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The days of going abroad only for vacations and holidays are gone. Most people go abroad to fulfill their academic, career, and migration dreams. Hence, when going abroad, having all your important documents attested by the concerned country's embassy is crucial. You need to prove that the documents are genuine, and the only way to do that is embassy attestation.

However, finding reliable embassy attestation services in India is challenging. You need someone with the right knowledge, experience, and expertise to get your documents attested by the embassy. This is where we, ND Universal, can help.

We are one of India's most reliable and proficient embassy attestation services providers for any purpose you may have.
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Embassy Attestation

What is embassy attestation?

You may have already heard the term attestation. Simply put, it is a process where a government-recognized officer or office attests to the originality and legitimacy of a given document. When an embassy does the attestation, naturally, it is called embassy attestation. Attesting a document proves its genuineness and approves its use in the embassy's country.

Why do you need embassy attestation?

When you are going abroad for education, permanent residence, or a job, all your relevant documents need to be verified by your destination country to ensure that your documents are legitimate. Only those agencies and businesses approved by certain government bodies can provide embassy attestation services.

You need to hire the help of embassy attestation agencies and get your documents attested by the embassy to get a:

  • Student visa to pursue academics abroad
  • Work visa to work in a foreign country
  • Business visa to run businesses abroad
  • Resident visa to acquire permanent residency in another country

With our embassy attestation services, you can now get your professional, academic, and personal documents attested for any of these purposes in no time.

What are embassy attestation services?

Getting your documents attested by an embassy is not a walk in the park. It is a time-consuming and long process. You need an embassy attestation agency's support to ensure the process is carried out swiftly. A quick search for embassy attestation services in India would bring several results. However, you must work with an experienced and established agency to get quick and reliable services.

ND Universal has been providing comprehensive and professional embassy attestation services for our clients to go to a wide range of countries. We are also authorized by the government to provide the service to our clients.

With us, you can relax knowing that your documents are getting attested quickly and are kept safe from unauthorized access.

Streamlined attestation process for quick service

At ND Universal, we follow an extensive and detailed process to ensure the best experience for each client. The process is as given below:

Step #1: Regional level

The customer needs to provide the original documents needed for attestation. They are verified by a local notary officer from the place of their issuance. Commercial documents are verified by the Chamber of Commerce before it is presented for attestation at the embassy.

Step #2: State level

At this stage, the documents are scrutinized by corresponding departments, as given below:

  • Personal documents are verified at the Home Department or by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.
  • Education and academic documents are verified by the Human Resource Development Department.

The departmental verifications are necessary for attestation from the embassy as it confirms that the state has already scrutinized the documents and that they are legitimate.

Step #3: Central level

This is where the final verification happens. The concerned country's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) declares that the documents are legitimate. After the final inspection, the department stamps each document, authenticating that the documents are genuine. This is the most important stage before the attestation because embassy attestation is impossible without the MEA stamp.

Step #4: Embassy attestation

Once the documents are attested across these three stages, they will be moved for the final attestation from the concerned embassy. Attestation from the embassy will make the documents legal in the destination country, and they can be used to apply for student, business, and work visas and a PR.

What makes ND Universal the best for embassy attestation services?

We have been serving our clients in the field for years and know the process extremely well. At ND Universal, we guarantee that every customer gets the best help from us as and when they need us.

However, it is the combination of the following service qualities that make us the best embassy attestation services provider in India:

  • All-inclusive attestation services
  • Years of hands-on experience
  • Support from beginning to end
  • Customized service offerings
  • Cost-effective attestation services
  • Attestation for all popular countries
  • 24x7 professional customer support

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