, the document will be verified by the relevant state department, which will be either the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department, the Home Department, or the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate).

Step 3: MEA

  • After following the process, the documents will now be eligible for the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) in New Delhi.

Step 4: Embassy

  • The final step will be to get the Embassy Attestation from the concerned country's embassy.

How long does it take?

Every embassy has a different time duration for attestation; you can see details below.

  • for the UAE: 5 working days
  • for Oman: 9 to 10 working days
  • for Qatar: 20 to 25 working days
  • for Kuwait: 8 working days
  • for Saudi Arabia: 40 to 50 working days
  • for Bahrain: 7 working days

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