The Definitive Guide to Oman Embassy Attestation in India

Attestation ascertains document credibility and holds a vital role in visiting foreign countries. However, Oman is not different from others and requires attestation to visit the country. Oman is not a Hague convention member, and so the attestation procedure becomes mandatory. Whether it is commercial or personal documents, the attestation is a must to ascertain the genuineness of the documents.

Is it essential to get attestation?

You can get a valid visa by attesting all the personal and education certificates. It includes academic or professional documents issued by the Consulate or Indian Embassy in Oman. The MEA of the Oman Government does further attestation before sanctioning the Oman Visa. The document processing for Oman Embassy Attestation takes 2 to 4 weeks.

The Oman embassy attestation services are offered for all educational and marital documents in the Oman Embassy so that it gives the right to enjoy prerogatives legally to the applicant. As per the new rules, the attestation of certificates is essential to seek a job in Oman. You can look for agencies to handle the attestation details with ease.

What is Oman Embassy attestation?

The Oman Embassy attestation is about getting your documents and certificated attested from the Oman Embassy. It guarantees attestation and certificate reliability, thus playing a crucial role in visiting foreign nations. The certificate attestations are for all the document types, non-educational, education, and commercial from respective authorities, apostille, MEA attestation, and Oman Embassy attestation.

sample of document attestation
sample of document attestation
sample of attestation
sample of document attestation

Sample copies of documents attestation stamp

What is the process of Oman Embassy Attestation?

The Oman Embassy attestation is in three categories, personal, educational, and commercial. All three categories of documents require attestation from the Oman Embassy. It gives an applicant the right to excise legal rights. Getting the attestation on the certificate involves going through mandatory attestation from other authorities.

Educational document

Educational document apostille is in three stages for Oman. First, it receives authentication by the state-designated authority from where it is issued. Then, the document is sent to MEA for apostille. Finally, the document gets Oman Embassy Attestation.

The degree certificate apostille is to receive the authentication on the document by the state HRD and to process it from MEA to receive the apostille stamp. The process is valid and legitimate for Oman Country as it is a part of the Hague convention countries accepting apostille seal or stamp.

Non-Educational document

Non-Educational document includes SHD attestation and MEA apostille.

  • The personal documents are the birth certificate and marriage certificate. The documents receiving the MEA apostille requires no other attestation as a part of the Apostille treaty. The Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman accepts the Apostille.
  • The apostille or attestation of personal documents that are non-educational also requires attestation.
  • The commercial documents require attestation from the Chamber of commerce, MEA, and Embassy of Oman on the original documents.
purpose of documents attestation
Work Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Study Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Family Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Business Develop in Foreign

What is necessary for attestation?

Original documents with attestation by the respective authorities with the designation seal under the name of the officer attesting.

  • Clear photocopy of documents
  • Fees of the embassy
  • If you are getting the work as a service from some agency, then you have to pay the service charges

How to proceed?

If you are to start with the attestation process, you must begin with dropping the certificate in the respective offices. If not, You can Hire ND Universal and we collect documents from your doorstep and will process and deliver back. You can track the courier and get email acknowledgment.

On submitting the original certificate, you get acknowledgement from staff, and the receipt is in Blue-ink print. The same day after the cash payment, you receive an online receipt separately for the document. You also get an email tracking id. Ensure you submit original documents and clear photocopies of the documents.

How to Make Payment?

Making payment for the attestation process is a must. There are many modes to make payments.

  • Check / Demand draft in the agency name or the embassy
  • Pay cash and get the receipt
  • You can do online Transfer
  • Pay through Credit / Debit card
  • Pay through Google Pay

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