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Kuwait Embassy attestation in India is needed if you are traveling to Kuwait for education or job purpose. Your non-educational and educational documents are required to be attested for the Embassy.

Types of Documents That Need Kuwait Embassy Attestation

There are broadly 3 types of documents that come under Kuwait Embassy Attestation – non-educational, educational and commercial documents. The procedure for each of these documents is different and it has been briefly described below.

  1. Educational certificate attestation: The state-level attestation department will attest educational documents before sending it to the Ministry of External Affairs. Once the Ministry attests them, your documents will be sent to the Kuwait Embassy for certificate attestation for Kuwait.
  2. Non-educational documents attestation: Non-educational documents, such as birth certificates and marriage certificate are to be attested from the Home Department of your respective state. After that, the attested documents will be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs and finally, the Kuwait Embassy will attest them.
  3. Commercial documents attestation: Commercial documents like origin, NOC (no objection certificate), certification of registration of a business, GST and so on, will be attested first at the Chamber of Commerce. Then, the attested documents will be transferred to the Ministry of External Affairs for Kuwait attestation. Finally, the documents need to be attested by the Kuwait Embassy.

What is the purpose of certificate attestation from Kuwait Embassy?

Short or long-term travels to Kuwait requires you to have your non-educational or educational documents attested from the Kuwait Embassy. The main purpose of attestation is as follows:

  • For resident visa, if you are considering settling down in Kuwait
  • For authenticating an employment visa offer
  • Necessary for getting higher education from Kuwait
  • Mandatory if your children need to take admission in public schools of Kuwait

So, if you are thinking of moving to Kuwait, connect with degree certificate attestation for Kuwait service providers.

Functions for Kuwait Embassy Attestation

  • Notary – The first step for Kuwait Embassy attestation services is to get the notary done to prove the authenticity of the documents/certificates.
  • Home Department – The Home Department verifies the content of the documents that have been already attested by the notary and can attest to all documents issued by the government-approved boards, school and university boards, medical institutions, and others. Mantralaya attestation is an alternative way to proceed for the MEA attestation.
  • MEA – The attested documents from the Home Department are forwarded to the MEA. The MEA attests all educational, non-educational, and commercial certificates and documents.
  • Kuwait Embassy – After the MEA attestation, all certificates issued in India need to be attested by The Kuwait Embassy in India.
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate Office – The SDM can attest documents that have been attested by the Kuwait Embassy.

Process of Kuwait embassy document attestation

The Kuwait embassy attestation procedure for different types of documents are mentioned below –

Educational Attestation for Kuwait

  1. Attestation by the HRD or Regional Attestation Centre from the concerned state
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  3. Attestation from the Embassy of Kuwait or Bahrain Consulate on the Original and Translated Documents

Non-Educational Attestation for Kuwait

  1. Attestation by State Home Department Attestation of the respective state or Attestation from State Home Department (case-specific) or Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate in New Delhi (case specific)
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  3. Attestation from the Embassy of Kuwait or Kuwait Consulate on the Original and Translated Documents

Commercial Certificate Attestation for Kuwait

  1. Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce of the respective state
  2. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  3. Attestation from the Kuwait Consulate or Kuwait of the Kingdom of Bahrain in New Delhi

Fee Structure of Kuwait Embassy Attestation

The fee for Kuwait Embassy attestation depends on the type of document and the number of pages in each document. Besides, the fees are relatively high in the cases of commercial document attestation. You can get attestation services by the Kuwait Embassy in an easy and hassle-free manner with ND Universal. For queries regarding the prices, do drop an email at [email protected] or speak to one of the experts at ND Universal at +91 80003 99331, +91 95370 89898.

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In some cases, the applicant might need the certificates to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait (MOFA) once it has been attested from the country where the certificates are issued. You can expect to pay a little extra fee for this service in addition to the attestation services offered by Kuwait Embassy.

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