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Certificate Attestation in Delhi (A Complete Guide)

Attestation is a process of legalization of documents so that they can be used in another country legally for commercial, study, or employment purposes.

Different types of documents are attested depending on the situation and requirement. The verification also helps in proving that a particular document was issued by the approved and authorized department. It also helps in stating that the signature and sign on the document are authentic.

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Our staff specializes in attestation or legalization of the documents from different government authorities, like the local notary, the HRD ( Human Resource Development) department, the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs), and the Embassy attestation, for anyone living in Delhi, India.

One can use their documents ( personal, educational, or commercial) in countries other than India after they have been attested by the Embassy. The condition of attestation of documents by the embassy before granting permission to enter any foreign province has been set up for eliminating the frauds from the hundreds and thousands of people that travel to foreign lands for a more salutary lifestyle.

There are three stages of attestation performed by Indian authorities and the final stage is done by the Embassy.

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Different types of Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation

A birth certificate is a personal document that contains information about an individual's birth such as date, day, time and place of birth including other relative information. Attestation of this certificate by concerned authorities will make way to use the certificate in another country for proving the credentials an individual carries. A birth certificate is often used for stating the nationality and place of origin of an individual that is very important when one is staying in another country.

The Attestation of a Birth certificate is required by many foreign countries as proof that the individual is not a fraud. The certificate must be attested by all the official authorities to get its legitimacy. Birth certificates are used to obtain residential and family visas. For the verification that is done on the state level, the Home Department will be responsible.

Documents that will be required for birth certificate attestation are-

  • Original birth certificate
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport-sized photos

Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree certificates are included in educational documents. It is issued by the concerned university or college that states an individual has legally passed a certain academic course. A degree certificate also tells about the performance of the individual during the session that is regarded as very important to acquire a seat in a university or college stated in a foreign land. Attestation of a degree certificate will help an individual to state that they have graduated legally, attestation will also help in using the degree certificate in another country in a lawful way.

The attestation of Degree certificate is required to take admission in any college or university that is placed outside the country and it will also be useful while sitting for job placements. The attestation must be done by relevant authorities and the certificate must be attested by the concerned university and the HRD ( Human Resource Development) Department. Attestation of a degree certificate will help an individual acquiring education or even a work visa.

Documents required for attestation of degree certificate-

  • Original degree certificate
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport size photographs

Marriage certificate Attestation

A marriage certificate defines the marital status between two individuals. This document is made to legalize marriage in a country. For couples who want to settle down in foreign land, they should attest their marriage certificate as without the attestation being done the relationship status between two individuals will not be stated as valid. The authentication from the Home Department or the SDM ( Sub divisional Magistrate) is necessary at the state level.

Theattestation of the Marriage certificate will help you in obtaining a family, resident and spouse visa and it will also help in spouse sponsorship. Attestation is important to legalize your marriage in an outer country as well.

Documents required for attestation of marriage certificate

  • Original Marriage certificate
  • Photocopy of both individual's passport
  • Passport sized photos of both individuals

Why Is Attestation Service Required?

Attestation is significant because of the rule according to which no one will be legally allowed to enter any country without confirmation of academic, professional, personal, or commercial documents by the Embassy or Consulate. These confirmed documents are later sent to the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Every year a very high number of people from India relocate to different places, mostly for work opportunities. These people should have their certificates attested by the embassy or consulate of the nation in India. Those Indians who work in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries should legalize their credentials from the embassy in Delhi or Mumbai.

The original certificates or documents have to be re-verified from the notary, appropriate home department, MEA, etc. before going for the Embassy attestation.

Why is it a must to get documents attested from the Embassy?

  1. To obtain a study/work/commercial/resident visa
  2. To be able to use the documents legally

What documents are required for certificate attestation?

The government of any country essentially asks any personal or professional or educational certificate issued in India to be attested properly by all the authorities, especially by the Embassy, before approval of the visa.

Authentication by the Home Department, HRD ( Human Resource Development) department, and MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) are mandatory before being attested by the Embassy. It is further confirmed by the MFA ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Common documents that are mandatory to be attested according to the requirements are:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Degree/ Diploma certificate
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. Commercial/ Business related documents
  5. Death Certificate
  6. Work experience certificate

Initial verification of the documents/ certificates will be done by the local notary before further confirmation by the Home Department. MEA will verify the authenticity of the documents before passing them to the Embassy for the final attestation.

The Procedure for Attestation

All the required documents must be attested by the authorized bodies if you are traveling outside of India. Before sending the documents to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) the documents should be verified by several local and state-level authorities.

Step 1: Authentication from the local

All the documents needed for attestation should be verified first by the local notary. This is the same place from where the documents would have been issued initially.

