A Definitive Guide to Turkey Embassy Attestation

Turkey is a very welcoming country that opens its doors for foreign people to stay, work, or even for doing business in the country. Individuals visit Turkey for many reasons including business and professional.

People visit Turkey because of the variety of commercial opportunities the country offers. Attestation of documents through the Turkey Embassy is considered to be a very significant procedure that should be carried out when one is willing to visit the country.

A Definitive Guide to Turkey Embassy Attestation

Turkey Embassy Attestation

Turkey is a very welcoming country that opens its doors for foreign people to stay, work, or even for doing business in the country. Individuals visit Turkey for many reasons including business and professional. People visit Turkey because of the variety of commercial opportunities the country offers. Attestation of documents through the Turkey Embassy is considered to be a very significant procedure that should be carried out when one is willing to visit the country.

What is Embassy Attestation?

Turkey Embassy Attestation is the act of authentication of the documents by the concerned departments that helps in clarifying the legitimacy of the documents. Many documents that are issued from India require attestation from the embassy of Turkey when an individual states visit there. The importance of the embassy can be seen by how without being attested by the embassy, the documents will not be valid for use in Turkey.

If you are looking for setting up your company or exporting goods to Turkey you have to make sure that you have all the documents attested. The documents included in the commercial document attestation process. People who have to start their business, run a business, or export goods should get their papers attested.

The documents related to Invoice, Incorporation, Registration, Board of Resolution, Power of Attorney, Memorandum, Articles of Association, certificate of origin, packing list all comes under the commercial documents. Only if you do the required measures for getting these documents attested you would be able to start a business or export goods to that country. All these documents have their importance in this procedure of attestation.

Why Embassy Attestation Is Required?

Document Attestation by the Embassy is important for reasons like approval of the application for a work visa, or for commercial approval and business visa.

Export document certificate: For taking permission from the government and to prove the legitimacy it is important to have the documents being attested properly. The certificates include:

  • Customs Packing List
  • Performa Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin Certificate (COO)
  • Shipping Bill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Sight
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Letter of Credit
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Export License
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Health Certificates
  • Authorized letter
  • GMP Certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Poer of Attorney
  • Certificate of incorporation (COC)
  • Export License
  • Memorandum of association (MOA)
  • Articles of association (AOA)
  • Contract Letter
  • Purpose: There are many reasons to attest Export documents:
  • For having Company Registration
  • For Export Consignment
  • For Custom Clearances
  • To give authority to someone behalf of company
  • Expansion of business
  • For Legal Matter

Embassy Attestation is a part of the affirmation that shows that the documents and the information they contain are legitimate and will also help one in proving how they have no ill intentions towards the country.

Documents Attestation Process

  1. The initial verification will be done by the Chamber of Commerce. There is no need for local notary verification in many cases of commercial documents.
  2. After the verification being done by the Chamber of Commerce, the document will get legitimating by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).
  3. When the document will be authenticated by all the relevant departments, it will be granted attestation by the embassy.

The government of Turkey is very particular about the rules being followed for letting a foreign person inside the country. All the commercial documents should be attested to pass the checking led by the government.

Brief Guide about Attestation from various Department

Steps of document verification in terms of commercial documents:

Step 1: Verification by Chamber of Commerce (Regional Level)

In general, for personal and professional documents, the local notary from where the documents are issued is involved in the regional level verification but in the case of commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce has the authority to verify the document thoroughly.

Step 2: Attestation by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

After the completion of the previous steps, the documents are ready for attestation by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). This department is in charge of the affairs that include foreign premises and thus the stamp or sign of this central department on the documents are very significant for Embassy Attestation.

Step 3: Turkey Embassy Attestation

This process is performed by the Turkey Embassy to authenticate the document’s credentials. This is performed after the verification by the relevant government departments. This is the last stage of attestation and the documents will be eligible to apply to acquire the visa. Embassy attestation will also help you get residency in the country.

As the process can be very time-consuming, one should hire ND Universal for a comfortable embassy attestation service. The professional staff will make sure that all the documents will be safely attested by the relevant departments and will get the attestation from the Embassy as well.

What Documents Are Required For Turkey Embassy Attestation?

Following general papers or certificates will be needed to get the documents attested by the Turkey Embassy Attestation.

Attestation of commercial documents will require:

  • An original document attested
  • Covering letter, which must be on the letter head of the company

Time Taken for Turkey Embassy Attestation

Verification of documents will help people to trust as a person as well. The time frame required for attestation of documents by the embassy can be stretched to weeks and months. Initially, the time frame will depend on the type of document, its origin, and the amount of time each department will take it to verify.

By choosing ND Universal you will get your attested documents on your doorstep within 8-10 working days as we do not hold any documents after the attestation.

Cost of Turkey Embassy Attestation

The cost of the embassy attestation will depend on the type and origin of the document. It will also depend on the number of documents you want to get attested from the embassy. If an individual personally visits every department for the attestation process then it will cost much higher than what we will offer.

Embassy attestation will provide aid in stating that the information mentioned in the documents is valid and genuine. ND Universal provides services with minimal cost and genuine support for the same. You can call our executive or mail us for further details.

How To Start The Process?

To start the Turkey Embassy Attestation process by taking the service of the ND Universal, you can call our executive and the process will start after clearing the concerns. The process that we will follow will not be different from the process that is assigned by the government, we work in a transparent way and will solve every query raised by your side.

We provide same-day pickup and a receipt will be provided to you for the same. We have a partnership with blue dart dispatch for drop-off services and once your attested document will be dispatched all the tracking details will be provided to you.

Why Choose ND Universal?

ND Universal will supervise you in every step that confuses you and will also provide the right amount of effort that is needed to get a document its attestation. It is very important to save money while planning to travel to a foreign country and thus we follow a transparent process that allows customers to trust us with the amount we take a charge of.

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We understand the pressure and trouble the process can give you. All the processes have been analyzed for the clients by the professional staff of ND Universal. Each step of verification will be done in a streamlined manner. We promise to provide embassy attestation of your documents within a week that is relatively fast because these procedures can take up to weeks and in some cases even months.

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