Marriage Certificate Apostille (for Family Visa)

Apostille of the documents is done to prove the legitimacy of the information being carried by the document holder. For various reasons, such as to get a better education, to aim for higher job opportunities, to travel and see the world around and to know about different cultures, to expand the business to maximize the profit or to settle down in a country that suits one well, a person visits or stays in a foreign country.

There are many countries with growing economies and others with a tag of developed countries offering better life quality and benefits in different regions of life. Be it education or job opportunities, business ventures or fascinating infrastructure and other relative things, some countries provide all of it, and thus, attracts many people every year for visits or relocation.


To live in a foreign country for a few days to even years, you will need to have formally confirmed documents with you to prove the motto of your visit and the genuineness of the information you claim and carry. All the required documents must be verified by the relevant government departments to earn the legitimacy of the credentials.

Apostille is one such process used to legitimize the documents for countries that are a part of the Hague Convention. That is why this process can be termed as very significant and sensitive as well. It is recommended to get help from professional service-providing agencies such as ND Universal to get the apostille done without any trouble.

What Is A Marriage Certificate Apostille?

A marriage certificate is a personal document that has information about the marital status of two individuals. It carries the date, day, and time of marriage in addition to information related to both the individuals and the place of the occurrence. A marriage certificate helps to prove the nationality of individuals. It is also required for validating the marriage outside India.

When traveling to any country that is a part of the Hague convention, it is important to get the marriage certificate legalize a relationship outside the native place. There are many occurrences where a marriage certificate will be needed outside the country, and thus it is significant to go through this procedure.

The Apostille of Marriage Certificate is a process that is followed by verification from different departments of the government that assign the legitimacy of the credentials mentioned in the certificate, thus legalizing the relationship between two individuals.

Benefits of Getting the Marriage Certificate Attested

  1. For obtaining an employment visa
  2. For obtaining a residential visa
  3. For buying and renting a property
  4. For obtaining a dependent visa
  5. For acquiring a spouse visa
  6. For obtaining a family visa.

When Is An Apostille Of The Marriage Certificate Required?

Apostille being the only process to legalize the documents to be used in another country that is a part of the Hague Convention, it should be done for the marriage certificate when a couple wishes to relocate to any of those countries. Apostille of the marriage certificate will not only provide one with the benefit of using it to legalize the relationship but also for the following reasons-

  • Apostille of the marriage certificate is significant for acceptance of the spouse visa application
  • It is also important to get a family visa if you are married
  • Apostille of the marriage certificate will help to get the resident visa
  • When applying for spouse sponsorship, it is important to have an apostille marriage certificate
  • It also plays an important role in getting a study and a work visa.

Apostille of marriage certificate should also be done while traveling to dismiss any further distress one might encounter beforehand.

All the countries that are a part of the Hague Convention will accept the apostille documents. Apostille is done by granting a sticker that helps to prove the originality of the document in another country. In India, this sticker is provided by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), which is a central government department that supervises every procedure that is involved in a foreign affair.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the apostille is done only on original documents. Its validity and legal use will also depend on its originality.

What Is the Procedure for the Apostille of Marriage Certificate In India?

Apostille in India is granted by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) but the whole process is not a single step one. The certificate will have to go through much verification before being passed on to the MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for the final Apostille sticker.

The process for apostille in India is very sensitive and tiresome. There is no room for any error, thus one should be very active throughout the process, but that is highly not likely because of the time it takes. It is very burdensome and comes along with a lot of stress and labor. In such situations, people may forget about a particular department or misplace their documents. To avoid the same, you should contact ND Universal, which will provide you with a safe apostille.

The process being followed is divided into few levels:

Step 1: Notary Attestation

In this step, the certificate is verified by the same local notary from where it was issued initially. This is a significant step that all the personal documents have to go through.


Step 2: State Level Verification

The department that is obliged to do the verification for personal documents such as a marriage certificate is the Home Department. The verification on the state level will be done by the State Home Department, which is a crucial step to be done for proving the originality by the state department.

The personal documents can also be verified by the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), but if the document is to be used for educational purposes then it is recommended to be verified from the state home department alone.


Step 3: MEA Attestation

The final step in this process is where the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) provides the apostille sticker to the certificate.

It is to be kept in mind those countries that are a part of the Hague convention does not need embassy attestation. The Apostille sticker from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is enough for the confirmation of the documents. It is also mandatory to get the documents apostilled for acquiring a visa.


How Long Does It take to get it done?

The time frame will solely depend on the origin of the document and what type it fits. Without any delay, the process can take a few days to weeks to complete. Due to some unwanted occurrences, the process might get extended for months as well, and to avoid landing in any such situation, you must contact ND Universal, which gets the apostille of your documents in just 5 days.

How Much Will the Process Cost?

If you get the apostille all by yourself, the process will cost you too much after adding all the money you will be spending on traveling from one place to another, and also the costs that will be charged by the different departments. To avoid any unnecessary charges, you should hire ND Universal, which will not charge you any extra penny without any cause.

Why Choose ND Universal?

Many service providers claim to get the apostille documents in time and safely as well. The difference between them and us is that we follow a legal process through which your documents will be safely apostilled.

We have experience of more than eight years that helps us give our clients the best and high-quality services. Our only motto is client satisfaction and we work 24x7 to provide you with that.

We are also a government-authorized apostille service provider that makes our process faster, hence saving your time. By hiring ND Universal, you will get the following highlights of services-

  • Free pick-up and drop-off of the documents
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