UAE Embassy Attestation in India

"UAE Embassy Attestation" word you will hear from immigration authorities or your employer. It is a necessary process as per international laws. So you have to go through the UAE Embassy Attestation procedure when you are traveling to the UAE. UAE is a country with a law that any foreigners who come to UAE need to do UAE Embassy Attestation from their home countries. In simple words, all the documents of the person should be attested and completed the procedure of UAE Embassy Attestation.

Different Types of Documents Necessary for the Attestation

1. Educational Documents

  • Different Educational documents are useful to get employment visas. If you apply for an employment visa then you will need a higher education degree certificate.
  • Higher education degree certificate needs to go through the attestation process.

2. Non-Educational Documents

  • Non-educational documents will include documents like birth certificates. You can use a birth certificate if you want to bring your child to the UAE with you.
  • Attestation of non-educational documents is necessary.

3. Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • A marriage Certificate Attestation is necessary if you want to bring your spouse or wife with you to the UAE.

4. Leaving Certificate Attestation

  • You need Leaving certificate attestation if you want to get your child admission to UAE.

5. Commercial Documents

  • Commercial documents attestation is necessary to expand your business in the UAE.

Now, here you can see the process of Attestation for various documents.

What is the process of Attestation?

Attestation is the process of inspecting the authenticity of different documents. Authorities from different departments will make sure that all the documents are legal. You can simply describe attestation as attesting different documents. The attestation procedure is complete as you get an attestation stamp on documents.

Process for Educational and Non-Educational documents

  • Attestation from the State Department or Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)
  • Attestation from MEA / MOFA Indian Embassy
  • UAE Embassy Attestation From India either Delhi or Mumbai

Process for Commercial documents

  • Attestation from Chamber of Commerce
  • Attestation from MEA / Indian Embassy
  • UAE Embassy Attestation from your Home Country

Once you understand the procedure of Attestation of the documents for UAE, you may wonder about its cost.

What is the cost of the UAE Embassy Attestation?

At ND Universal we provide the facility of UAE Embassy Attestation. The cost of attestation at ND Universal will depend upon the type of documents and your urgency. Generally, the cost of attestation is 8100 to 9100 RS per document. It includes the service of pickup and delivery at your doorstep in India. But the cost of Attestation of documents at ND Universal can be reduced if you have more documents for attestation. If you still have any queries then you can call or email our executives and we will be happy to assist you.

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