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Certificate Attestation in Delhi for UAE (Complete Guide)

Traveling abroad and working in other countries is like a wish come true for almost all of us. But for this, we have to get our documents attested. Certificate attestation is verifying the authenticity of the given documents and checking whether the statements are valid in respect to the holder of the papers. If they are verified and accepted by the officials, the applicant is eligible for traveling abroad.

Attestation of the documents is quite a tenuous task. We, at ND universal, can help you accomplish these tasks. We make sure to provide you with the best UAE certification attestation in Delhi services by fulfilling and verifying all your doubts and making sure you go through no stress during the process.

UAE Embassy Attestation in Delhi

Thorough verification and validation of a document such that it proves that the applicant has no illegitimate intentions while traveling to a foreign land such as the UAE is the purpose of attestation. Without attested certificates, you are incapable of staying in any foreign nation for a long time. It is necessary to get all your documents attested for family visas, work visas, and study visas.

Depending upon the purpose, the papers need to be attested through different procedures. The required documents that need to be certified are personal, academic, and commercial documents. It is a must to get your papers attested by the corresponding foreign embassy or consulate in Delhi. The applicant should be approved and verified through all these processes to be eligible for travel. With the help of our services, you do not have to burden yourself with this tedious procedure at all! ND Universal assures the documents get attested properly and legally.

Process of Attestation for Delhi Issued documents

it is the procedure where the documents submitted by the applicant are checked and validated by the officials in Delhi by putting a seal and signature on the papers. The officials of the country where one's documents were issued perform this attestation. In this case, the embassy of the UAE will finally certify your documents. Before getting a document attested by the embassy, the attestation from the state is unnecessary.

  • This attestation is performed at the place where the documents were received from. Commerce-related papers will be handled and signed by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Secondly, Personal documents such as Marriage certificates, Birth Certificates, Divorce Certificates, etc. would receive their attestation from the respective Home Department. The educational document should receive its attestation from the Department of Human Resources. Some papers should get their attestation from Board Resolution, Memorandum of Articles, Power of Attorney. It depends on the agenda of the application.
  • The third step involves the Central Government's involvement in issuing the MEA stamp.
  • The last and final step is where the embassy of the UAE attests all the documents and the applicant becomes eligible for traveling to the UAE.

The process of getting certificates stamped is an exhausting one. Several important questions arise like what documents to carry along, what timings to follow, and what steps are to be followed. But with our help, all these problems will not trouble you any longer. With ND Universal, all we ask is for your trust while you see your work getting done. Your educational, personal, and commercial documents, everything will be in the skilled hands of ND Universal experts.

Who Must Apply For This And Why?

Attestation for UAE is a must for many reasons. It comes in use as proof of the applicant's intentions and acts as evidence for stating the point. It certifies that your documents are correct, thus allowing you to travel around.

The following individuals should have the certified and attested documents.

  1. Having attested certificates helps to build trust for someone looking for job opportunities overseas.
  2. Many people go overseas just for travel purposes. With the help of an attested certificate, the foreign authorities can ascertain that the people are genuinely coming to their nation for traveling purposes only.
  3. Individuals who wish to establish a business can show these certificates as proof of originality and assurance.
  4. With the help of these attested certificates, a university or school has the proof and assurance that you are an individual who wishes to study in a particular organization.
  5. It is important for families that are moving to another nation along with a member due to job transfer or workplace shift. With these certificates, it can be verified if the members are genuinely moving out of the country for residential purposes only.

Benefits of Getting UAE Attestation In Delhi

Getting your certificates attested comes along with many benefits. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Educational benefits

  • For those who wish to pursue their studies in UAE, this is essential
  • It helps in getting your employment visas
  • You can look for job opportunities while staying in the UAE
  • It helps in getting enrolled in school.

Non-educational benefits

  • UAE embassy attestation helps in getting the residential visas for your family as well as yourself
  • It helps you in getting recognized at a national and international level
  • You can start your business or trade in the UAE without any hassle
  • The purpose of your visit becomes transparent to the officers, thus saving you from any illegitimate allegations
  • You can easily have access to the facilities over there.


