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Documents play a vital role as an evidence. The verification and authentication of documents is a must for personal and professional life at several levels. Certificate legalization is an authentication on a certificate and it is the reliable piece of document showing your genuineness of visiting a country. Apostille seal is essential on a certificate when the destination country does not fall in the category of Hague Convention. ND Universal is one of the service providers for attestation and apostille. They have a vast experience in the same area and know the importance of certificate authentication.

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PCC Apostille refers to the Police Clearance Certificate. This is a procedure of getting the apostille sticker on the PCC. This authentication part is a must as apostille documents to prove the genuineness of you and the document. The PCC is a must for Indian Passport holders in case they are looking for residential status, immigration, long term visa or employment. It is mandatory to have this certificate for people looking to settle in a foreign country or at least stay for a longer term. The PCC attestation includes the authentication from the authority’s issues and also from the higher authorities. This is one is must police clearance certificate for visa

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How to get PCC Apostille?

Getting PCC apostille also involves a procedure to follow. There are certification companies and agencies to fulfill the legalization of personal documents. The apostille experts such as ND Universal perform the legalization process proficiently and so, it is worthy to hire them and to get the personal documents authentication. At ND Universal you can find professionals offering you the apostille services. They are reliable and dependable to get the legal services.

Procedure for PCC Apostille

Acquiring on certificate an apostille seal is a long process. Earlier the MEA, the Ministry of External Affairs was centralized and from 2019 beginning day, the procedure of documents authentication was decentralized to RPOs and branch secretariats. This gave an easy approach to the common people. The procedure today follows the same looking for authentication of documents and it is as:

  • MEA Stamp - MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the legalization last stage from the home government that offers the stamp of MEA on the document. It is the central authority dealing with the country’s foreign matters.
  • Embassy Attestation - The respective country officials are attested for and it is the certification final step after the MEA for most nations.

How long does it take to get PCC apostille?

A well-known fact is that the certificate authentication is a lengthy process and is based on the type of the document, the state it is issued from and how much the authentication procedure may take. The common time is around 7 to 9 Days, but with the apostille services incorporation the process may need a lesser time.

How much does it cost to apostille PCC?

There are different stages of authentication as mandatory in the certificate legalization process. The cost that is the Apostille attestation fee is the sort of authentication required. It may be from MEA alone or from the other levels, as well. Calculating the cost of apostille makes a lot of difference and it relies on the acquiring of legalization.

Why choose ND Universal?

ND Universal has all the reasons to believe your certificates and documents get attestation in the proper manner. They have professional staff working and they attest the certificates and documents within the said time. It is possible because they know the procedure and stay updated with the changes in the law of each country. Thus, they tune their services accordingly and present the documents. In this way, they make their stand stronger with each client.

  • The biggest benefit is the time saving factor. It gives you enough time to enjoy and receive the service. It is not a benefit of one time. The attestation done on the certificates and the documents are useful right from the visa procedure, to getting enrolled in a foreign university or a college, get employment or do a business. You can use the attestation of documents to avail a family visa. Thus, you have plenty of benefits in one.
  • Hiring ND Universal for your attestation has important benefits. You can save time and get the hired service working for you without causing any trouble to you. They do not interfere with your time; thus, you get enough money and time to save.
  • It is an authentic service that they offer and the quality of service that ND Universal and their staff offers ensure meeting your requirements of apostille and legalization. You can enjoy the benefits and their attestation services that also includes picking up and dropping the attested documents at your door. There is the transparency that keeps you regularly updates on the processing status of the authentication on the certificates.

Why Choose ND Universal for Police clearance certificate apostille?

ND Universal is a trusted, and well-known organization for PCC certificate apostille services. Here are the key reasons why you can bank on the ND Universal team to get your documents attested.

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