UAE Embassy Attestation [Definitive Guide]

The act of seeing a certificate by approved person/persons/Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature is known as the attestation of personal/educational & commercial certificates. This verification also verifies that the given certificate was issued by the specified department and that the stamp and signature on the identity documents are genuine.

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The document you'll need to produce in the UAE for your trip is first verified at the HRD of the state where it was created, then attested at the Ministry of External Affairs, and finally attested by the UAE embassy.

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Why Is UAE Attestation Service Required?

Before granting a UAE visa, the UAE government wants any educational/personal certifications obtained in India, whether professional or academic, to be confirmed by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in the UAE for further authentication by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When an Indian citizen travels overseas for work, his or her certificates must be validated by the embassy or consulate of that nation in India. Because many Indians work in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), they must confirm their credentials in the relevant foreign embassy or consulate in Delhi or Mumbai.

Original documents must first be pre-authenticated from the relevant home department / HRD / Notary / Mantralaya and the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, for embassy/consulate attestation.

Why should a document be authenticated by the UAE Embassy?

  • In order to obtain a work visa.
  • To obtain a visa for family residency.
  • Obtaining a higher education
  • To gain admission to a school in the United Arab Emirates.

What Documents Are Required For Certificate Attestation for UAE ?

HRD Attestation, Home Department Attestation, MEA Attestation Before granting a UAE visa, the UAE government demands that any educational/personal certificates produced in India, whether professional or academic, be confirmed by the UAE Embassy/Consulate for further attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For formal purposes in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah), certificates must be authenticated.

The Notary will be completed first. You can submit the certificates for attestation to the home department after receiving the notary attestation. To obtain attestation from the Home Department, the certificate must say that it is true.

Major Categories Of Attestation

In India, there are various sorts of document attestation for various reasons. The following are some of the types:

1. Notary attestation:
A notary's attestation comes first, followed by all other steps in the document authentication procedure. It is usually received in the form of a signature from the local notary. It is the most fundamental prerequisite of any legalizing procedure.

2. Home department attestation:
Personal documents, such as marriage certificates, Birth Certificate and death certificates, are attested only by the Home Department, and only authorities are permitted to do so.

3. HRD attestation:
HRD stands for Human Resource Department, and it is the state agency in charge of certifying educational records and certificates. Another key technique is to demonstrate the validity of your academic history to your company or the university to which you are applying. This component of the attestation required university verification.

4. SDM attestation:
For the Home Department and, in rare situations, HRD, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate is an option. Some authorities, on the other hand, require HRD authentication for educational documents. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is apart from the main state administration and performs its duties independently.

5. Chamber of commerce attestation:
The Chamber of Commerce is a local business organization, and obtaining certification from them is the first stage in commercial document attestation. Business documents serve as proof that your business is legitimate, and corporate document legalization aids in this process.

6. MEA attestation:
MEA attestation, or Ministry of External Affairs attestation, is the final level of validation by the home government, after which the documentation receives an MEA stamp or sticker. MEA is the country's major agency in charge of foreign affairs.

7. Embassy attestation:
It is carried out by officials from the country in which the documents are being testified. The UAE embassy attestation process, for example, is carried out by the UAE embassy. It is carried out by officials from the destination country in the harbor country.

What is the Procedure For Certificate Attestation for UAE ?

The process of attesting documents brought by immigrants is known as attestation. When traveling to the United Arab Emirates, a person must go through the UAE attestation process.

The procedure for obtaining an attestation from the UAE Embassy is as follows:

  • At the very least, the document must be attested by the state's Human Resource Department, where the document was created.
  • The paper will next need to be authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.
  • Finally, the UAE Embassy in New Delhi should provide final attestation.

Detailed Attestation procedure for UAE

Authentication at the state/local level

This is the first step in the attestation process. State-level authentication entails having the document confirmed by the state's authorized issuing authority.

Degree certificates, transcripts, and other educational documents are submitted to state HRD sections for regional verification before being sent to the MEA and Embassy for attestation. In the same way, the Chamber of Commerce has the authority to pre-verify business documents at the outset.

All certificates issued by government schools, government technical boards, medical and paramedical institutions, universities, and others are attested by the State Human Resource Department (HRD).

After the attestation process is completed, the certificate can be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for embassy attestation. You can also receive MEA certification through the Mantralaya certification.

MEA Attestation

Documents must be pre-authenticated by the HRD, Home, Chamber of Commerce, or SDM before proceeding to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The Ministry checks and certifies the substance of the documents at this stage.

UAE Embassy Attestation

This is the last attestation stage, which is performed by the UAE's official representative in India. The attestation of certificates by the UAE embassy is required in order to obtain student visas, employment permits, and residency visas, among other things.

Methods For Attestation

The methods for attestation in the UAE vary depending on the type of certificate. There are several subcategories for UAE attestation certificate attestation.

Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, HSC certificates, and other educational certifications are attested for educational, migration, and job purposes in foreign nations. Personal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and experience certificates are examples of non-educational certificate attestation.

The verification of all papers relevant to the business, commerce, and so on is included in commercial document attestation.

Timeline For Attestation

Every document has a varied method depending on the nature and state of the document when it is issued. As a result, there is no set time limit. It can take anything from three working days to a week to obtain your documents confirmed by the UAE Embassy, depending on the legalization process.

All sorts of educational, non-educational, and commercial certificates and documents must be attested according to UAE rules. Only attested documents and certifications will be accepted in UAE government offices and enterprises for employment, residency, or education visa requirements.

The time it takes to complete the attestation is determined by a number of factors. The time frame varies due to the involvement of a variety of government departments. It usually takes between six to eight days to finish. However, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a difference between authentication, attestation, legalization, verification, and notarization?
    These terms are most likely interchangeable. The ultimate goal of all of these words is to obtain embassy or consulate attestation. Authentication is the process of verifying a person's identification. Attestation is proof that a document has been attested. Legalization is the process of confirming the authenticity of a signature, seal, or stamp on a document. The university verifies the documents and declares them to be valid. Notarization is the process of stamping or sealing a document, dating it, and signing it after obtaining adequate evidence to assure its legitimacy.
  • What is the role of attestation?
    The attestation of your original certificates is valid in Gulf countries for employment visas, family visas, dependent visas, and trade visas from the UAE Labor Department.
  • What should I do if my original education certificates are lost?
    You must submit a Lost Certificate Application to the University/College. To begin, travel to the territorial police station where it was lost and file a report (First Information Report). After the Duty Officer has signed the FIR, obtain a copy with the IPC number (Indian Penal Code) written on it. This copy can be used to apply for duplicate certificates. Follow-up is required on a regular basis.
  • What documents must I provide for attestation?
    If it's an educational document, include a copy of your diploma, a copy of your passport, and a copy of your visa (Wherever Applicable). You must give the Original Certificate copy of your Passport and a copy of your Visa if it is a Marriage Certificate/Affidavit or a Birth Certificate (Wherever Applicable).
  • What documents must I have attested in order to obtain an employment visa?
    In most cases, only the highest-level education document needs to be attested. It is not necessary to have all of your educational documents verified. Graduation certificates may be required to be attested for some occupations requiring post-graduate qualifications. However, this should be validated with the employer first, as it varies depending on the type and category of the job.

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