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Apostille Services in Chennai (A Complete Guide)

Looking around, we will get the idea of how many service providers are available in Chennai that claims to help the individuals to get their documents to get the apostille, but only very few of these service providers are authorized and work in a government-specific manner. Many service providers claim to get the apostille in a very specific time but fail to deliver the concerned services.

If any individuals decide to hire ND Universal then they will get one of the best services regarding apostille. The documents will remain safe and sound with us. ND universal provides a very high-quality service for apostille, and no unwanted charges will be taken from the clients.

What Is An Apostille?

Apostille is a process through which the certificates and documents get their legitimization to be used in the countries that are part of the Hague Convention. In this type of verification, a document or certificate will not need attention from the concerned country's embassy attestation.

Currently, Apostille documents and certificates are accepted in around 117 countries. The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) India, which is a central government department and deals with every matter related to foreign premises, provides the apostille stamp. An apostille certificate or document can be used lawfully on foreign premises.

Why And When Is Document Apostille Required?

Document or certificate apostille is crucial for getting the visa application accepted for the countries that are part of the Hague Convention. Apostille documents and certificates will also help an individual in using these documents and certificates in foreign countries in a legal way. One cannot use the non-apostilled documents and certificates in other countries as it is completely illegal and if caught doing so, an individual can get a legal case against them. Document apostille is done on several kinds of certificates-

  1. Degree Certificate
    • A degree certificate should get apostilled as it is mandatory for getting a student working visa.
    • People who want to continue their studies or career in countries that are part of the Hague Convention must get their degree certificate apostille.
    • A convocation or Provisional degree certificate will benefit in getting admission in colleges or universities and will also help out in getting a job one wants to do.
  2. Birth Certificate
    • A birth certificate is a personal certificate that is considered to be very important for getting a child visa.
    • Apostille of the birth certificate helps people to prove the information mentioned in the certificate and will also help in proving the nationality.
    • Apostille of Birth Certificates will help individuals in getting admission to college and universities and will also help in getting a visa.
  3. Marriage Certificate
    • This personal certificate holds information about two individuals who are married to each other legally.
    • Apostille of a marriage certificate will help a couple to validate their marriage in a country that is a part of the Hague convention.
    • Individuals who get the marriage certificate apostille can acquire a family visa, dependent visa, spouse visa, and residency visa.
  4. Police Clearance Certificate
    • Police clearance certificate I issued to prove that an individual has done no criminal offense in the past and has no complaints against them as it will help countries to not see an individual as a threat.
    • The apostille of PCC is significant to verify the data related to past criminal activities.
    • Apostille of PCC will help individuals to get a clean chit which will result in acceptance of visa application.
  5. Export Document Certificate
    • Apostille of this commercial document will help in commercial-related work.
    • A businessperson who is willing to do business in the country that is part of the Hague convention should get their documents apostille.
    • Apostille of the certificate will result in ease for company registration, business expansion, etc.
  6. Single Status Certificate
    • This certificate will help an individual to show that they are not married and the relationship status you carry as an individual is single.
    • A Single Status certificate should get apostilled to show the real status in a country that is a part of the Hague Convention.
  7. Affidavit Apostille
    • An Affidavit apostille will help individuals in claiming their birth name.
    • It will also help in changing any individual's name.
    • Apostille of this certificate will help in correction in name as well.
  8. Death Certificate
    • Apostille of Death Certificate will help in getting the claim of individual's death in overseas,
    • It will give proof that an individual has passed away
    • The Apostille of Death Certificate is important to get the person's body from another country that is a part of the Hague Convention.

Countries Accepting Document Apostille

Documents that are apostille instead of getting an attestation from the embassy are accepted by the countries that are part of the Hague convention. Only those countries that are part of the Hague convention accept the apostilled documents, and there is no need to attest the documents in such cases.

For using documents in the countries that are part of the Hague conventions, it is crucial to get the documents and certificates apostille as they will not be accepted without the process being done on them. Without properly apostilled documents, visa applications will not be accepted, and thus relevant documents should get an apostille stamp from the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs )

Process of Document Apostille

Different documents and certificates have to go from various steps to get the apostille done. The documents and certificates should get verified by the in-charge department to get the final stamp. The following process is to be followed for the apostille of documents:

For Educational Documents

For documents that are related to academics, the following steps are followed:

  1. Notary verification or authentication by the university is the first step to be followed by documents related to the educational field.
  2. After verification at the regional level, the documents will be eligible for verification by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department that will come under state verification.
  3. After verification from the above departments, they are submitted to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) that grants the documents their apostille stamp.

For Non-Educational/ Personal documents

For documents that are personal or non-educational, the steps followed are:

  1. Verification of documents by the local notary from where they were initially issued
  2. After notary verification, they can be verified by the State Home Department or SDM
  3. After verification by the above-mentioned departments, they will be eligible to get the Apostille stamp from the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) India.

For Commercial documents

Commercial documents go through the following process of verification to get an apostille stamp:

  1. The commercial documents obtain verification from the Chamber of Commerce. The local notary does not play any role in many commerce cases.
  2. After the verification by the Chamber of Commerce, the documents will be eligible to get the apostille stamp from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

The steps mentioned above should be followed systematically and none of them should be neglected for the sake of it. Verification should be done from all the relevant departments and in case if that is not done then the whole process will be affected.

What Does An Apostille Sticker Look Like?

