Grab Degree Certificate Apostille in India

Easier Way to Get Apostille Degree Certificate

Degree Certificate Apostille is a legalization process of authenticating the documents or certificates with the official stamp and signature of the issuing authority to make them legally valid to be used in any foreign country. It helps the authorities of the foreign country to which you are migrating to verify the genuineness, originality, and legitimacy of the documents.

If you're planning to relocate to a foreign country, getting your certificates attested is a must to obtain a residence, family, employment or work, and student visa. After getting your certificates it is essential to receive an Apostille stamp on your documents to validate them. The Apostille stamp is issued by the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs in India.

What Is Apostille?

In simple words, Apostille is a type of attestation in which certificates or documents are verified in a legal construction that is acceptable in all nations belonging to the Hague Convention. It is an international attestation that is accepted in about ninety-two countries.

The Stamp of Apostille is computer generated and is square-shaped that is provided by the Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) on the back of the certificate. It has a distinctive identification digit, with the help of this digit any country that is part of the Hague Convention can check the genuineness of the credentials. Generally, once the certificate is apostille there is no need to attest it from the embassy.

An apostille certificate is used to legalize all the public documents related to an individual. Apostille certificate can be issued only for documents issued in a country that is a part of the Apostille Convention, and to be used in another country, which is also a part of the Apostille Convention.

What Is a Degree Certificate Apostille & Why It Is Important?

It is mandatory to get your Degree Certificate legalization in India to pursue higher education in college or university or for working in a foreign country. An attested degree certificate will help the authorities at the university or recruiter to know your academic information and background.

  • It will help them to verify the genuineness of your background information such as the course you have completed, the GAP you got, about your college, school, and the previous university you have studied at.
  • Authentication of your degree certificate will provide you with the verification that you have completed a certain degree which is in your statement.
  • The first thing a recruiter asks for when you apply for a job is the individual's highest education degree. Even when you are applying for higher studies, the universities and colleges ask the student to submit their degree certificate as proof that they have completed their previous degree.
  • So, if you are applying for a job abroad or to pursue higher studies abroad, getting your Degree Certificate Apostille is a must. It will help you get an employment or student visa for a foreign country.

Benefits of Getting Degree Apostille

The Degree Certificate Apostille provides various benefits to a person studying, working, or residing abroad. Getting your Apostille of Degree certificate will help you in:

Getting A Student Visa
Degree certificate attestation is mandatory to obtain a student visa to pursue higher studies abroad.

Getting A Employment Visa
A degree certificate is also a must to obtain a work or employment visa for a foreign country.

Applying For A Job Abroad
If you want to apply for a job in a foreign country, an attested degree certificate is needed.

Get Admission To a College
Degree certificate attestation is necessary for getting admission in a college, school, or university abroad.

Name Change
A degree certificate can help you in changing the name in schools, colleges, universities, other certificates, and other legal authorities.

Documents Required For Degree Certificate Apostille

A Degree Certificate Apostille is required when you want to continue your education abroad or getting a job which is required to prove the credentials of your educational background.

Degrees certificate Apostille will also give your permission to enter a country because it is compulsory to have this for getting the visa. It will also help you in proving the motive and genuineness of your visit or stay in the particular country.

  • Authentication of educational documents is beneficial for various purposes like your visa application will be approved and you will get to use your degree/ any educational certificate in the country you are planning to go to legally.
  • You will be required to submit the original degree/ certificate for apostille with a secondary document like photocopies of passport or Aadhar card.
  • Seeking assistance from ND Universal will be beneficial for you to get the hectic procedure completed more simply without any uncertain mistakes.

How to get it done?

Attestation of the documents is important. It helps individuals in proving the authenticity and genuineness of the certificate as well as of themselves. Apostille stamp is required on the certificate if it does not belong to the country that is part of the Hague Convention.

  • The Apostille of the Degree Certificate legalizes the use of your degree in a country that is a part of the Hague Convention, it will also permit you to enter the country.
  • The Degree certificate Apostille comes under documents related to education that is used for various purposes like getting enrolled in a university or as an attachment for a job.
  • The degree certificate will have to go from procedures ranging from regional to national level which will include involvement of government authorities.

An Apostille of Degree Certificate is a lengthy process and it is highly recommended to get it done with the help of trustworthy service providers, ND universal is a well-trusted service provider.

