Qatar Embassy Attestation (A Complete Guide)

Qatar embassy attestation is the procedure where the documents submitted by the applicant are checked and validated by the officials by placing a seal and signature on the papers. The officials of the country you have to visit or move to would perform the final step of attestation, called the embassy attestation. In the present case, the embassy of Qatar will finally certify your documents.

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Qatar Embassy Attestation

Qatar is known for its diversifying economy, travel destinations, and the history it accommodates. Embassy certificate attestation for Qatar is required to legalize your credentials/ documents for future needs. It is a crucial step in demonstrating to a foreign government that your visit or stay in their country has no illegal reasons. The visa will be granted to you only after the confirmation that all the required documents are attested.

A Glance at Embassy Attestation

The Government of Qatar asks for attested documents whether educational or non-educational, to prove the reason for your visit or stay in Qatar. This is also a mandatory process to be followed for acquiring any type of visa for Qatar.

All the documents should be attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India followed by the State Qatar Embassy Attestation. The documents are also attested by the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Qatar before accepting the visa application.

Documents can never be attested directly from the MEA; they should be verified by the local notary and state-level departments like the HRD ( Human Resource Development) department, SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate), and the Home Department. The MEA will provide the documents with a stamp or sign showing the authenticity of the information on the document.

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Certificate Attestation for Qatar

Getting the attestation from Qatar Embassy is a very crucial step for confirmation of the legitimacy of the information that the document or certificate contains. Embassy certificate attestation for Qatar will help individuals by giving them the legal right to use their documents or certificates in Qatar for personal or professional purposes.

The process of certificate attestation for Qatar is a time-consuming one; thus, it is directed to take help from professional attestation service providers. It is important to remember that the attestation of only original documents and certificates will be done. Photocopies of documents attestation will be deemed invalid for attestation.

Why Is Document Attestation From The Qatar Embassy Required?

As Qatar Embassy Attestation is important to prove the authenticity of your background and other details given on the document, it is a mandatory process for acquiring a visa for Qatar. Attestation of the documents will prove that your documents do not contain any false information.

Document attestation will be needed:

  • For students who wish to pursue their higher studies in any university or college in Qatar
  • For professionals in Mumbai, Kerala, and other parts of India looking for a better job and life quality in Qatar
  • For immigration purposes
  • For acquiring a study/work/commercial/resident/family visa.

Document Attestation for Qatar

Qatar will only accept the documents that are attested by all the official authorities. All the primary and secondary departments play an important role in the proceedings.

  • One of the main reasons why you should get all of your documents attested is that Qatar is not a part of the Hague Convention, thus making attestation mandatory for all the required documents for further use.
  • No document will be directly attested by the Qatar Embassy or even by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) India. It has to go through an extensive procedure of verification from other departments initially.
  • The birth certificate contains information about your native place, the date and time of your birth, you and your parent's name with the gender you were born with.
  • This is a personal document and it is very significant because it will be required everywhere irrespective of the reason for your travel to Qatar.

Attestation of Educational Documents and certificates for Qatar

Documents and certificates that are related to academic like degree certificate, HSC certificate, Diploma certificate, SSC certificate will follow the given procedure in order to get Qatar Embassy Attestation:

The embassy attestation for educational documents including degree certificate attestation will be done by a multi-layered process which will involve regional, state, and central level verification from the home government before the embassy attestation.

1. Regional-level Attestation

The regional level of attestation will be done by the Local notary to verify the document. This verification will be done by the same regional notary where it was issued initially.

2. State-level Attestation

State-level attestation for educational documents will be done by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department. The HRD department is the only department that will verify the educational documents.

3. Central-level Attestation

Central-level attestation will be done by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) that supervises every action or affair that is to be done for another country. The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) will provide the document with a sign or stamp thus confirming the authentication of the document from the central government.

4. Qatar Embassy Attestation

After the verification by all the required government departments, the document can be submitted for Embassy Attestation.

Change In the Policy for attestation of Educational Documents by Qatar Embassy

The Qatar Embassy has made it very clear since 2015 that educational documents obtained from distance learning, open schools/ universities, and web universities will not be attested by the embassy. Getting attestation of the educational certificate will require recognition of the institute by the government.

Universities that do not fall in these criteria will have to grant a bonafide stating that the particular individual of interest has completed the stated educational program and the information provided in the document is true. All the information provided by the applicant should be verified by the university.

Attestation of Non-Educational Documents and certificates for Qatar

Non-educational documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, etc that are important for the access of visas. Attestation of non-educational or personal documents will follow the procedure given below:

The process which will be followed for the embassy attestation of personal documents will include Home department attestation along with attestation from the MEA ( Ministry of External Af fairs) and the Qatar Embassy.

1. Regional level attestation

Attestation on this level will be done by the same notary from where the document or certificate was issued.

2. State Level Attestation

For personal documents, the state department that will be qualified for the verification will be the State Home Department. Other than this particular department, the verification of personal documents can also be done by the SDM ( Sub Divisional Magistrate ) in New Delhi.

3. Central Level Attestation

The MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) is responsible for the issues that are related to another country. This central government department will assign the documents and certificates with a sign or stamp to prove the legitimacy of the document.

4. Qatar Embassy Attestation

When the documents will be verified by all the required government departments, the Qatar Embassy will provide the documents with attestation thus making them valid to use in Qatar.

Note: For Commercial Documents that are to be used in Qatar for the establishment of a business or for other commercial purposes will be verified by the regional Chamber of Commerce and then by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) India. Only after these two significant verification processes, the commercial documents will be eligible for Qatar Embassy Attestation.

Papers/ documents needed for Qatar Embassy Attestation

Attestation of personal and educational documents will require-

  1. Original documents
  2. One clear photocopy of the document
  3. Photocopy of passport

Attestation of commercial documents will require-

  • An original document attested by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Photocopy of the documents
  • Covering letter addressed to the Embassy to

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