Certificate Attestation

Certificate Attestation refer to authentication of documents. It is a must as a proofing and is useful in different places. A document will have significance only when attestation has been done. The process of attestation ensures credibility. The stamp on the document provides genuineness along with the signature from the government.

Document Attestation

it is the proof and can be measured as the evidence when used legally. The attestation comes in the form of stamp on the document shows the entity authenticity. Attestation makes sure that the document Is original and trustworthy. It is a formality performed when you are travelling to another country for work or personal purpose.

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Certificate Attestation
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Attestation Services

The attestation on the certificates is known as certificate authentication. You need to get the signature from the officials so that credibility of the document can be established. The authorities provide stamp on the back of the documents, the attestation can be done on the educational certificates, personal documents or commercial documents.

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Attestation Services

Legalization of relevant documents

Attestation of the documents is done in order to make the documents admissible to the authority. There are different types of the documents such as commercial, educational and personal. The attestation of these documents requires a hierarchy of authorities to signify that they are genuine. Ultimately you will get the stamp on the documents to signify their genuineness.

Why is attestation required?

Attestation is required for many reasons. It may be for submission of evidence such as fulfilling the judicial purposes or for non-judicial reasons such as visa obtaining, opening a bank account or doing business overseas. There are different sorts of options which require attestation, it could be student visa, work visa, business expansion and residential visa. One can apply for a commercial visa as well for business purposes.

Work Visa
Work Visa
Study Visa
Study Visa
Family Visa
Family Visa
Business Develop in Foreign
Business Develop in Foreign

Who attests the documents?

There is designated authority having power to authorize the document. Self-attestation may be acceptable in some certificates. In case of attestation through government officials the process of attestation includes Notary, State Attestation, MEA and the Embassy Attestation. The document certification for Qatar attestation, UAE attestation, Saudi attestation, and other Gulf countries follow a mandate on additional verification from the destination country called MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation. It is done by the visiting country officials who are at the government organization.

What are the types of attestation?

Attestation of documents is in different types. A few are as below:

  • Notary Attestation : Attestation by a notary is the first in the process to authenticate on the documents. It is the local notary offering the attestation as a signature.
  • Home Department Attestation : It is an exclusive attestation on personal documents. It includes death, birth or marriage certificate. It is given by the related officials.
  • HRD Attestation : Human Resource Department or HRD is a state organization. It attests the certificates and documents as an important procedure demonstrating the academic history authenticity.
  • SDM Attestation : It is a substitute for the Home Department. Some authorities follow a strict mandate of HRD attestation on the education documents. However, the sub-Divisional attestation performs separately.
  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation : This is the first step for attestation of commercial documents. It offers a proof of your business being legitimate.
  • MEA Attestation : It is the last authentication level from the home government branch, MEA attestation. It is a sticker or a stamp on the document. MEA deals with foreign matters of the country.
  • Embassy attestation : The officials perform this attestation. They are from the respective country. For instance, the embassy of UAE performs the process of UAE embassy attestation.
  • Apostille Attestation : This process is through MEA for the countries that are within the Apostille Hague Convention. The authentication is an apostille sticker affixed on the document.
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Attestation Services

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