Embassy Attestation Services in India

Going abroad is more than traveling these days. People stay in different foreign countries to get their degrees or to get a job better than the current one. Some businesspeople set up their business abroad, while some relocate permanently for a better lifestyle.

Whatever be the reason for one's visit or stay in a foreign country, it is significant to have all the required documents attested by the concerned country's embassy. Embassy attestation plays an important factor in legalizing the document to prove its genuineness. It is also mandatory for getting a visa.

The process of Embassy attestation is done in multiple steps, starting from the regional and ending with the embassy level. Verification from all the levels is important for the validity of the document; hence none of the levels should be skipped.

Being a lengthy process, it consumes a lot of time and should be preceded with utmost care. For avoiding any distress, you can hire ND Universal, which is an authorized attestation service provider. Our motto is customer satisfaction, and thus we provide high-quality services.

What is Embassy Attestation?

Attestation is the process that is carried out to approve the documents, stating their legitimacy. Attestation is done by many departments in a single process, and when the attestation is done by the embassy, it is termed as Embassy Attestation.

  • Embassy attestation is needed for the countries that are not a part of the Hague Convention and do not accept apostille documents.
  • Embassy attestation is important for proving the genuineness of the documents and also for getting the permit to use them in another country.
  • Without embassy attestation, the documents will not get their validity and will not be qualified for further use. It is also a mandatory process that has to be followed for getting a visa.

Why Is Embassy Attestation Required?

The requirement of embassy attestation services comes from the concern of the governments of both countries- the one you live in and the other where you are willing to go. No country will permit you to enter their premises without the documents being verified by the central government and then by their embassy.

This process takes place for the safety of both sides. It is a crucial process to be done, as it helps the individual to prove the genuineness of their visit and that they are not a threat to the country in any manner.

Without the embassy attestation, one cannot use their documents in another country legally, and if anyone is found doing that, then legal actions are taken against that person.

Embassy attestation is done for the following reasons:

  • For acquiring a study visa to continue studies in another country.
  • For acquiring a work visa to work in another country.
  • For acquiring a business visa to start a business in another country
  • For acquiring a resident visa to get permanent residency in the country.

For every type of visa different sorts of documents are to be attested, and it is important to get all the required documents attested to avoid any trouble in the future.

What Is an Embassy Attestation Service?

The process of embassy attestation services is not an easy one. It is a very time-consuming process and also comes with a lot of stress. For helping people out, there are many attestation service providers, mostly professionals who have knowledge about the process and carry out the attestation very smoothly.

Undoubtedly, there are many Embassy Attestation Service providers, but it is difficult to find a government-authorized attestation service provider. ND Universal is government authorized service providers that will not only get the documents attested in way less time but will also ensure the safekeeping of the documents.

For every country, the process of attestation is different, and to not get confused about the process, you should hire ND Universal. We will explain to you every single detail about the process in a simpler manner with a service that is being provided 24x7.

How to get it done In India?

Getting embassy attestation services in India is not a simple process. One mistake can create trouble for the document holder, thus you should contact ND Universal for a smooth Embassy Attestation in India. With a network that is spread in the entire country, ND universal will help you in getting your documents attested by the embassy in a short time at a very reasonable cost.

What Is The Procedure That Is Followed?

By approaching us, you will be free from the burden of the hectic embassy attestation process. ND Universal follows every step laid by the government to get the documents properly attested. The process is divided into four major levels-

Step 1: Regional Level
All the documents, personal or professional, must get verified by the local notary from where they were issued initially. In the case of commercial documents, they must be verified by the Chamber of Commerce to get the Embassy Attestation.

Step 2: State Level
Documents are verified by the different departments according to the category they belong to. All the personal documents will be verified by the Home Department or by the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate). Documents belonging to education and academics must be verified by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department.

It is a must to get the documents verified by the relevant departments to get the Embassy Attestation, as this will reflect that the documents are approved by the state, and thus are legitimate.

Step 3: Central Level
Documents must get the attestation provided by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is a central government department that regulates all the processes that involve foreign affairs. The department will provide the documents with a stamp which is important for the authentication of the document at a national level.

This stage will prove the legitimacy of the document by the home country government and thus is important for the Embassy Attestation. Without the stamp or signature of the MEA, documents will not be eligible for the Embassy Attestation.

Step 4: Embassy Attestation
After the documents will get attested by all three levels, they will be eligible for the embassy attestation. Embassy attestation will provide the documents with the legal right to use them in a foreign country and it is also important for the acceptance of the visa application.

The process of attestation will only be done on original documents.

How Long Does It Take?

The process of embassy attestation services in India can take anything between weeks to months depending on the type of document, its origin, and the country it is being attested for. To avoid the unwanted time lag, you must contact ND Universal. We will provide attestation in just one week.

What Are The Charges?

The cost, in general, cannot be stated as it depends on various factors, but in many cases, you will need to pay way more than what we at ND universal will charge for a safe attestation process.

Why Choose ND Universal?

By choosing ND Universal as your services provider you will be benefited in many ways. ND Universal has earned its spot as the one which you can blindly trust. Our fast services would provide you the most satisfying customer experience you have ever encountered. We have achieved our name, fame, and brand value with our simple and transparent service.

We make sure that we fulfill all the conditions that you bring forth without any hesitation and doubt. You can trust us from the core and we will guide you in places where you have queries and do all the other required steps that need to be done for having a safe and happy landing.

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