Step 2: Authentication from state-level authorities

After the successful verification by the notary, the documents must be sent for state-level authentication.

  • Degrees, transcripts, and all the documents related to education should be sent to the HRD ( Human Resource Development) Department for regional verification.
  • Documents and certificates related to the business/ commerce should be re-verified by the Chamber of Commerce on the regional level.
  • For the confirmation of personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc documents must be sent to the Home Department of the state.
  • After the attestation by the authorized bodies, the documents can be sent to the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) for further authentication.

Step 3: Authentication/ Attestation by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs)

Following the verification of documents by the different authorities or departments like the notary, HRD, Chamber of Commerce, Home Department, and SDM according to the guidelines, they must be handed over to the MEA for substance checking.

  • MEA will provide a signature or stamp which will attest to the credentials for further process.
  • It is significant to get the documents attested by the MEA before sending them to the concerned Embassy.

Step 4: Final attestation by Embassy

Following the processes of the attestation provided by the home government, the documents are sent to the Embassy for the final attestation. Documents will get the attestation only if they will be verified by all the authorized bodies before being handed in.

Fastest Method For Attestation

Methods that are followed for the attestation of documents vary depending upon the type of document being attested. There are various departments that are in charge of the verification of the different kinds of documents.

All the departments are authorized for a certain type of certifications and the documents have to be verified by the particular department. Documents or certificates which are related to education are attested for relocation for education or job opportunities and are verified by the HRD ( Human Resource Development) Department.

These documents can be:

  1. Degree/ diploma certificates
  2. HSC certificate
  3. SSLC certificate and other

Documents or certificates which contain personal/non- information are attested for relocation for personal benefits; majorly to obtain residency in any country. These certificates are verified by the Home Department of the state. These are:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Experience certificate and others

Documents that are related to business/ commerce are attested for establishing a business and are verified by the Chamber of Commerce.

Documents required for Attestation of educational and personal documents:

  • Original documents to be attested
  • One clear photocopy of the passport.

For Commercial Document Attestation, the following documents are required :

  • Original documents attested by the Chamber of Commerce under the name and designation seal of the Attesting Officer and the seal of the Chamber of Commerce.

Time Required For Attestation

The time required for attestation services in Delhi varies upon the method being followed for attestation and the type of documents that needs to be attested. There is no set time limit; it can take up to three working days to a week for getting the documents attested by the country's Embassy.

All the comments whether personal, education or commercial have to be attested by the rules set up by the government as only properly attested documents will be accepted by the country's government, and also by the educational or professional sectors.

Without properly attested documents the application for obtaining any kind of visa will be declined. Many government departments are involved in the process of attestation. Each step is necessary and cannot be skipped. Therefore, some time is required by each department to verify the document.

Usually, it takes six to eight days for the completion but the time frame can be delayed because of the unseen elements and circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of attestation?
    Attestation of the original documents is needed to validate your application for any type of visa in Gulf Countries like employment visa, student visa, residential visa, family visa, dependent visa, and trade visa from the concerned country's Labor Department.
  • Is there a difference between authentication, attestation, legalization, verification, and notarization?
    All these terms are used interchangeably. The prime purpose of all of these processes is to get the documents attested properly.
    • Authentication is the process of verifying a person's identification.
    • Attestation is proof that a document has been attested.
    • Legalization is the process of confirming the authenticity of a signature, seal, or stamp on the document. The university verifies the documents and declares them to be valid.
    • Notarization is the process of stamping or sealing a document, dating it, and signing it after obtaining adequate evidence to assure its authenticity
  • What should I do if my original education certificates are lost?
    You will have to submit a Lost Certificate Application to the University/College. To apply for a duplicate certificate, lodge an FIR in the police station of the area where it was lost. After the signature of the Duty Officer on the FIR, get a copy with the IPC number (Indian Penal Code) written on it. This copy can be used to apply for duplicate certificates. Do not forget to follow up with the progress daily.
  • What documents should I get attested to obtain an employment visa?
    Documents/ certificates you must get attested to obtain an employment visa-
    • Highest level education document
    • Graduation certificate
    • Post-graduate qualification certificate
    There is no need to attest to every education-related document. It depends essentially on what the company demands. One should confirm that from the employer itself as it deviates from profession to profession.
  • What documents must I provide for the attestation?

    Documents required for attestation of educational and personal documents:

    • Original documents to be attested
    • One clear photocopy of the passport.
    For Commercial Document Attestation, the following documents are required :
    • Original documents attested by the Chamber of Commerce under the name and designation seal of the Attesting Officer and the seal of the Chamber of Commerce.
    Copy of visa and passport should also be handed wherever needed.