The Ultimate Guide to Get Attestation Done

Certificate attestation services refer to the document’s legalization. The certificate attestation process is essential to use documents for international purposes. The attestation services for certificates enhance its credibility. There are reliable attestation services provider in all cities. You can contact ND Universal for a reputable and leading attestation service provider to help you complete the non-education and educational certificates attestation.

Why Attestation Is Stressed Process?

The document attestation is a way of verifying the credibility and authenticity of an applicant. Verifying documents ensures the safety of citizens. Having attestation makes renting apartments easier, opening bank accounts smooth, and you can pursue the day to day activities in the new country without further trouble. It may seem tempting to do the process on your own, but it is best to get attestation services assistance from ND Universal, or else it is tedious work.

What are the apostille Services?

Acquiring work, pursuing education, or advancing of business in a foreign country has become common. Some nations support this action. You can get apostille services in most countries and cities. They offer the required support to get an apostille sticker on your documents. The apostille services include getting the attestation from MEA.

The attestation services are helpful as the process is well-known to these professionals. They obtain the apostille sticker from the right person in a short time. They offer finite services that you can plan to proceed further with the true apostille on your certificate. Getting apostille is a part of the process that proves your genuineness and supports the traveling reason to the destination country. It is imperative to acquire a visa if you wish to go to some foreign country.

The certificates that receive apostille stamps are the Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Degree certificate, Business establishment certificate, and so on.

What do attestation services deal with?

The attestation services deal with the obtaining of verification on your documents from MEA. It also acquires government official’s attestation stamp, if necessary. It is a process that is carried out as attestation services by reliable agencies, and they get the apostille as attestation from the embassy, state, notary, and MEA. The authorities give a stamp as attestation proof on the documents.

Document Legalization Process

  • Before filling the application and submitting, check the attached documents, and sent them to the Embassy. Ensure, they are attested by a magistrate at the local level and also by the HRD department from the nearby city. Then send it to the MEA.
  • Each document should receive individual attestation. There is a charge for each attestation.
  • As the documents come from the MEA, it is the final step to take them to the said country Embassy to receive final authentication.

The attestation service providers help with each step of the attestation processes. They assist with proper guidance and information in preparing the documents as per the list for education, job, business, vacation, medical help, etc. An applicant may have to bear the cost as per the document attestation services.

Attestation companies ensure everything is in order. They also keep your documents safe and ensure you pick and drop as a part of the service. The attestation services and the service providers offer translators to translate the documents into the languages before the processing.

What are all the list of Attestation Services

The attestation services are available for all levels of authentication. The authentication utilities are as below:

  • MEA attestation
  • Embassy attestation
  • SDM attestation
  • HRD attestation
  • Notary attestation
  • GAD attestation
  • Chambers of Commerce attestation
  • Mantralaya /Home Department attestation

The documents list includes the marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, business certificate, and the destination country attestation.

Translation Service

The translation is the basic necessity. The attestation services offer perfect professional translation. The conversion of the content is perfect for accuracy. The certified translator services help in the conversion of language procedures, and they also offer language combinations. These attestation services have approved translators providing accurate translation on all document types.

The translation of documents is normally for three types of documents. They are for educational, personal, and commercial documents. There are certified translators to perform and carry out the document’s translation. There are notary appointed certified translators, and they offer the translation services to perfection that the attestation services face no hindrance.

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FAQ in Attestation Services

  • What is the purpose of Attestation?

    Attestation is the process of signing documents and verifying it by the government authorities of the country. Attestation is a legal acknowledgement of the authenticity of a document.

  • What is letter of attestation?

    Letter of attestation is written or signed to confirm a statement, ensuring it is witnessed by authorities.

  • Where can I get Attestation Services?

    ND Universal provide attestation services and offers attestation consultation to people around and in all parts of India. We are the pioneer of attestation service provider.

  • Which documents can be attested?

    Attestation process of certificates may vary depending upon the type of document. ND Universal offer attestation services for all type of document namely Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, SSC Certificate, HSC Certificate, Higher Education/ Degree Mark sheet, School Leaving Certificate, Medical Certificate, PCC Certificate, Power of Attorney, Invoice Certificate of origin, GMV Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Article of association, Memorandum Certificate, etc.

  • What is the process of Attestation?

    Process of attestation includes:

    • State Attestation (from where the document is issued)
    • HRD Attestation
    • Chamber of Commerce Attestation
    • MEA Attestation
    • Embassy Attestation

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