With ND Universal, you can get your work done without any hassle. Our professionals are at your service, providing the best performance that any company has provided so far. It is the most reliable among all the companies. Following is the procedure followed for attestation-

Step 1: Regional level

The first stage of the procedure is certificate authentication at the regional level. We start from the university that issued the document or the seal in the first place. But in the case of the commercial papers, attestation is obtained from the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2: State Level

The certificates can get legalized by three organizations depending upon the document that needs to get attested. We get the attestation for your documents from the state you reside. The three departments are the State Home Department, HRD Home Resource Department, and SDM Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

Step 3: National Level

In this step, the central organization deals with the application of your travel. We get the government-issued MEA stamp or signature on the documents.

Step 4: International Level

This is the last step in the procedure where the attestation will be provided by the officials of the UAE Embassy.

Why Choose ND Universal's?

There are numerous attestation services for obtaining the UAE Embassy Attestation for someone who is looking for fast and professional services for legalizing the documents to match your speed and time. But while choosing the suitable one, there are many parameters that one should keep in mind. The first one would surely be the trustworthiness. ND universal stands firm in this case.

ND Universal has earned its position as the most trustworthy organization for legalizing all your documents. Our fast-paced services and speedy delivery has satisfied customers from all states. ND Universal has earned its ranking through the transparent and reliable services it provides. We make sure all your demands are met under every circumstance. You can trust us from the initial to the last stage of your application process. ND universal will do the work with great preciseness and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many days will it take for degree certificate attestation for UAE?
    The total time needed for Degree Certificate Attestation depends upon the type of documents and the time taken by state authorities such as HRD, Home Department, and Chamber of Commerce. If you have completed the initial procedures or steps, the process will only take around 2-3 working days. It can never be the same as it depends upon the rectification process also. Even if the rectification process taking place in the MEA department is only a 1-day process, the lags in the state, HRD, and UAE Embassy attestation can take more time.
  • What is the cost of degree attestation for the UAE?
    The cost of degree attestation depends upon the state you are residing. Each state has a different cost of the degree certificate. The ministry of external affairs is not responsible for the attestation fees since the state authorities charge the fees. It depends upon the regulations and laws that they hold. No individual can directly submit a document to the embassy for attestation. One should always consult and seek the help of an agency.
  • What is the need for translation in document attestation from the UAE Embassy?
    The embassy cancels the documents that lack translation. Hence, it will be safe to translate all the documents into the Arabic language. Certified translation includes the original papers and interpretation of the document by a signatory statement attesting that the translation is complete and accurate. Even though it may seem like a less hectic process, the translator must have a precise balance between the original transcripts and make them authentic to the person reading the document. It is always preferable if you hire a professional translator.
  • Can I get a Dubai visa without UAE attestation?
    Other than tourist visas, all types of Dubai visas require UAE Embassy attestation. Without the UAE Embassy attestation, it is unacceptable.
  • What is an equivalency certificate? Why is it required in the UAE?
    Equivalency certification is essential to check all the academics suffice the academic requirements of UAE qualification also. It helps in filtering out the fake degrees in applications. The attestation is obtained from the origin country’s home affairs department and foreign affairs department. There is a particular criterion where the ministry of education or the panel looks upon-
    • The course should be full-time and regular
    • The course should not be an online one
    • The course should not be a part of distant education services
    • Essential in all the academic certificates. 
  • What are the various steps involved in getting an equivalency certificate?
    The steps involved for equivalency are : Step 1: Attestation of the study that requires an equivalency certificate. Step 2: Apply for a genuine letter from the respective country's embassy that the document originated from. It is a back-end questionnaire. The university is asked a set of questions by the department. Their replies get forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs. Step 3: Acquire an ICA report, otherwise called a travel history report. Step 4: Apply for an Equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education portal. The documents required for the following are :
    • Passport copy & visa page
    • Emirates ID COPY
    • ICA report
    • Genuity letter (if available)
    All the documents listed above must be attested.

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