Grab Degree certificate apostille in India

Documents with attestation serve the purpose of being an evidence. Certification or legalization of certificates are important and it works as the right authentication proving your genuineness. It also gives you the permission to enter another country. The degree certificate apostille shows the other country that you are a genuine person. The apostille seal is a must on the certificate if the destination country is not with Hague Convention. With the intricacies involved in the apostille procedure, it is right to seek the assistance from ND Universal who is popular for offering the apostille attestation services


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What is Degree Certificate Apostille & When is it required?

The apostille of degree certificate is about attaining the apostille sticker on the certificate. This works as a true authentication on the apostille documents and gives the evidence that the document is genuine and you can enter a country. The educational documents authentication is essential for various purposes. The documents authenticating is essential to get a visa or a family vias. It allows you to seek an employment or pursue education in other countries, on having the verified documents.

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How to get Certificate Apostille?

Companies and certification agencies offer to get the legalization on your educational documents, but it is a lengthy process. There are apostille agents, yet looking for ND Universal helps in the legalization procedure to authenticate the educational documents. ND Universal has skilled staff and is have experience of many years in the legalization of certificates. It is reliable and trust worthy.

What is the Procedure for Degree Certificate Apostille?

Attaining a seal of apostille on the certificate is a process that takes more time. Getting the MEA seal is the final step and it means you have to go through various steps to get seal and stamp from each department authority. The procedure is as follows:

1:Regional Level

  • It is the document verification first stage in the process. This authentication level is done by the notary or the University that issued the documents. The commercial documents are the responsibility of the Chamber of commerce.

2:State Government

  • The certificates authentication is through three departments as per the type of the document. The three departments are the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). SDM is the authentication performed on the state level.


  • The MEA here offers a sticker containing the applicant information and name. In some situations, with the apostille sticker there is a mandate to receive an MEA stamp on the documents. It is appropriate for commercial documents and MEA is the central government. It is the apostille final step.

How long does Degree Certificate Apostille take?

The authentication of certificates is not a process to complete in one visit. It is sorted as per the document status, if it is issued by the state or out of the state. Even considering offline procedure takes two to three weeks and to incorporate apostille services in a lesser time is possible by ND Universal, to complete the process.

How much does Apostille Degree Certificate cost?

The cost of the apostille degree certificate is a procedure of legalization of certificates. The fee for apostille attestation relies on the authentication type. It can be from the MEA or authentication from other levels. The apostille cost ranges in a different way and obtaining the legalization has a crucial role.

Why choose ND Universal Degree Apostille?

ND Universal Degree Apostille is one of the attestation services providing company that helps you clear the attestation process easily. It ensures you seek an entry into a foreign country. The benefits of choosing ND Universal over others is as follows:

  • The credibility of ND Universal is high owing to its past experiences. The attestation of the documents has true value and you can enter the foreign country without any trouble.
  • Securing a position in a new country is possible only if you have the certificate apostille. you may pursue your education, or look for an employment, to enjoy the facilities available in the government
  • Get access for several facilities offered by ND Universal. They allow you to enjoy the basic amenities and the education facilities, while you enjoy normal life. The entire process of documents attestation helps in getting immediate dependents visa such that the entire family can get entry into the foreign nation.
  • The legalized documents permit entering a foreign land. You can migrate and travel freely such that no one question you at intervals.
  • The certificates attestation allows completing the process hassle-free, and it causes no inconvenience to the customers. Moreover, ND Universal is working 24 x7 and maintains transparency in the process that it updates the status of the apostille process regularly.