China Embassy Attestation

What is Embassy Attestation?

The act where the signing of a document followed by its verification is witnessed and re-verified. This helps in ensuring that the document was verified by the people who are bound by it.

What is the China Embassy Attestation?

The certification of certain documents that are needed to run a business in China or to get a visa for the same purpose is termed as China Embassy Attestation. It is imperative in approving you as a permissible individual.

China Embassy Attestation
china embassy attestation
china embassy attestation
china embassy attestation
china embassy attestation

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Why is it needed?

It is required for China visa, various causes like student visa, work or residence visa and also for professional purposes.


  • Highly beneficial, as it helps in attaining work visas hence opening up job opportunities in China.
  • It helps a lot in getting a student visa for higher studies in China. It helps you settle in China with a residence visa, you can settle with your family as well.
  • It also helps in admitting your child in schools of China and that guarantees the equivalent certification of your child.
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Procedure and Process for China Embassy Attestation

This process of attestation is carried out by the government in several stages.

  • Regional:
    This is the initiation of the attestation process. Here the documents are verified according to the categories like notary for those with personal documents and university for those with educational documents.
  • State:
    This is the next step of the China Embassy Attestation procedure. Three organizations carry out the document authentication as per the specific document type. State Home Department, Sub Divisional Magistrate, and Human Resource Department are the organizations that are in charge of this task. Sub Divisional Magistrate is not bound by the state government but the verification of this body is no less than the state level.
  • MEA Stamp:
    Here the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs stamp or sticker is put on the document. The central department of the country takes care of the foreign matters and every half a decade elects a minister for that.
  • China Embassy Attestation:
    The final step of the process. This comes after the Ministry of External Affairs and is the case in most nations.
China embassy attestation process

Process of attestation

The process of China Embassy Attestation is divided into several parts, we have included every possible detail that you need to know about it below.

Process for Educational documents (Type 1)

  • Firstly, the document will be attested by a Notary Officer at the Notarization center of the respective state.
  • The document then gets attested by the state’s Human Resource Department, the issuing body of this document.
  • Followed by which the attestation will take place at the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi.
  • The final attestation needs to be done by the China Embassy in Delhi.

Process for Educational documents (Type 2)

  • Initially, the document is attested by the state’s Human Resource Department, the issuing body.
  • The process of attestation will then be taken care of at the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi.
  • Then the China Embassy in Delhi will be completing the final step of the attestation.
education document attestation china

Process for Non-Educational documents for China (Type 1)

  • Here, the attestation of the document will take place at Notarization of Indian Certificates by a Notary Office of the respective state.
  • There on, the document is attested to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate(SDM), the body that issued the document.
  • The process of attestation will then be followed by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • The final attestation takes place at the China Embassy in Delhi.
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Process for Commercial Attestation

  • This process is initiated once the document is attested at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • There on, the document is then attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • The final part of the attestation is completed at the Embassy of China in Delhi.
commercial document attestation china

Documents required for China embassy attestaion

Before you submit a legal document at the China Embassy in Delhi, you must have all your documents notarized by the Notary Public Office and legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs and CPV.

Once you are through with these steps, you can take the following documents along with you to the Embassy of China. Point 5 onwards are the documents you will need for commercial attestation.

  1. Duly filled form for legalization or attestation.
  2. Photocopy as well as original documents. Documents over two pages need to be stamped by the Notary Public Office to avoid rejection from the Chinese Embassy.
  3. A signed cover letter and list of the attestation documents.
  4. Photocopy, as well as original passport, is required for civil attestation.
  5. Certificate of Origin of Export Invoice.
  6. Physical analysis report.
  7. Chemical analysis.
  8. Packaging list.
  9. Certificate of Incorporation, etc.

Estimated time taken

Considering the long list of documents one has to submit, it can easily take up to 7 to 9 days for the process to be completed. The time taken depends on a number of factors. Usually, the time span gets affected by some reason or the other.

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