An apostille sticker is given at the backside of the document and certificate. The documents and certificates must be original to get the apostille sticker.

  • The apostille sticker is computer generated and is square and is about 9cm long.
  • The sticker of the apostille will contain a distinctive identification digit.
  • With the help of the identification digit, the countries which are part of the Hague convention will be able to check the genuineness of the information provided.
  • The sticker is registered, numbered, impressed, and dated with the government official's seal on it.
  • Attestation of documents and certificates from the embassy is not required
  • The apostille sticker is given by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) India, which is a central government department that looks after the affairs related to foreign premises.

What If The Documents Are Laminated?

In case your documents or certificates are laminated, then do not worry and make sudden decisions. Do not remove the lamination by yourself as it can damage the documents, and as a result, it will hinder the process. Send the documents as they are to ND Universal and our professionals will remove the lamination without damaging the documents in any way.

Documents Required For Apostille

Several kinds of documents are required for the process of an apostille. The general and main documents are-

Documents or certificates related to Education

  • For graduation, certificate of 10th and 12th
  • For post-graduation, certificate of graduation

They are attested for relocation for education or job opportunities and are verified by the HRD ( Human Resource Development) Department at the state level.

Documents or certificates that contain personal/non-educational information like

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate

These documents are attested generally for residency visas, family visas, or dependent visas in outside countries. These documents are verified by the Home Department of the state.

Other supporting documents: Many supporting documents should be submitted along with the original certificates

  • Copy of your passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Application receipt of the passport
  • Photocopy of your Aadhar Card
  • Photocopy of your Visa

Time Taken To Complete the Procedure

The time that is taken by the process can not be stated as this depends on the origin and type of the document as it decides the verification process by the different departments. Different departments work in different time frames and sometimes documents are being held; therefore, the time frame can be anything between a week to months.

If you are planning to get the apostille by yourself, then a lot of distress will be on your side.
By hiring ND Universal, you will get the documents with apostille stamp within seven working days as in our process, documents will not be held by any department and there will be no lag in the process.

What Is The Cost Of An Apostille?

The cost of the apostille depends on the origin and type of documents, it will also depend on the number of documents to be apostille. Different documents need verification from several departments and thus, the process can cost a lot if we include the prices you will have to pay while traveling from one department to another.

By hiring ND Universal, you will not have to worry about the cost as we work transparently and will not charge you more than needed. We assure you that documents will be safe with us and the service cost is affordable. For further details, you can call our executive or mail us.

How to Start The Process?

The process of Apostille can give anyone a lot of trouble, and thus we have simplified the process for our clients. For hiring us, you can call our executive. Our executive will personally attend to you and will clear all the formalities. Once the formalities are done, we will start the process by collecting the document from your home. After collecting the documents, we will send you a receipt for the same.

You do not have to worry about the charges for pick-up and drop-off services as we provide this service for free. After receiving the documents, we will start the process without any delays. You will be able to track your documents online and we will also keep you updated. After the apostille is done, the drop-off services will be provided by the Blue Dart dispatch and you will receive all the details of your documents.

Why Choose ND Universal?

We understand the pressure and trouble the Apostille process can give you. The process is simplified for your understanding and you can call us at any time and we will solve your queries. The steps being followed by us for the apostille process will be the same as mentioned by the government. We work transparently thus you need not fear anything, including the safety of your documents. ND Universal will provide the best apostille service in Chennai.

Our Highlights:

  • Free pick up and drop off services : We provide our clients free Pick-up and drop-off services for their documents.
  • Value of Brand : We have 8+ years of experience and have been providing top-notch apostille services. We are one of the most recommended and authorized service providers in the country.
  • High-end customer service : Our motto is to provide high-quality services to clients. We promise to help get your documents with apostille stamps within 5-7 working days.
  • Affordable cost : We will not charge more than needed and the entire process will be transparent. Hence, you need not worry about paying extra money without any reason.
  • Tracking system : You can track your documents and it can be done through a barcode provided by our Team.
  • 24x7 customer service : You can call us whenever you feel like it and we will solve all your queries and problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have the documents in India. How can Apostille be done?
    If you do not have the documents with you, you can contact our executive and they will help you in every way possible. You can courier the documents to us after talking to our executive. Once we get your document, we will start the process of Apostille.
  • Is there any extra cost for fast service?
    No, we do not charge any extra money for the fast service we offer. Our main motto is to provide your documents with an apostille sticker in the fastest way possible. This is the main reason for which you will approach us. So we do not take extra money to provide you with fast apostille services.
  • My document is issued online. How can Apostille be done?
    In case your documents are not printed originally, you can talk to our executive and after that, you will have to mail us your online copy. We will get a colored copy of it. After that, we will start the process of apostille, and you will receive the document once the process is completed.
  • Is physical presence required?
    You will not have to take any stress about the process as our professionals will work very safely and steadily with your documents to get them apostilled.
  • What should I do if my original education certificates are lost?
    1. Submit a Lost Certificate Application to the University/College.
    2. For applying for a duplicate certificate, lodge an FIR in the police station of the area where it was lost.
    3. Obtain a copy of the FIR duly signed by the Duty Officer with the IPC (Indian Penal Code)number on it.
    This copy can be used to apply for duplicate certificates.
  • Do you provide free pick-up and drop-off services?
    Yes, ND Universal provides free pick-up and drop-off services throughout India. You can contact us and can take the benefits from free pick up and drop services.

Get the Professional Apostille Services from ND Universal

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