Marriage Certificate Attestation

A marriage certificate is a personal document that is also important requiring legalization. It is a must to prove the legitimacy of you and your document. The legalization process is a grant that it offers to enter a foreign country. This permission is given by the native government. The government office wants the evidence stating you are a reliable individual acquiring a visa and are submitting the attested documents. The authentication process is lengthy in India. It includes various services stating it is the final document attestation and it is valuable.

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Why is it required?

Attestation of a marriage Certificate is a significant procedure of legalization, where attestation stamp is received from the designated officials. It is done from the certificate issued country. Marriage Certificate Attestation validates the authenticity of the document that is to be shown abroad. It proves to the other countries stating you are legally married. It assists in getting family residence visa or even the sponsorship for the spouse. There is a need for specific documents to submit to the issuing authorities for further processing. The certification authentication is issued by a country that conducted this marriage.

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purpose of documents attestation
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How to get Marriage Certificate attested in India?

Attestation services such as ND Universal can ensure you receive suitable attestation on the personal documents. It includes the services are notable and as ND Universal are champions of this field, they know to get the services fast and make it a smooth ride. The customers are not sure to feel the bump of this process. Their services are lawful and the entire procedure is done aiming to keep their clients comfortable. It is the reason that the pickup and drop facility is also facilitated.

What is Marriage Certificate attestation for UAE?

Marriage Certificate attestation is a significant legalization procedure in which there is the UAE embassy attestation stamp procured. It is done from the certificate issued country. Marriage Certificate Attestation refers to validating the document genuineness which is needed abroad. It gives evidence to the other countries about your legally married status. Thus, you can get your residence visa or spouse sponsorship. The providing authorities need certain documents for processing.

Marriage certificate attestation procedure

Personal documents attestation is not a one-step process to complete in 24 hours. It is lengthy and there are essential steps to follow to ensure you reach the final attestation. The steps are as follows:

  • Notary Attestation - This is the foremost step of certification and the procedure. It is from the local notary that you get the attestation in the form of a stamp and a signature. The primary necessity is the notary to give concern on the verification procedure. It is a step on personal and educational documents.
  • Home Department Attestation - The personal documents certification is performed by the SHD, State Home Department. The personal document certification companies are for the birth certificate, death certificate and the marriage certificate. Home Department is about carrying out the personal documents verification and the authorities are employed to attest the documents. It is the legalization second step to receive attestation on the personal documents.
  • SDM Attestation - The Sub-Divisional Magistrate for the Home Department has authorities to sign and give on the education documents the HRD attestation. Sub-Divisional Magistrate works individually as the main standalone state government.
  • MEA Stamp - The last stage is the Ministry of External Affairs from the home government. The MEA stamp is the last affix on the document as the stamp or sticker. It is the central authorization that takes care of the country’s external affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation - It is performed by the concerned country personnel on the documents. It is the certification last stage after the MEA attestation, for most nations.
Marriage certificate attestation process

What is the process in UAE?

The marriage certificate attestation is not a short procedure to complete in one or two days. There are a few steps involved in this procedure. The steps to complete the process for a marriage certificate attestation for UAE involves:

  • Notary Attestation - It is performed as the first step of action from the local notary. They give their concern as the stamp and signature. The notary is the basic law requirement dealing with the verification process.
  • Home Department Attestation - Attestation on the personal documents is in the hands of the State Home Department. The certification of the personal documents includes birth, death or marriage certificate. Home Department exclusively carries out the personal documents certification and there are officials to attest such specific documents.
  • SDM Attestation - The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is for the Home Department and in rare cases, for HRD to attest documents. However, some authorities compel the HRD attestation for educational documents. Sub-Divisional Magistrate is the main state government performing separately.
  • MEA Stamp - MEA is the last authentication stage that is affixed on the document as the sticker or stamp. It is from the home government. It is the central department dealing with the country’s external affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation - The concerned country personnel gives the attestation on the documents. It is given after the MEA attestation and is the last step of verification.

How long does it take to get Marriage Certificate Attestation?

The need to get the marriage certificate attestation is 7 to 9 days. It may extend to a few weeks to a month at times when the document attestation requirements are varying.


Cost changes with each star or country. It also relies on the documents from where the attestation is to be received. The price may change if you are looking for pickup and drop services of the documents.

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ND Universal is a name that is well-known for the attestation works. They are proficient and highly skilled that they handle the attestation procedures with ease.

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