Marriage Certificate Attestation (The complete guide)

100% Guaranteed Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation

Attestation is the process that is done to prove the legitimacy of the documents to be used outside India. The process that is followed for the attestation in India is a lengthy one, and thus, it is always recommended to get help from professional service providers.

  • Attestation of documents is a very crucial process that will help an individual to use them legally in foreign countries. The process involves various departments that will do the verification process thoroughly. The process of attestation is to be done for educational, commercial, professional, and personal documents.
  • There are many reasons an individual decides to relocate to another country. Attestation of documents is a mandatory process that has to be followed for getting a visa. The requirement of documents for getting a certain kind of visa varies. Thus, for getting a family, spouse, or residential visa, personal documents like a marriage certificate can help.
  • A marriage certificate proves the marital status of a couple, and so it needs to be attested because, without that, the marriage will not be considered valid in another country and can lead to problems in the future.

Why Is It Required?

Attestation is done at the regional, state, and national levels. To acquire a visa for traveling purposes or relocation, it is important to get the documents attested. An attested marriage certificate acts as proof of the relationship between a married couple in any country other than India, and thus the procedure is very crucial.

  • Marriage certificate attestation will help to prove the legitimacy of the relationship two individuals have. It will also allow the authorities of another country to term you as a couple. The attestation of a marriage certificate is usually done for acquiring a family visa or spouse sponsorship. This is also an important document to be attested if a person wants to take their partner to the country where they are already working. Attestation of the marriage certificate will guarantee a stress-free life together with your partner in any country legally.
  • A marriage certificate will include information such as the date, time, and place of the marriage, the name of both the individuals, and other related information that will help to determine the legal status of their relationship. Attestation is also required to prevent the spouse visa facility as many people are not married but get in the country through that.
  • Submission of the original marriage certificate is compulsory as this process is not done on duplicate copies because that will not be valid. Submission of the correct document is important for the process to run smoothly. It should be taken care of very sensitively. No mistakes should be made in the process, thus one should hire ND Universal for safe and error-free marriage certificate attestation.

Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

The attestation of marriage certificates in India is a service provided by many attestation service providers. Many of them provide a very great quality service but it is still very hard to find a government-authorized attestation service provider. ND Universal has a network that is spread all over India and helps the clients to get the attestation services in less amount of time.

Being a government-authorized service provider we have contact with the government departments that makes the process faster and easier. Usually, when someone tries to get the attestation on their own they face a lot of issues like excessive travel costs as all the departments are located all over the state and in India and it is a multi-layered process. Thus, it gives a lot of stress when done without any help.

Also, if someone forgets about a particular document then the process will become very distressing. Misplacing the documents can also happen in the heat of the process. To avoid such misspellings, you can contact ND Universal for fast and safe services.

Marriage Certificate Attestation Procedure

The process being followed for the marriage certificate attestation is a very long one and thus should be taken care of very precisely. There is no room for any mistakes because it can lead to very unwanted distress. Verification from every relevant department is important to get the final attestation from the embassy.

The process being followed by the document for the final Attestation is not a one-step process. The document has to travel from several levels of confirmation previously. The departments that will be consigned to verify a distinct document will vary depending on the type and need of the document.

Step 1: Notary attestation
This is the first step for every document that needs to get attested by the embassy of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). The document must get verified by the local notary or from the place it was issued initially. If the documents are commercial, then they must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2: State level attestation
In this level of attestation, the documents are verified by different departments depending on the type of document. Personal documents are to be verified by the Home Department or SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), though verification by the Home Department will be taken into consideration in case the personal document is being used for educational purposes. A marriage certificate is a personal document and thus will fall under Home Department or SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) attestation.

Step 3: MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation
After being attested by the required departments as mentioned above, the marriage certificate will be eligible for the attestation provided by the MEA. The MEA will grant a sign or stamp for attestation of the document, thus confirming the legitimacy and making it eligible for further processes.

Step 4: Embassy Attestation
This is the final step of attestation, carried out by the concerned country’s embassy. Embassy attestation is done for the countries that are not a part of the Hague Convention. The Embassy attestation plays a crucial role in terms of getting a visa for a foreign country.

The process of marriage certificate attestation will be done only on the original certificate. The required papers such as photocopies of both passports and photographs of both the individuals should be attached with the certificates to get through the attestation smoothly. Countries belonging to the Hague convention will not need the embassy attestation. Such an attestation is called an apostille.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Generally, the process can take between a weeks to months. This will depend on the origin of the document and for where it is to be attested. Due to reasons uncalled for, the process can also take months to complete. One can eliminate such issues by hiring ND Universal, which is one of the fastest attestation service providers, and can get the certificate attested within a week.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost will depend on the origin of the document, the departments it will go to and the country it is being attested for. It will also depend on the fact that there is a traveling cost involved when one does the attestation process by themselves. The cost can vary in thousands if we consider the traveling costs, as the departments are located in different places. For avoiding the extra cost, one can hire ND Universal, which provides transparent services with no unnecessary charges.

Why Choose ND Universal?

Certificate attestation plays a major role while moving to another country. To acquire a family visa, spouse visa, resident visa, or sponsorship for the spouse it is very important to get the marriage certificate attested. The process being multi-layered can result in distress and thus should be taken care of very precisely.

Getting help from professionals will surely lead to a streamlined process of attestation.
ND Universal is an authorized service provider and concentrates on high-quality service for clients. Our staff have an enormous amount of knowledge about the field of attestation and will provide you with every small detail required. We have simplified the explanation of the process for your convenience.

We, at ND Universal, will make sure that all the steps will be cleared before reaching the embassy attestation to avoid any sort of complication in the future. We work transparently, thus you will not be required to deal with any hidden costs.

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