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Known as Orange City, Nagpur is one of the fastest-developing cities in terms of economic, technological, and architectural growth. The city has been booming with new opportunities for its people, which is why the demand for Apostille services is also rising over time.

There can be numerous reasons why people living in Nagpur may need Apostille attestation services – either because they are seeking a visa to live in another country or maybe because of higher studies. Apart from that, there are also several opportunities a person can gather when visiting a foreign country.

Therefore, in such scenarios, the need for document/certificate legalization is necessary, which is why the Apostille attestation process helps verify the legal validity of important documents/certificates.

Apostile Service Nagpur

Apostilled documents/certificates will be accepted internationally in any country that is a member of the Hague or Apostille Convention. That is why ND Digital is here to help you with your Apostille attestation procedure. To know more about the process, be sure to go through our in-depth guide below.

What Is An Apostille?

Generally speaking, an Apostille is a specific term that is utilized for referring to legal authentication or verification of certain important documents or certificates. Such Apostilled documents or certificates will require no further verification from the embassy of any foreign country. Additionally, these aforementioned documents or certificates will also be accepted seamlessly in countries that are members of the Apostille Convention or Hague Convention.

If the above definition sounds confusing to you, then do not worry - we are simplifying it below!

For instance, if you have decided to join a foreign company for work-related purposes, then your employer would surely want to verify your credentials before you join the company, right? Well, that is where the requirement of the Apostille or Hague Convention comes in.

The current rules and regulations of the convention ensure that the documents or certificates that are marked with an Apostille stamp or sticker in one member country will be valid in another member country. Not to mention, the Apostilled attestation is done by the MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs.

Benefits of Apostille

If you want to get a better understanding of the Apostille attestation process, then you must learn about its salient benefits as well. The merits are as follows:

Accepted internationally

  • If you are traveling in any of the member countries of the Apostille Convention, then you need not worry about the verification of your important documents and certificates.
  • This is because Apostille's attestation of documents and certificates done by one member country will be unconditionally valid in all the other member countries.

Legal attestation process

  • The process of Apostille attestation is legally accepted across the globe, which means that you can be assured of its validity, especially in professional environments.
  • Whether it is about education-related degrees and certificates or work-related important documents or certificates— Apostille attestation will be valid regardless.

Official verification of identity

  • If you want your important documents to be showcased in a foreign country, then such documents or certificates must be verified according to international laws and regulations. Such verification helps in cementing your identity in a foreign land.
  • This is why the Apostille attestation process simplifies the identity verification procedure, especially in countries that are members of the Apostille Convention.

Countries that accept Apostille documents

Well, in simple terms, the Apostille or Hague Convention is an international treaty that has been coined by the Hague Conference on Private International Law or HCCH. The aim was to simplify the process through which a document or certificate that is issued or valid in one of the contracting countries will have a similar legal validity in the other contracting countries.

The Apostille Convention currently includes 124 countries, out of which India is also a member country. This means that an Apostille attestation done in India will be valid in any of the other 123 countries that have accepted the Apostille Convention.

List of Hague Convention Countries

Process for Apostille attestation

  1. Notary
  2. University verification
  3. HRD (Human Resource Development)
  4. Home Department or SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate)
  5. Chamber of Commerce
  6. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

You should know that the Apostille attestation process differs based on the type of document or certificate. Thus, the procedure for each type is as follows:

1. For educational documents/certificates

  • The first step of the process involves attestation or verification of the required documents or certificates by the local notary or university.
  • Once the local notary or university verification is complete, the documents or certificates will be further verified by the HRD or Human Resource Development department. Each state in India has its HRD, and therefore the state in which the Apostille attestation is carried out should be responsible for the additional verification.
  • After that, the Ministry of External Affairs will provide the final seal of approval with the Apostille sticker or stamp.

2. For non-educational/personal documents/certificates

  • When it comes to non-educational documents, the first step of verification or attestation is carried out by the local notary.
  • After that, the document or certificate is further verified by the state's Home Department or SDM (the state where the Apostille attestation process is carried out).
  • The ultimate step includes the registering of the Apostille stamp or sticker on the document or certificate by the Ministry of External Affairs.

3. For commercial documents

  • Commercial or business-related documents need to be first verified by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • After the verification is completed, the Ministry of External Affairs will provide the Apostille stamp or sticker on the document or certificate.

What does an Apostille sticker/stamp look like?

Always remember that the Apostille stamp or sticker should not be confused with any other attestation stamps or stickers. The features of the Apostille stamp/sticker are as follows:

  • The Apostille stamp is a square-shaped, computer-generated stamp that is almost 9 centimeters long.
  • The Apostille stamp will contain a unique identification code containing 4 alphabets and 8 numerals.
  • The unique identification code can be used to judge the overall legitimacy of the Apostille attestation.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs reserves the final right to provide the Apostille stamp or sticker to important documents or certificates.

What documents are required for the Apostille attestation?

To complete the Apostille attestation process, the following set of documents will be required:

  • The original document or certificate will need to be Apostilled.
  • Identification documents such as an Aadhaar card, passport, and driving license.
  • For attestation of commercial documents, a company cover letter addressed to the Ministry of External Affairs will be required.

What is the time required to complete the attestation process?

If you decide to complete the Apostille attestation procedure by yourself, then you can expect the process to be challenging and long-winded. But, if you choose ND Universal to handle the process, then you can expect it to be completed within 5-7 days.

What is the validity of the Apostille stamp/sticker for Nagpur-issued documents?

The validity of Apostilled documents or certificates will vary from one member country to another. However, the general validity is between 6 and 12 months.

At ND Universal, we provide professional pickup and drop services for Apostille attestation at free-of-cost. Thus, you can continue to enjoy our services without having to step out of your home. All you have to do is to share your location pin code with one of our representatives and the rest will be handled by us.

Our Apostille attestation services in Nagpur have super-fast turnaround times, which means you can expect to get yours within 5-7 working days.

And our stellar pricing makes the deal even better. So, contact us today!

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