PCC Apostille in Mumbai

PCC apostille is easy to acquire with the help of PCC apostille service providers. A PCC apostille stamp is received from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), as a document apostilled. It is the authentication of a personal document. Thus, it is essential to find the best apostille document services in Mumbai. It will ensure you get the lawful apostille of certificates and documents.

What is the need for PCC Apostille? Is it a must?

PCC stands for Police Clearance Certificate. It is for Indian passport holders who have filed for employment, residential status, or for immigration or some visa for the long-term. People migrating on a tourist visa to a foreign country cannot be issued a PCC. However, it is a must to have this certificate, PCC, if a person wishes to go to a foreign country for a job. The PCC attestation covers the authentication from the authorities issuing and their higher authorities.

How to obtain an Apostille PCC in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, you can find many apostille agents in business offering PCC apostille as services. The aim is to help people in acquiring the MEA apostille. As you are looking for such services, you should know the legal apostille service details. An ideal apostille service providing company is adept in handling the apostille document attestation to prevent other errors.

PCC apostille services have excellent and experienced staff working with them. These professionals ensure they give importance to the convenience of customers approaching them. They carry out the PCC apostille procedure for you and ensure providing quality services.


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What is the PCC Apostille Procedure in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, the procedure of PCC apostille attestation is lengthy. It is not a direct procedure. There are distinct levels that the document has to go through to receive the apostille attestation.

The MEA is the Indian government branch providing on the apostilled document the MEA stamp. However, the MEA has made it convenient now by regionalizing the process. It is given to Branch Secretariats and RPOs in 15 cities from 01 January 2019. The process of the PCC apostille is as follows in Maharashtra:

  • MEA Stamp- MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs is the legalization last stage. It is a seal from the home government. It means you receive on the document an MEA stamp as the last stamp of legalization. It is the central authorization that deals with the country‚Äôs external matters.
  • Embassy Attestation- This attestation is in the hands of the concerned country officials that the documents are getting certified for. The Embassy Attestation is the final certification step after the Ministry of External Affairs for most countries. It is done by the embassy of the country you are wishing to go for, regardless of the reason.

What is the time taken to get the Apostille PCC?

PCC apostille is a process, and the time taken depends on the document type. The length of the apostille procedure determines the time. PCC refers to a personal document type and relies on other factors. Going through an offline procedure will take a few weeks. Instead, it is best to approach a reliable and genuine apostille PCC service provider so that the course of action is faster and needs you to go with a lesser venture. The overall time has an impact due to the involvement of the HRD. Changing between states will take 2 weeks to a month of 4 or 5 weeks.

What is the cost of Apostille PCC?

The authentication is in several stages in the apostilles procedure. The PCC apostille attestation fee depends on the authentication type you require. It may be from the MEA alone or may require authentication from other levels, as well. Although, as you estimate the fee, it varies a lot as it influences the demand for acquiring apostille PCC, as urgent or not. You can reach out to the PCC apostille services and try to get the services at a reasonable cost.

Is there a PCC Apostille office in Mumbai?

Yes, there is an office in Mumbai to offer the PCC apostille services. An executive from the office will pick from your doorstep your document requiring legalization. He will also drop the document once the work of attestation is complete.

My document is with lamination, what is the procedure in Mumbai?

The executive coming from the office will pickup from your doorstep the document that has lamination. He will remove the lamination and get it apostilled. Once done, he will return it safely to you.

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