Degree Certificate Apostille Services

Congratulations, you are starting your journey to go abroad, chasing your career and life dreams! What’s more exciting than flying abroad with a heart full of dreams and ambitions, right?

But while daydreaming about the journey is pretty enthralling, are you doing everything to ensure an easy journey?

If you did not know, some countries require your degree certificate apostilled for legal use to get a job, academic admission, and even to start a business.

As this is a lengthy and complex process, you need an experienced agency to help you.

Apostille Degree Certificate

So, have you got a reliable degree certificate apostille services provider to help you get your degree certificate apostilled? If you are not, don’t worry any more. You have come to one of the best agencies in India for help.

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What is a degree certificate apostille?

In simpler words, the degree certificate apostille validates and authenticates documents for countries that agreed to The Hague Convention.

Apostilled documents are accepted by as many as 92 countries that accept The Hague Convention.

When you travel to any of these countries, you require your degree certificate apostilled to use them for academic, employment, or business purposes.

Why do I need a degree certificate apostille?

Foreign countries do not accept a degree certificate issued in your home country. However, your degree certificate is imperative to get college admission, get a job, or start a business in a foreign country.

Therefore, your destination country needs to verify the originality of your degree certificate, and a degree certificate apostille is the only way forward.

Apostilling your degree certificate helps:

  • Your destination country ensures that your degree document is original
  • Your destination country protects their country from fake certificates
  • You prove your academic qualification without any hassles
  • You confidently submit your degree certificate for any job application

What is the process of degree certificate apostille?

Due to the number of departments and offices involved, getting your degree certificate apostilled is a long and rather complex process. This is also why you need to hire an agency to help you with your requirements.

In addition, you must keep in mind that depending on the document type, the process can change.

If you are trying to understand the process for degree certificate apostille, it is as follows:

Get the certificate verified by the local notary office

Notary Services

Submit for verification by the State Home Department/SDM

HRD/SDM/Home Department

Send document for verification & apostille stamp by the MEA, India

Ministry of External Affairs

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What is the validity of the degree certificate apostille?

The validity of the degree certificate apostille in India is fixed to be six months. However, depending on the country, the same can change. Some countries have lifelong validity of the certificates.

However, you must remember that the validation of apostille in India is limited, and you may need to apply for an apostille again if the validity is over.

How long will it take for a degree certificate apostille?

The time needed to complete the apostille process can vary based on the document type and the involvement of different offices and departments. As the verification process is internal, each department has its procedure.

Always remember that the process will be over within a week if all the details of your degree certificate are correct.

Otherwise, it can take one to a few months.

When you submit your application for apostille, you must follow up to see if a related authority raises any concerns. If there is, you must provide an explanation and supporting document to prove your claim.

When you can work with ND Universal, you can get timely updates regarding your degree certificate apostille after submitting the same.

At ND Universal, we have systems and procedures to deliver your degree certificate apostilled in a week or two.

What is the cost of degree certificate apostille services?

The cost of apostille services depends on the number of departments involved and the follow-up needed in case of any concerns by any office. You also need to understand that it is a process that takes time.

It can be really expensive if you are trying to do it yourself. You can save money and time by hiring the services of ND Universal, as we know the process very well.

Depending on your requirements, we offer tailor-made service plans that are value-adding. Although we are experts in the field and have a flawless history of timely services, our degree certificate apostille services are affordable.

Know more about our charges by speaking to us or sending us a mail.

We would love to talk to you and help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does one need an apostille certificate?
    An apostille is required to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of your document in a foreign country under the Hague Convention. It is a mandatory process for obtaining an employment/work visa; a resident, family, or spouse visa; and a student or study visa.
  • For which countries an apostille certificate is necessary?
    An apostille certificate is mandatory to get the visas for the countries that come under the Hague Convention. It is a treaty currently signed by 117 for document verification.
  • Do we need the apostille in India?
    Yes, an apostille is required in India as it also comes under the Hague convention. India signed the Hague Apostille Convention treaty in 2005.
  • What is the Hague Convention?
    The Hague Apostille Convention is a treaty drafted by the Hague Convention including 117 countries currently. It was intended to create a simplified and universally recognized process to make legalization easier.
  • Who issues the apostille sticker in India?
    The Apostille sticker in India is issued by the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA is responsible for handling foreign or external affairs of the country.