PCC Apostille in India

Fast Police Clearance Certificate Apostille in India

There are certain security procedures and checks every country makes before letting any person enter their country to make sure they have no ill-intentions. Document verification is also one such process. For any individual who wants to relocate to another country, it is mandatory for them to get their certificates legalized by authenticating them with the official stamp and signature of the issuing authorities. The countries that fall under the Hague Convention require an apostille sticker or stamp on the documents of the individuals who migrate to their countries.

We, at ND Universal, provide the best hassle-free and fast attestation and apostille services in India without making our customers go through any long boring paperwork and procedures that too at reasonable prices.

What Is An Apostille & Why It Is Important?

Apostille in general is a French word for certification. It is an official process or certification to legalize or authenticate the document with an apostille sticker, obtained by the concerned authorities.

  • The Apostille sticker, issued by the MEA of the Ministry of External Affairs, contains important information.
  • Information such as the name of the document, the name of the document holder, name and signature of the officer who issued the sticker, date, and location of the issuing of the sticker on the document, seal/stamp, and signature of the concerned authorities, and a unique identification number through which the authorities can verify the authenticity of the sticker and document online as all the Apostille document information is kept online in India.
  • Apostille in India is a mandatory process to obtain a visa for any convention member country as India itself has been a member of the Hague Apostille Convention since 2005.
  • If you are planning to expand your business, get a job or reside in a foreign country, it is essential to get your documents authenticated or apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs in India.
  • The MEA is responsible for handling the foreign or external affairs of the country. The apostille sticker is issued by the MEA only.
  • The document, in order to legalize, first needs to be reviewed by the HRD Ministry in India before getting authenticated by the MEA.

What Is a Police Clearance Certificate Apostille?

PCC stands for Police Clearance Certificate. It is essential to get an apostille stamp or sticker on your Police Clearance Certificate if you are migrating to a country that falls under the Hague Convention.

  • This helps in proving the originality, legitimacy, and genuineness of your document to the government and other official authorities of the country you are relocating to. It also proves that you are not entering their country with any ill-intention and is genuine.
  • It is a must for Indian Passport holders who are planning to migrate to another country or want to obtain a resident visa, family visa, employment, or work visa.
  • It is mandatory to get a Police Clearance Certificate Apostille for people looking to settle in a foreign country or to stay there for a long time for any reason. This process is a must for obtaining a visa.

What are the Documents Required for Apostille PCC?

This procedure is done to get the apostille sticker on the Police Clearance Certificate. PCC Apostille is a must for all Indian passport holders who want to relocate to a foreign land. Getting PCC Apostille is not complicated like it is for birth, marriage, or degree certificate. PCC is given by the passport authority and that is why no state verification is required in most cases. PCC can directly be apostilled by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate Apostille are

  • Original PCC/Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Clear Passport photocopy (1st, last, and passport officer signed page) of document holder.

How To Get it done?

Unlike other documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, e.t.c, it is easier to get an Apostille stamp for Police Clearance Certificate as it does not need to get attested at the regional or state level and directly get authenticated at the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs.

One can not directly send their PCC to the MEA. You need to hire an attestation and apostille service provider to get Police Clearance Certificate Apostille. ND Universal offers these services at a reasonable price without making our clients go through any kind of trouble for getting an Apostille stamp on their PCC.

Fastest Procedure to Get PCC legalization

Getting a PCC Apostille is the simplest process among all other attestation and apostille procedures but you need to hire an attestation and apostille service provider for this process. We at ND Universal provide our customers with hassle-free PCC Apostille services without making them go through long and tiring procedures. We follow just a simple two-step procedure for PCC Apostille. The two steps are as follows:

Step 1 - MEA Stamp
The very first step to get a PCC Apostille is to get an Apostille stamp from the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs of your home country on your Police Clearance Certificate. The MEA is responsible for handling all external or foreign affairs of the country.

Step 2 - Embassy Attestation
The second and the last step for getting a PCC Apostille after getting an Apostille stamp from the MEA is to get your Police Clearance Certificate authenticated or attested by the Embassy of the nation you are relocating to within your home country.

Time Taken To Get Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

Certificate Authentication is an extended process, the time frame required for attestation of a document varies depending on the type of document, the state it belongs to, and what procedure should be followed.

The Police Clearance Certificate Apostille process involves various steps. It has to move through some essential legalization processes before being submitted to the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs). It takes 7 to 9 working days and the time frame depends upon the place from where it was issued. With help of service providers, one can reduce the time frame drastically.

Why Choose ND Universal?

The Apostille sticker in India is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. The sticker will prove the authenticity and legitimacy of your documents to be used legally in a foreign country.

Apostille is an official process in which the documents are legalized in a typical format to be deemed acceptable in the nations that belong to The Hague Convention.

One cannot send their PCC directly to the MEA so it is necessary to hire an attestation and apostille service provider. But it is a crucial legal process for verifying and proving the authenticity and legitimacy of the document with an Apostille sticker. So it is necessary to choose your certificate attestation provider wisely.

ND Universal is one of the most popular and highly reputable Apostille service providers with more than 6 years of experience for the same. We are a leading attestation and apostille service provider company in India, accepting documents from all over the country. We offer Apostille services for all kinds of documents including personal, educational, and commercial documents.

The procedure to get an Apostille for your documents can be a daunting, frustrating, and tiring process so hiring a certificate attestation service provider can be very helpful. We work closely with many authorities like the MEA, and Embassies of various nations due to which we can provide our customers with quality services within no time and that too without making our clients go through any hustle-bustle.

Choosing ND Universal Apostille service provider will benefit you with:

  • Professional and friendly staff to provide quality services.
  • Customer satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • A Streamlined process for document submission to avoid any kind of mess created by documents.
  • Pick up and drop off services of documents for our busy clients.
  • Reasonable prices for all official and extra services.
  • Easy payment methods to escape any stress for payments.
  • Less complex and easy-to-understand procedures to provide transparency to our customers.
  • Certified and reliable services.
  • Less time-consuming and stressless procedures.
  • 24/7 Availability of customer support and services via phone calls, emails, and Whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get a PCC Apostille?
    PCC Apostille is a lengthy procedure and the time required to get it depends upon the state it belongs to and other such factors but it usually takes 7-9 working days to get a PCC Apostille.
  • How much does it cost to get a PCC Apostille?
    The total for getting a PCC Apostille depends upon how many levels it goes through. Does it get authenticated directly from the MEA or from state levels too? It also depends on the extra services the customer avail of.
  • What are my documents laminated?
    Our skilled and professional staff carefully takes the lamination off so that the document doesn’t get damaged if the documents submitted are laminated. We still suggest you submit unlaminated documents only, as the process of getting the document apostille involves various stamping and signing processes, and taking lamination off again and again may damage the document.
  • For which countries an apostille certificate is necessary?
    An apostille certificate is mandatory to get the visas for the countries that come under the Hague Convention. It is a treaty currently signed by 117 for document verification.
  • How can ND Universal help me get a Police Clearance Certificate Apostille faster?
    PCC Apostille is a time-consuming and sensitive process. Mistakes occupy no room in the process and thus you should trust us as we are the leading and one of the topmost trusted service providers. Hiring us will save your time and your certificate will get its apostille faster with the streamlined and safe process we follow.