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Are you one of the people who is having trouble getting Apostille documents in Nashik? Are you trying to find someone who can assist you to get a visa? No more worries! We are on your side.

We are a group of experts who focus on all types of apostille procedures, whether they are required for non-educational or educational purposes (such as employment visas, work visas, or dependent visas). We are a team of highly qualified experts to offer our customers the best services at competitive prices.

When and Why Is an Apostille Needed?

Apostile Service Nashik

In simple terms, you can say that Apostille is a document certification and authentication procedure that will verify and legalize your different types of documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, degree certificates, etc. People can use these apostille documents in the Hague convention countries.

When your documents are apostilled by authorities from your home country, they are considered valid. All legal documents that can be used abroad are verified and given an apostille stamp by the MEA, the ministry of external affairs.

Apostilling documents is necessary for international purposes such as obtaining a visa, traveling abroad, being enrolled in foreign universities, conducting business or working, etc. In the part below, let's examine the apostille procedure for various documents.

Process of Educational Document Apostille Attestation

  1. Notary
  2. SDM or HRD Attestation
  3. MEA Attestation

Process of Personal Document Apostille Attestation

  1. Notary
  2. Home Department of Nashik Mantralaya
  3. MEA Attestation

Procedure for Educational Documents Apostille

Here is a quick guide to the steps involved in attesting educational documents:

1. Notary

  • The district notary of the home country must first verify the original document that will be attested.
  • The educational certificate must include a stamp from the notary confirming its legitimacy and authenticity.

2. University Verification

  • Here, the verification letter and educational certificates are forwarded to the proper university.
  • The relevant University then confirms the educational certificates and stamps the document with the words "Verified & Found Correct."

3. SDM/HRD Attestation

  • Here, the certificates and legal documents that must be certified must be verified and legalized by the SDM, or Sub Divisional Magistrate, at the state level.
  • As only one department is involved in the attestation of the educational documents, the process is relatively swift.
  • The procedure of getting an official stamp from the state HRD Ministry is known as HRD attestation (Nashik Mantralaya)

4. Ministry of External Affairs

  • The documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs after all the prior stages have been completed.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs verifies and authenticates all educational documents during this process by stamping or signing them.

Note: If you are traveling to Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Italy or Austria, your documents must be attested by the HRD Department though SDM is Not Valid.

Here is a quick guide to the steps involved in attesting personal documents:

Procedure for Personal Documents Apostille

1. Home Department Authentication

  • This phase involves home department authentication, which certifies the validity of your educational certificates.
  • The State Council representatives conduct this process.

2. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

  • The MEA, or Ministry of External Affairs, must authenticate and acknowledge the documents to be attested after the previous stages are finished by stamping or signing the credentials to attest to their integrity.
  • Once this final step has been completed successfully, you are allowed to travel for personal purposes to any nation that is a member of the Hague convention.

Procedure of Commercial Document Apostille Attestation

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Where Will My Documents Be Taken for Apostille?

First of all, no matter where you are in the state, it has always been done from the state capital.

Documents and Certificates Required

  • Original Certificates
  • Passport Copy (Front & Back)

How long does it take to finish the process?

The procedure of document attestation takes a long time. It's even harder and more lengthy because there are so many processes involved! You can readily comprehend how long it takes for a single attestation process to finish from the mentioned sections.

If you're the type of person who likes to handle things on your own, the document apostille process will take a long time, and worst of all, you risk making mistakes that will make it even more difficult.

But if you're someone who doesn't want to go through these lengthy and challenging processes, we're here to help! To have your certificate attestation completed at your door in just 5-7 working days, please get in touch with our team of specialists in Nashik.

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