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Attestation Services in Delhi Complete Guide

Attestation in India is a document legalization process. As per law, an attestation is a declaration offered that the legal document is valid. It is not a simple process and is time-consuming. Moreover, you have to submit all the relevant documents in order. It is best to look for genuine attestation services in Delhi offering hassle-free services.

The authenticated documents are essential, regardless of whether you are seeking admission abroad for your kid or for yourself. Documentation is very important while you want to travel abroad. For employment or education, documentation attestation of personal, educational, or commercial documents is mandatory. Without proper documentation attestation you will face rejection in the visa processing.


Attestation Services in Delhi

What are the Attestation Services?

The attestation services are the way of verifying the authenticity of a document. The attestation is shown with a sign of the verifying personnel. The document attestation services help citizens to reach the government authorities and receive the documents legalization. The attestation services are a process requiring original documents submission. The attestation providing services company make the process easy. These professionals offering the attestation services are skilled that they ensure you get the certification of documents in a short time, or even during urgency.


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Why do you require Document Attestation?

Acquiring document attestation is the key purpose that offers evidence of the documents. The legalization shows the holder of the document’s credibility to the concerned authorities. Thus, trust between individuals and authorities develop. It is mandatory to get a student, residence, or employment visa. It is a must even if you wish to develop your business more in a foreign country. The document legalization is a necessity, and the document attestation services fulfill it.

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How to obtain the Certificate Attestation in Delhi?

There are genuine attestation services provider in Delhi to execute the certificate attestation process. It is a cumbersome process to get the attestation. It is best to handover to ND Universal for attestation service who has been in this field for 9 years, fulfilling the needs of attestation to customers.

Contact ND Universal for a genuine certificate verification who is ready to provide professional services of documents certification. Also they offer you speedy process, fast authentication services, and convenience of document attestation. The certificate legalization is a procedure, and the one-stop solution in Delhi for a certificate attestation. The services include Embassy attestation, MEA attestation, SDM attestation, Apostille Attestation, Notary attestation, HRD attestation, GAD attestation, Home department attestation.

What are the Categories of Document Attestation?

There are 3 document types requiring authentication, educational, personal, and commercial. The reliable attestation services providers in Delhi have experienced professionals who are experts in the document attestation services. They provide personal documents verification, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate attestation, besides the certification on education documents. It includes the degree certificate, mark-sheets, school leaving certificate, or commercial documents such as board resolution, memorandum of association, and incorporation certificate.

What is the process for certificate attestation in Delhi?

The certificate attestation is a process to be obtained from MEA or Consulate/Embassy. The process is indirect and needs to go through different legalization stages. It includes the process of acquiring verification from state government officials, local officials and the central government. The process varies with each document type. Selecting processional services for certificate attestation in Delhi assures the process begins right from the time you submit your documents in the hands of the processionals.

The process is as follows:

  • Notary attestation – Home Department/SDM Attestation – MEA Stamp – Embassy Attestation.

Attestation Services in Delhi

How much time is required to acquire Document Attestation in Delhi?

There is a list of documents you need legalization. The time factor relies on various reasons, such as which country the authentication you mandate for, or the documents types, or the organization you need it from. Mostly, it takes a couple of weeks to finish and sometimes extends to a month. The time overall is an influence of various aspects. However, the document attestation services in Delhi will offer services to meet your suitability and ensure the best conveniences.

What will be the cost to get certificate attestation in Delhi?

The certificate attestation cost in Delhi changes depending on the service. It depends on the place the documents were in circulation. The cost to get certificate attestation may differ also depending on the facilities offered such as pick-up and drop service of the document’s legalization. We provide Attestation service in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mangalore, and Mumbai

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