Certificate Attestation for UAE (Sharjah,Dubai) in Vadodara

UAE Embassy Attestation in Vadodara

Attestation is a method by which a document or certificate is checked for authenticity. A document or certificate is attested when a verifying personnel signs or stamps the specified document. Embassy attestation is required when someone is traveling to a foreign country, and they are applying for a visa for that country. For instance, if you stay in Vadodara, India, then you have to apply for the UAE Embassy attestation in Vadodara. Your visa for the UAE will only be verified when your documents are attested by the required authorities.

Types of Attestation:

There are only three types of documents that can be attested. Hence, there are only three types of attestation processes. These are:

  • Educational Certificate Attestation
  • Non-Educational Certificate Attestation
  • Commercial Certificate Attestation

The Process of Educational Certificate Attestation

  • The first step is to get your Notary Attestation from the state of Vadodara.
  • Then you have to get your University Verification Stamp from the institution you studied in.
  • The third step requires you to get your document attested by the State Education Department Attestation.
  • After this, the documents will be attested by the GAD from the State Government.
  • This is the last stage of attestation from the Indian Government. This would be done by India's Ministry of External Affairs.
  • The final step of attestation will be done from the Embassy of the country that you are visiting. For instance, if you are traveling to the UAE, then your educational documents will be finally legalized by the Embassy of the UAE.

The Process of Non-Educational Certificate Attestation:

  • The first stage requires you to get your documents attested by the Notary Attestation of the State from where it was issued.
  • After that, the documents will be attested by the Additional District Magistrate of the State.
  • After that, the documents will be legalized by GAD attestation under the State Government.
  • The documents will now be passed to the Ministry of External Affairs in India and attested there before they are passed to the Embassy of UAE for the final attestation.

The Process of Commercial Certificate Attestation:

  • For commercial documents, they will first be attested by the Chamber of Commerce of India.
  • After that, the documents would be passed on to the Ministry of External Affairs in India for further verification and attestation.
  • Lastly, the documents would be attested by the Embassy of UAE.

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