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The term 'Apostille' refers to a type of attestation where the certificates or documents of a person is legalized in a proper manner that is acceptable to all the countries that follow the Hague Convention. An apostille stamp is generated in a computer where the sticker is applied on the back of a certificate or document by the Government of India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

Certificate Attestation can take a lot of time and effort to be done. That is why most people try to avoid the daunting experience by hiring apostille services in Chennai. These service providers will help you obtain the required attestation by the official authorities without you having to do anything.

Apostille Services in chennai

Attested documents are required for various reasons, such as when someone is going to work, travel, or study abroad. When your documents are not properly attested, it can cause you difficulty to get your Visa. You have apostille your personal documents such as Affidavits, Death Certificates, Marriage, Birth, and Educational documents such as Secondary Level Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, and more. There are two steps in which the apostille is done for your documents.

Authentication of Certificates or Documents:

You need to get all of your original certificates and documents authorized by the respective authorities from the Union Territory or State from where your documents were issued. The MEA can only issue an apostille when the relevant and respective state authority has authenticated a particular document. The MEA website provides a list of the designated Regional Authentication Centres to simplify the process.

Legalization of Certificates:

After the certificates and documents have been authenticated by the state authority, the MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs will issue an apostille. It will be done depending on the seal and signature of the concerned State Government authorities. Therefore, the MEA is not responsible for the contents provided in the respective documents or certificates.

Can You Do an Online Apostille in Chennai?

The answer is NO. There are no online services to apostille your documents without physically going to the required office. However, if you do not have the time or energy to stand in a long queue for at least two hours,you can hire apostille services in Chennai. Apostille service agencies will send their executive to your place and get your documents and certificates authorized by the required authorities.

What Is the Benefit of Hiring Apostille Services in Chennai?

The Apostille process depends on the type of document legalization that is required. The time taken to complete the procedure also depends on the time taken for incorporating the HRD. The offline procedure can take a minimum of 45 days. However, when you hire an agency, it can come down to eight to twenty business days. Therefore, an agency would not only help you to get your apostille done for your documents and certificates, but they would also provide you with your documents at your doorstep after the completion of the task. Ultimately, it will save a lot of time and effort on your side.

What is the cost of certificate apostille in Chennai?

The process of apostille of document may vary on the type of document you would like to apostille. Apostille follows different process for each country, for example in case of countries where State Government Authentication is mandatory, their cost of Apostille of document is higher, when compared to the cost of apostille of countries where authentication only from SDM is required.

In case if you have any doubts related to apostille for any country or the type of document you would like to apostille, you may contact ND Universal consulting services, drop an email or call us for any concerns. The professionals at ND Universal will offer you guaranteed and quality services in less time as per the requirement. Call us and we will be happy to assist.

How much time it takes to Apostille in Chennai?

The process of Apostille of document depends on the country you are planning to visit and the type of document you are submitting.

In case of Educational document apostille where the document goes through the authentication process from HRD, the apostille of individual document may take up to 45 or more working days. ND Universal being a professional service provider in the field of Apostille and Authentication, can assist you in getting the apostille of your document within 7-10 working days. The reason behind, professionals at ND Universal knows and understand the process of Apostille thoroughly and can guide the document through various government department based on the country you’re visiting making your process hassle free.

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ND Universal is the pioneer for providing Apostille services in Chennai. We are known as the customer oriented firm for offering hassle free services with free pickup and delivery to the documents. Our team is available 24*7 online to take your inquiries. Feel free to reach us out in case of any concerns.

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