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Kuwait has never been behind in terms of pleasing and entertaining its visitors. It is also well-known for providing people with lavish and furnished lifestyles and better prospects of education or business. Many Indians plan to visit Kuwait every year. For proving the motive behind your visit and the authentication of your credentials, it is very crucial to get every required document attested.

Attestation is a very long and overwhelming process. The documents do not get attested directly from the Embassy. Every document has to follow a certain procedure where it will go through several verifications to prove its authority for the final authentication by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) before passing to get attested by the Kuwait Embassy.

The Kuwait Government asks for attested personal, educational, professional, and commerce-related documents before granting the visa as well as permission to enter their land. It is also important so that you can use your documents in the same, legal way you can use them here in India.

The procedure for every document varies, thus it is suggested to take help from trusted and authentic service providers. They will not only fasten the process but also will decrease the burden on you. In addition, you will save your money and time.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate Attestation for Kuwait

Marriage certificate attestation by the embassy is a very significant process for the legalization of your marriage in Kuwait. It will help you to prove the legitimacy of your relationship in Kuwait.

Attestation of your marriage certificate is also mandatory to get a family visa or dependent visa if you wish to bring your partner to Kuwait.

What is the purpose of Degree Certificate Attestation for Kuwait?

Degree certificate attestation is important for individuals seeking to get an education or job in Kuwait. Without the degree certificate being attested it will not be considered valid and you will not be able to use it in Kuwait, thus reducing your chances to get an education or job in Kuwait to zero.

Degree Certificate Attestation by Kuwait Embassy is mandatory if you are applying for a study or work visa in Kuwait.

What is Kuwait Attestation?

Acquiring authentic re-verification of your documents from legalized government authorities to prove the credentials is termed as attestation. The attestation done by the Kuwait Embassy is considered as Kuwait Attestation.

Attestation is performed on the required documents by the authorized government departments that include regional, state, national, and embassy level departments.

For acquiring a visa in Kuwait, one has to make sure that the documents being submitted are properly attested by the required departments, which depends on the type of documents.

Any minor error in the process will lead your documents to not be qualified for visa approval and your application will be rejected.

No one can enter foreign premises without required documents being attested and if someone is found guilty of fraud, then legal actions are taken by the concerned government.

Attestation will not only provide you with a visa but also the legal rights to use your documents in Kuwait for your benefit.

You can pursue educational courses, enjoy a normal life peacefully, have a job, or run a business without any worries by having all the required documents with you.

Why Is Kuwait Attestation Required?

Kuwait attestation is required for proving the legitimacy of your motive of visit or stay and authentication of your documents. The laws of Kuwait do not permit anyone without legal documents to pursue what they want.

Kuwait attestation is required for educational, personal, professional, and commercial purposes. It is also required even if you have to visit the country for a vacation.

Educational Requirements

  • If a student wants to continue his/her studies further in Kuwait, then they must have a study visa for the stay and expected documents being submitted at the preferred university or college.
  • If the documents are not attested, they will not get the visa, and if by mistake one document mistakenly is not get attested, they may lose the chance to get admission. Thus, it is really important to get the attestation done safely and carefully.
  • Job applicants must also submit their highest degree or required educational status-related documents for the hiring process. Attestation of the documents is the only way to use them in Kuwait.

Non-educational Requirements

  • If someone wants to relocate to Kuwait for personal benefits like having a better lifestyle, then a resident visa is a must, and for acquiring that, it is mandatory to have attested documents.
  • For acquiring a family visa, attestation of required documents like a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, etc., is required.

Commercial Requirements

  • Businesspeople wanting to progress in Kuwait with their fruitful business ideas will need permission from the authorities. Thus, attestation of all the documents related to them and their company is required.
  • It is mandatory for a business visa and establishing your business in Kuwait.

Necessity of Document Attestation for Kuwait

All the required documents must be attested following the authorized process for the benefit and safety of both- the individual and the foreign government involved.

  • Documents include certificates related to education, commerce, professional and personal documents.
  • All of them have to be attested, keeping in mind what is needed so that the Kuwait government can rely on them for your identity and background check.

These attested documents will also work as a security tool for you as they will portray you as a trustworthy individual. It will also help in building trust between an individual and an organization in Kuwait.

What Is The Procedure For Kuwait Attestation?

Attestation of documents from the Kuwait Embassy is not a direct process. Every document or certificate has to go through crucial verifications being done by the home government (by different departments authorized by the government) and accepted by Kuwait.

Following is the process that is involved in attestation:

Step 1: Attestation by the local notary
Regional level verification is done by the local notary. This will be the same department from where the document or certificate was issued in the first place. This is the first stage of the attestation process.

Step 2: Attestation by the state departments
State-level re-verification of the documents is done by various departments. It depends on the type of document to be verified. This stage involves Home Department, HRD (Human Resource Development) Department, and SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate).

Step 3: Attestation by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
National level authentication of the documents is done by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). MEA provides the verified documents with its authentication and legalizes them by providing a stamp or signature at the backside of the documents. This is the last stage handled by the Indian Government.

Step 4: Attestation by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Final Attestation Is done by the MOFA which is a must for Kuwait like any other Gulf country.

Time Taken To Obtain Certificate Attestation

The time consumed for the attestation process is long and it varies depending on the type of document being attested.

  • As various departments are included, and they work according to their speed which cannot be controlled, it takes about seven to nine working days to get any document attested.
  • But the time and load can be reduced if you hire ND Universal, which will guarantee you authentic attestation in a lesser time frame.

What are the Charges for Kuwait Embassy Attestation?

Usually, the cost of certificate attestation varies from state to state. It also depends on the departments that the documents have to go to and the type of documents (professional or personal or educational or commercial). It will also depend on the HRD verification and if the client chooses to add extra facilities.

By hiring ND Universal you will not have to ponder over this while you have other important responsibilities to tend to. We will provide you high-quality attestation services while charging very fairly.

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