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Verification and certification are a must on certificates to fulfill the needs of identifying a person in professional and personal life. The Marriage certificate Apostille is a must to confirm the document is genuine and with the document it reveals your trustworthiness to travel to a country. This is given as an apostille seal on the certificate. You may contact ND Universal for the apostille process. They are experts and have proficiency in giving apostille services on certificate. You just have to submit the original documents and they will ensure delivering it with the essential apostille.

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What is Marriage Certificate With Apostille & When is it required?

Apostille of Marriage Certificate is a way of attaining on the Marriage Certificate the apostille sticker. It is an authentication on the apostille documents proving the document reliability and yourself. This is to validate the document authenticity and it is required to go abroad. It is a proof to the other countries saying you are legally married. it helps when you want a family residence visa or for spouse sponsorship. The issuing authorities ask for specified documents to enable further processing. The certificate authentication may be issued by a country that the marriage was held.

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How to get Marriage Certificate Apostille India?

There are certification companies are to find legalization for personal documents, it is best to approach ND Universal. They offer Apostille of Marriage Certificate in india and they are professionals carrying out the legalization procedure that hiring them is really helpful for personal documents authentication.

What is the Procedure?

Acquiring on certificate an apostille seal is a long procedure. It was centralized formerly to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), however from 2019, the legalization of documents procedure was decentralised to RPOs and branch secretariats. This has ensured easy access, yet the process is long. Marriage Certificate Apostille means legalization of documents involves:

1:Notary Attestation

  • The notary certification is the first of all the procedures. The local notary affixes a stamp and a signature on the document. It is the primary requirement to get a verification procedure on the educational and personal documents.

2:Home Department Attestation

  • Personal documents certification is done by the SHD, State Home Department. The certification of personal document entails a death certificate, marriage certificate, and birth certificate. There is restriction for the Home Department to perform the personal documents verification and there are particular authorities who alone attest documents.

3:SDM Attestation

  • The Sub-Divisional Magistrate for the Home Department obligates some authorities in HRD attestation to attest the educational documents. It is because the SDM is the standalone and works individually as the main state government.


  • The MEA offers a sticker bearing the applicant details and the name. The apostille sticker is given with MEA stamp on the documents and it is for commercial documents. The central government performs it and this is the apostille final stage.

How long does it take ?

The authentication of a certificate is not a single step process to complete in one day. It surely takes time whether you do offline or online. However, if you hire ND Universal, you can get the apostille done in much lesser time.

How much does it cost ?

There are several steps involved in the authentication of the certificate legalization procedure. Apostille attestation fee depend on the authentication you need, from the MEA only or from all other levels.

Why choose ND Universal?

Choosing ND Universal has its best points. They are a team of licensed professionals and skilled staff who is capable of performing the apostille on certificates without any error. They are experts that they take in their hands and deliver on completion. Some of their best points that are favorable to consider ND Universal include:

  • The availability of 24 x 7. They are ready to answer and clarify all your doubts at any time.
  • They prioritize the convenience of the customers and speak to you directly about the time availability. They do not take advantage of your situation, instead they confirm the time and make arrangements to submit your documents with marriage certificate apostille before your time.
  • They have direct approach and it helps in getting the marriage certificate apostille without any delay. You need not worry about rejections. The expert hands of ND Universal manage all situations that you can stay worry-free.
  • Submitting the original documents to ND Universal staff is in safe hands. They do not part with your details to anyone. It is a secret closed within you and the staff. They ensure you are not asked to visit. Thus, you have all the time in the world to finish of your other pending works.
  • The transparency that they maintain is remarkable service quality. They give regular updates on the process of the certification. It helps and allows you to stay in peace. Once the process is complete, you will immediately receive the documents delivery.

Why Choose ND Universal for Marriage Certificate Apostille?

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