UAE Embassy attestation in Kerala

Attestation of the documents is important for UAE and it requires the person to complete the UAE Embassy attestation in Kerala if he or she intends to visit UAE. It is a very important aspect in the process of certification that approves your documents' genuineness. The certificate of authentication is a process that is not hassle-free. It involves various steps that if you consider to get the embassy attestation conveniently, you must look for professional embassy attestation services in Kerala, ND Universal. They are experienced and are aware of the procedure details that you can get your embassy attestation effortlessly.

Certificate attestation in Kerala for UAE

A legal procedure of Certificate attestation in Kerala for UAE is to validate and authenticate the document so that one can procure entry to the country. The certification of documents for UAE attestation is a must to perform business from or in the UEA, or obtain for a long term stay, a visa. The importance of this process is to seek entry as a genuine traveler into a country. It is a must as only authorized people are given to attest documents and it involves getting attestation on the documents at different levels on necessary papers.

UAE Attestation in kerala
UAE Attestation in kerala
UAE Attestation in kerala
UAE Attestation in kerala

What is Document Attestation for UAE in Kerala?

The document Attestation for UAE in Kerala is a security part ensuring the trustworthiness of the UAE government. It is a major step to fulfill better prospects in nations such as UAE. However, it is easier to avail in Kerala, the UAE attestation easily.

Why it is Required?

The need for UAE emabassy attestation is for many reasons. It is an affirmation showing you are a legitimate individual who is wishing to travel to another country with good intentions. It also gives evidence that your given evidence are true and you are genuine to enter the country. This helps in developing trust between two business people or even between an employee and the employer, if you are visiting on a business or for work. This process is equally important for a student wishing to pursue their studies in the college or university.

purpose of documents attestation
Work Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Study Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Family Visa
purpose of documents attestation
Business Develop in Foreign

How to get UAE Attestation in Kerala?

You can find suitable service providing company such as ND Universal. This company offers the UAE attestation services in Kerala as they are experts in the document’s legalization procedure. They have professionals working for them offering quick attestation services, if one is looking up for a reliable service.

There are many in agencies who are providing these servies however, ND Universal is on the top name recommended by many people in Kerala. They offer a friendly approach and complete the attestation process smoothly. They also maintain transparency and ensure to update the progress. ND Universal has licensed professionals working with him and their in-depth knowledge helps in getting the work done.

What is UAE Attestation procedure in Kerala?

The procedure is lengthy for your document and it goes through several certification levels until it is attested by MEA finally in association with certificate attestation for UAE. The MEA is the central government branch providing on the document the MEA stamp. However, the UAE attestation procedure in Kerala is as below:

  • Regional Level - This is the first step to document verification. It is done by the University or the notary from the issue place of the documents, or from the Chamber of commerce for the commercial documents.
  • State Government - The documents authentication is performed as required by the type of the document from the state by three different organizations. They are the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). The authentication of the SDM is with the state level and has no obligations to the state government.
  • MEA Stamp - Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the certification last level from the home government. A stamp of the MEA is applied on the documents. It means the central department approves you are genuine to go abroad, as MEA takes care of foreign matters in the country.
  • Embassy Attestation - The documents from the respective country are legalized. It is the certification final stage after the MEA attestation for most nations.
Certificate attestation for UAE in kerala

How many days will it take Certificate Attestation for UAE in Kerala?

It will take around 5 to 7 day to get the certificate attestation for UAE in Kerala, kochi, ernakulam and nearby areas. The time-span to increase the time frame relies on the documents type and the country you require the attestation for.


The cost of this services changes with each country. However, ND Universal charges are very genuine, they offer pickup and drop facility for the attestation of documents. Getting your attestation in Kerala done through ND Universal professionals ensures there is no rejection.

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