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Apostille services in Chennai refer to legalization or authentication. It applies to the original documents. There are many people offering this service but we at ND Universal are the finite consultancy offering true authentication of certificates in the shortest time possible. There is the advantage that the documents receive an apostille indicating that it is alive as per the legalization process. Thus, it reveals that the documents are true and genuine. In India, MEA alone has the authority to issue the Apostille stamp. Receiving an apostille stamp on your document shows the visiting destination country that you are the right person. It is also imperative to procure the apostille stamps.

Apostille Overview

Apostille refers to the sticker given from the MEA (ministry of external affairs). Apostille offers proof of the document that is original. The country you are wishing or planning to travel asks you to get apostille so that the government of the traveling country is certain that the documents you are submitting are original.

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What document are required?

The documents issues from Chennai/Tamil Nadu from public or registered authority private needs apostille. The documents can be an anything education and non education etc.

purpose of documents apostille
Work Visa
purpose of documents apostille
Study Visa
purpose of documents apostille
Family Visa
purpose of documents apostille
Business Develop in Foreign

How to get an apostille for the Chennai/ Tamil Nadu issued documents?

For the Chennai/Tamil Nadu issued documents you can get an apostille in 2 ways:

  1. Through State attestation, that is a slow process.
  2. Through SDM (Sub-divisional magistrate) Attestation. It is a speedy process.

Both processes are legal. The educational documents issued in Tamil Nadu or Chennai as per the state attestation will go through HRD attestation. The non-educational documents will go through the State Home department. However, both the HRD & Home department are government bodies that follow strict verification rules. Itis the reason for the delay in getting the apostille seal. The time to receive the apostille seal will be nearly 4 weeks.

With the attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate, your educational or non-educational documents will go through Notary first and then the SDM will verify, and finally, the Ministry of External affairs gives the apostille sticker. Yet, it is a quicker process taking between 3 to 5 day.

What is the Apostille validity?

Regardless of the SDM or State process, all the documents receiving apostille has the validity of 6 months, whether it is issued in Tamil Nadu/Chennai or any other place in India. If the apostille is more than 6 months, you must consult the traveling country consulate to know if there is a need for a new apostille or not.

Which Apostille is suitable for Chennai?

The time you are traveling to a country is important to understand the documents requiring apostille.

  • People traveling to Italy and Austria are best to go for the apostille to the State authentication than the ADM. While you are traveling to one of the other Hague convention countries other than Austria and Italy, you may seek the apostille authentication from SDM.
  • If you have adequate money and time take the state authentication, regardless of where you are traveling.
  • In case you are not in the city that has issued you the documents, it is best to take the SDM Apostille authentication. It is because the State authentication will ask you to visit multiple times the office.

Neccessary Documents

  • The original documents that requires an apostille.
  • Passport photocopies of an individual who has given documents for apostille.
  • In the case of affidavits, there is a need for 2 people‚Äôs passport photocopies.

List of steps that can be followed

The steps in the apostille procedure include:

  • Online registering for apostille
  • Sending documents to the office to deposit documents.
  • Online payment to get an apostille
  • Receive the documents tracking number.
  • Check online for updates
  • Get emails about the apostille status
  • Collect or receive the documents with apostille attestation.

Get the Professional Apostille Services from ND Universal

We are one of the best attestation and apostille services provider with 9 years of experience. We provide same day pickup in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Vadodara.

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