UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai

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A legal process of verifying and authenticating the documents to get permission to enter the country is called UAE embassy attestation. It is an important step in the attestation procedure that will confirm your document's authenticity. This process can be tough and that's why it is convenient to complete the attestation procedure by experts.

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Why is UAE Embassy Attestation necessary?

Once all your documents (personal, educational, or commercial) have been attested by the UAE Embassy then only you can use them in the UAE. Your all important documents must be attested before they can be used in the UAE because it is a requirement by the UAE Embassy.

After all your documents have been properly attested by the UAE Embassy, you will get your employment visa or student visa.

How to do the procedure for UAE Embassy Attestation?

The procedure of UAE Embassy Attestation will be done in different ways for various types of documents like Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial documents.

Process for Educational and Non-Educational Documents

  1. Notary
  2. Home Department / SDM / HRD
  3. MEA
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation

Let's understand the process for these departments to complete the Attestation procedure.

1. Notary

  • Notary attestation is the basic and necessary procedure to authenticate different types of documents because going to the next step.
  • It is necessary to get a notary stamp on the documents to complete the Attestation procedure.

2. Home Department / SDM / HRD

  • Attestation of all Educational documents can be done through HRD. But the HRD attestation procedure takes more time.
  • Luckily, the Home department attestation for documents is valid in Maharashtra. Because it is the fastest way of attestation for various documents.
  • So, Home Department attestation can be done for Educational and Non-educational documents issued in Maharashtra.
  • If you live in Maharashtra but you have a degree from any other state then attestation for that document will be done by SDM.

3. The Ministry of External Affairs:

  • All of the documents will be submitted to the MEA office in New Delhi as soon as you have finished the processes for home department attestation, SDM authentication, and state authentication.

4. UAE Embassy Attestation:

  • As you complete the above processes of authentication, your documents are good to go for UAE Embassy Attestation. This department will make sure that all documents are authentic.
  • Once you complete the attestation of all documents, you are ready to go to another country and use them there legally.

Process for Commercial Documents

  • 1. Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  • 2. The Ministry of External Affairs
  • 3. UAE Embassy Attestation

Which documents are necessary for UAE Embassy Attestation?

All of your original documents must be submitted for attestation. You must submit an original degree certificate if you are traveling on a work visa. Your original birth or marriage certificate must be submitted when applying for a family visa.

You need to submit a copy of your passport as a supporting document.

How much time does it take to complete the procedure of the UAE Embassy Attestation?

It can take a while to complete the attestation process through HRD attestation. Because it depends on the university, some institutions can check documents quickly while others can take a while.

However, if you decide to do SDM or Home Department verification, the attestation services in Mumbai takes roughly 5 days, depending on where the documents were issued. Message Us.

After that UAE Embassy attestation will be done and it can take around 2-3 days.

I hope this article helped you understand the UAE Embassy Attestation process. If you need UAE Embassy Attestation services, please get in touch with one of our representatives or send us an email. Additionally, as part of our service, we provide free pick-up and delivery throughout India, including Maharashtra.

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