Guaranteed Birth Certificate Apostille all over India

Birth Certificate Apostille is must as it is the authentic proof of an individual. Verification some purposes is an obligation. Certificate legalization is an authentication certificate and an important feature confirming the document solidity and in association is the trustworthiness. The certificate is a must and seeking assistance from ND Universal is helpful for receiving certificate authentication. ND Universal is an expert in offering the apostille services to your convenience.

When birth certificate with apostille required?

it is about attaining apostille sticker on the birth certificate. It is an authentication on the apostille mandate documents proving the genuineness of yourself and the document. It is a mandatory document for people wishing to study abroad. The University or the college has to give a certificate copy and it is essential to submit to avail visa. A birth certificate is issued by the government who keep the daily birth record.This document reveals the detail that a person is born in a particular place. It offers crucial information of the origin of an individual in association with the person’s date of birth. Other than this you can have a look birth certificate apostille in india.

How to get Birth Certificate Apostille in India?

There are companies offering personal documents legalization. One such reliable company is ND Universal for birth certificate apostille Attestation. They have professionals to perform the legalization process and to authenticate personal documents. ND Universal renders the best services as they have skilled staff to ensure proper certificate legalization. They are aware of the process that there is no scope for any delay.

What is the Procedure ?

Acquiring on birth certificate legalization in india an apostille seal is a long procedure. However, now the procedure is given to RPOs and branch secretariats. Thus, it helps people in getting certificate apostille easier. The procedure for Apostille includes:

1:Notary Attestation

  • The notary certification is the first procedure and it is the local notary that offers as the course of action. It gives a stamp and signature. The notary is the basic procedure of any related certification. In India, it is the foremost step for educational and personal documents.

2:Home Department Attestation

  • The personal documents verification is to be done by the State Home Department. The certification of personal document includes a death certificate, marriage certificate, and birth certificate. It is exception to perform personal documents legalization and the authorities are hired only for documents attestation.

3:SDM Attestation

  • SDM is the sub-divisional magistrate type for the Home Department. The authorities give HRD attestation on the educational documents. The SDM performs individually and so does the certification.


  • The MEA in this step gives a sticker containing the applicant details and name. The apostille sticker at times has MEA stamp on the documents for commercial documents. It is the apostille final step and the central government performs it.

How long does it take?

The process of the certificate authentication is not one-step or stage process. It depends on the document type, the state that issued it, and how further the authentication process can go. Engaging in the procedure offline may also take two or three weeks to complete. On approaching the apostille services, ND Universal, you may get the same in lesser time and with ease.

How much cost ?

The cost cannot be specific or fixed as the authentication involves several stages. The legalization procedure requires authentication from many levels in the government. The apostille attestation cost ranges differently and has an influence of acquiring the legalization.

Why choose ND Universal in india?

The need to choose ND Universal in india is special as they make you feel special by showering the best of their support. You can expect 24 x 7 support and they respond to all your queries, that you are free to ask them the procedure right from the start to end.

ND Universal has a skilled team to take care of the apostille services and they are aware of the legal changes taking place. It is a different skill that this team of ND Universal are experts. They know to handle all the departments and have direct approach to higher level officials.

You will save time and money with ND Universal. It is because once you submit the documents, you need not worry. The staff of ND Universal know their responsibilities and do give their 100% on your behalf. They ensure the work is complete and you get the required attestation as pre the requirement.

ND Universal staff has adequate experience that they know to handle all type of situations. They will not come and trouble you often. They will manage and take to attestation. You can be assured of receiving the attestation on the documents or the apostille on the birth certificate. They also maintain transparency that you stay informed of the progress of each stage.

Why Choose ND Universal?

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