Fastest Process to Get Certificate Apostille

Customer satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities at ND Universal. That is why we don't believe in making these certification processes long and boring. We provide a very easy-to-understand and simple three-step process to get an apostille in India. The three steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

Step 1: The very first step to get an apostille in India is to get your documents attested at a regional level by a local notary.

Step 2: The second step is a state-level of attestation. Educational documents such as degree certificates are required to get an employment or work visa, student visa or to get admission in any college or university abroad. These documents are attested by the HRD Ministry or GAD within the country.

Step 3: The last step involves the process of obtaining stickers from the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs.

How long does it take?

The Apostille stamp is significant for proving the authentication of the document in another country thus making your stay legal and you a trustworthy individual.

  • Authentication of documents has always been a tiring and lengthy process, it is done at different levels. The time taken for the process to get completed varies from situation to situation. As different government authorities work at different speeds, it is really hard to have a say in the time frame.
  • The whole process is being sorted by the document if it is issued by the state or any other body. Even considering the offline process, the whole procedure can take about two to three weeks if done by an individual personally.

By taking the help of ND Universal, you can get the same work being done in a lesser time frame thus saving your energy as well as the money you'd have to spend traveling from one office to another.

Why Choose ND Universal?

Apostille is an official process in which the documents are legalized in a typical format to be deemed acceptable in the nations that belong to The Hague Convention. The procedure to get an Apostille for your documents can be a daunting, frustrating, and tiring process so hiring a certificate attestation service provider can be very helpful.

But it is a crucial legal process for verifying and proving the authenticity and legitimacy of the document with an Apostille sticker. So it is necessary to choose your certificate attestation provider wisely. As mentioned before, customer satisfaction and peace of mind are our mottos.

We understand how frustrating it can be to do a lot of paperwork, especially when they are busy with their lives. That is why, we, at ND Universal, aim to provide hassle-free certificate apostille services without making our customers go through any kind of hustle-bustle or trouble.

ND Universal with your certificate attestations and apostille service provider will benefit you with:

Professional And Quality Staff
ND Universal being a highly reputed and experienced attestation service provider hires only professional staffs who work their best to provide quality services to our clients.

Customer Satisfaction And Peace Of Mind
As mentioned before, customer satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities at ND Universal. We don't believe in creating panic for our clients and provide trouble less services at reasonable prices.

A Streamlined Process For Document Submission
We know not everyone is good at handling documents and paperwork. That is why we provide our clients with an easy and streamlined process for document submission.

Pick Up And Drop Off Services For Documents
We know how busy our clients are. We value your time that is why we provide our clients with pick-up and drop-off services for document and submission and receiving, respectively for hassle-free attestation services.

Reasonable Prices
Along with time, we value our client's money as well so we try to provide the best of our services at the least prices possible. You can get attestation services at the most reasonable prices in Chennai from ND Universal.

Easy Payment Methods
It's not just our attestation services that are easy to avail of but the payment methods too. We provide our clients with a wide range of payment methods so that they can make their payments without any trouble.

Less Complex And Easy-To-Understand Attestation Procedures
We believe in transparency. That is why we offer easy-to-understand attestation procedures so that our clients can check over all the processes done.

Certified And Reliable Services
ND Universal is a highly reputed and certified attestation service provider. We ensure the optimum security of our client's documents and provide them trustable and reliable services.

Less Time-Consuming And Stressless Attestation
As mentioned before, ND Universal works closely with various embassies of distinct countries, notaries, and government authorities, providing one of the fastest attestation services in Chennai.

24/7 Availability Of Services
Customers can reach out to our customer care services anytime via phone, WhatsApp, or email. We provide 24/7 customer care services to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does one need an apostille certificate?
    An apostille is required to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of your document in a foreign country under the Hague Convention. It is a mandatory process for obtaining an employment/work visa; a resident, family, or spouse visa; and a student or study visa.
  • For which countries an apostille certificate is necessary?
    An apostille certificate is mandatory to get the visas for the countries that come under the Hague Convention. It is a treaty currently signed by 117 for document verification.
  • Do we need the apostille in India?
    Yes, an apostille is required in India as it also comes under the Hague convention. India signed the Hague Apostille Convention treaty in 2005.
  • What is the Hague Convention?
    The Hague Apostille Convention is a treaty drafted by the Hague Convention including 117 countries currently. It was intended to create a simplified and universally recognized process to make legalization easier.
  • Who issues the apostille sticker in India?
    The Apostille sticker in India is issued by the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA is responsible for handling foreign or external affairs of the country.