Egypt Embassy Attestation in India

it is very important for getting a visa or travelling to Egypt for employment or export good, Egypt Embassy Attestation is required in Indian issued documents.

ND Universal, based in Mumbai, is a very well-established company full of experienced and skilled people who can help you with certificate and document attestation.

There is different purpose of Attestation of documents

Egypt Embassy Attestation

Educational Purposes

For enrolling to any college in Egypt

  1. For the student visa

Non-Educational purposes

  1. For residence visa
  2. For availing medical services
  3. for Children Visa
  4. Family visa

Commercial purposes

  1. To Export Products
  2. To acquire the right of selling properties
  3. To open a new bank account abroad
  4. To register your company

The Procedure of Egypt Embassy Attestation

Educational Certificate

Your Educational certificates get attested through the following steps:

  • Step 1: State Education Department (HRD attestation in respective states)
  • Step 2: Certificate Attestation from MEA
  • Step 3: Attestation from Embassy of Egypt, New Delhi
  • Step 4: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Egypt

Personal Certificate

Method 1

  • Step 1: State Home Department (of respective state) or SDM
  • Step 2: Certificate Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  • Step 3: Embassy of Egypt, New Delhi.
  • Step 4: Certificate attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Egypt

For Attestation of Commercial Documents

  • Step 1: Certificate attestation by respective Chamber of Commerce
  • Step 2: Certificate Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  • Step 3: Egypt Embassy Attestation, New Delhi

How Long Does it takes?

For Educational or Personal Document it takes 8 to 10 Working Days

For Commercial Document it takes 10 to 12 Working Days

Charges for Egypt Embassy Attestation

Cost ₹ 9,550/- Per document (Educational & Non Educational Documents)

Cost ₹ 26,500/- Per document (any Commercial Documents)

Still you have any doubt?

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