UAE Embassy Attestation in Navi-Mumbai

Certificate attestation or embassy attestation is a mandatory process of legalizing one's document by authenticating them with the official stamp and signature of issuing authorities for obtaining a visa for any foreign country. It is the most crucial but difficult process while shifting to a country abroad. Attested certificates just do not help one obtain a visa but also help them avoid any kind of obstructions in legal or official paperwork after migrating to a foreign country.

ND Universal makes this crucial but difficult process easier for you by providing hassle-free UAE Embassy attestation in Navi-Mumbai services without making our customers go through any hustle-bustle or trouble, that too at reasonable prices.

Additional Details

UAE Embassy Attestation is a mandatory process to obtain a visa for the UAE. If you are planning to migrate to a foreign country, getting your certificates attested is essential. Generally, there are three types of attestation:

  1. Educational Certificate Attestation: Done for academic documents such as degree certificates, e.t.c. It is essential to obtain a study or employment visa if you are planning to get a job or pursue higher studies abroad.
  2. Non-Educational Or Personal Certificate Attestation: Done for personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, e.t.c. It is essential for obtaining resident or family visas and also spouse or dependent visas. It may also help one in getting sponsorship for the partner in a foreign country or changing the name in any university or college abroad.
  3. Commercial Certificate Attestation: Done for commercial documents such as property papers, firm registration, MSME registration, e.t.c. It is essential to get a work visa if you are planning to expand your business abroad.

Usually, It takes 5-8 days to get one's documents attestation but still, the time required for attestation may vary depending on factors like the number of documents submitted for attestation, nature of the case, rules and regulations of the foreign country to which the customer is migrating to, and the extra services the customers avail to.

Who Must Apply For This?

Attestation is a part of security requirements, so it is crucial to complete the attestation of your documents to migrate to another country. It helps the officials of another country check the legitimacy and originality of your documents to make sure you are not entering the country with any ill-intention and are a genuine person.

Whether you are a student seeking good education, a professional who fancy working in the growing economy of the UAE with better opportunities altogether, a business person who is looking forward to establishing their business to make a profit, or a person who wish to relocate or reside in UAE with their family, kids or partner, certificate attestation is a must for obtaining a UAE visa. So, if you are planning to relocate or migrate to a foreign country, getting your certificates attested is essential.

Why Is Embassy Attestation Important?

Embassy attestation is a crucial legalizing process. It helps the authorities and officials of the country you're migrating to authenticate the originality, genuineness, and legitimacy of your documents. It is mandatory to get your certificates attested for the following cases:

Applying For A Job Abroad
If you want to apply for a job in a foreign country, an attested degree certificate is needed.

Get Admission To a College
Degree certificate attestation is necessary for getting admission in a college, school, or university abroad.

For Buying Or Renting Property
An attested commercial certificate will help you buy or rent a property abroad.

Obtain A Dependent Visa
An attested marriage certificate will help one to obtain a dependent visa to take their partner abroad.

For Name Change
A degree certificate or birth certificate can help you in changing the name in schools, colleges, universities, other certificates, and other legal authorities.

Obtain A Resident Visa
If you are planning to reside abroad, then getting your marriage certificate attested is crucial. It will help you get a resident visa for a foreign country.

Get A Family Visa
If you want to take your family abroad, an attested marriage certificate will help you in obtaining a family visa in another country.

Get A Spouse Visa
If you are already staying in a foreign country and recently got married but your partner does not have the residence of the country you are staying in, then an attested marriage certificate will help you get a visa for your spouse.

Sponsorship For The Partner
Getting your marriage certificate attested is essential if you want sponsorship for your partner in a foreign country.

Getting A Student Visa
Degree certificate attestation is mandatory to obtain a student visa to pursue higher studies abroad.

Getting A Employment Visa
A degree certificate is also a must to obtain a work or employment visa for a foreign country.

Why Choose ND Universal?

ND Universal is one of the most trusted and reputed attestation service provider companies in Navi-Mumbai. We believe in providing satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers. Giving our customers the best attestation services without making them go through any trouble is our motto.

Certificate attestation can be a very long, boring, tiring, and daunting process but we make it easier for you by providing UAE attestation in Navi Mumbai services at the lowest prices possible. We provide our customers with the following services:

  • Less complex and easy-to-understand attestation procedures
  • Certified and reliable services
  • Less time-consuming and stressless attestation
  • 24/7 availability of services
  • Professional and quality staff
  • Customer satisfaction and peace of mind
  • Pick up and drop off services for documents
  • A streamlined process for document submission
  • Easy payment methods.

Our 24/7 active customer care services are always available to take your calls. To avail of the attestation services, you can call our customer service number anytime, and our executive will visit you whenever you are comfortable with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you ensure the security of our documents when we hand them over to the courier person?
    After handing over your documents to the courier person you will receive a receipt and that will serve as evidence that you have submitted your documents to us. A professional from our side will be following up with the courier person until they hand over your documents to our professional staff.
  • How do you deal with the documents if they are laminated?
    Documents are authenticated with stamps and signatures of various authorities for the attestation process; that is why we need to take the lamination off the documents. Our highly professional staff very carefully takes the lamination off your document and makes sure your original documents do not get damaged while doing so. Though we insist you submit unlaminated documents only as your documents might get damaged while taking off the lamination repeatedly.
  • What if any of my original documents get lost?
    We understand how valuable our client's original documents are. That is why we follow a strict series of document attestation processes through our highly professional staff to ensure the security of your documents and personal information.