MEA Attestation (A Complete Guide)

The Ministry of External Affairs is in charge of handling foreign affairs. It is a central government authority that plays a crucial role in providing documents with validity for further attestation by concerned embassies. All personal, professional, educational, and commercial documents should be compulsorily attested by the MEA during the attestation procedure.

The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation procedure plays a major role in proving the legitimacy of the documents in India or on any foreign land. The procedure involves providing the required original document with an authorized stamp.

No documents can be sent to the MEA directly for the attestation. Documents must be legalized by the relevant authorities before that. There are different authorities assigned for the verification process that depends on the requirement of the document. Verification from all the government departments is mandatory for further attestation.

What Is MEA Attestation?

The MEA Attestation process is a very significant step in the attestation procedure that is done for proving the authenticity of a document. The attestation procedure is carried out when an individual wants to prove the validity of the documents within and outside of their nation. It will take place only after the verification by the regional and state-level authorities.

The MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs has authority over all foreign-related matters of the country. The stamp of the MEA holds much importance for embassy-related attestation.
Verification is done by different departments before the MEA Attestation:

  • Verification by the Home Department or Administrative Department is mandatory for the personal documents before applying for the MEA Attestation.
  • If the documents are educationally related then they must be verified by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department of the state you belong to.
  • All the documents related to business must be verified by the Chambers of Commerce.

Importance of attestation from ministry of external affairs

For traveling and staying in foreign countries like Qatar, Turkey, the UAE, Saudi, or European countries etc. It is important to get the relevant documents attested by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) to acquire a visa.

  • There are many purposes for which an individual to travel or relocate to another country. It could be related to their education or professional or personal life.
  • For every visa applicant, it is crucial to have the documents attested by the MEA or it will not be accepted by the Embassy and thus the visa application will be rejected without the completion of the procedure.
  • The MEA attestation is the only process that will lead to the embassy attestation of any particular country you want to visit.

Why is MEA Attestation needed?

Attestation from the MEA will provide the documents with verification from the central government departments. It is a process through which the information contained in the documents will be proven authentic after it has been verified by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). The verification is done by stamping or signing the document.

This procedure is essential for the attestation of documents by the embassy (the last step) of a nation which will provide you with the right to use the documents legally in that respective country.

MEA Attestation Fee

The fees being charged will solely depend on the type of document. Acquiring the MEA stamp is crucial for the documents to prove their genuineness. The process should not be neglected at any cost. It is a significant department whose attestation is important for the documents that are relevant for getting a visa.

  • It is a mandatory process that has to be followed in terms of acquiring validity for your documents and obtaining any type of visa.
  • As the attestation process followed for the MEA involves so many departments at the regional and state levels, the cost will vary depending on the type of document. Every department will charge different fees for a particular document.
  • The total cost will also include the cost of travel that you will have to pay while going from one office to another. It is very hard to state the exact cost of the process.

Since it is a very tedious process, it is suggested that it should be taken care of by professionals. By hiring ND Universal you will be stress-free in regards to the process, as our professional staff will ensure the safety and proper attestation of your documents.

Procedure of Getting a Document Attested By the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

The procedure is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. It is the last stage that comes under the central government before passing the documents for the attestation by a particular embassy. The documents are not attested directly by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) India. They have to be verified by the official authorities. Both the regional and state authorities play a very crucial role in the process of attestation.

It is very important to get the documents verified by the relevant department for avoiding legal problems and complications that could arise in the future. The procedure followed for the Attestation of documents from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) can be divided into three steps-

Step 1: Regional level
Here, the verification will be done by the local notary from where the document was originally issued.

Step 2: State level
Authentication of the documents by the state departments will be done only after the verification by the local notary. State-level verification involves many departments and a particular document can be authenticated only by the relevant authority.

It involves authentication by the Home Department for personal documents, the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department for educational documents, the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) for special cases, and the Chamber of Commerce for business-related documents.

Step 3: Central level
After the verification and authentication by regional and state-level departments respectively, the documents will be valid to be passed on to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) for the final Attestation at the level of the home government. The MEA will provide the document with a sign or stamp that will prove the legitimacy of the document for further use.

The attestation process will be done on the original documents. The validity of the credentials will be stated as genuine only when the original documents are attested by all the relevant government departments.

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Document attestation is a process done for proving the credibility of a document in the countries which are not a part of the Hague Convention. Under this process comes the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation process, which is considered very significant for the acceptance of the documents as authentic.

It is a very sensitive and crucial process that involves government authorities at various levels. For every document a different department’s verification is required, which will solely depend on the kind of document you want to get attested. Even a minor error anywhere in the process can lead to legal issues in the future and the attestation can be nullified. If the documents do not carry verification from the relevant department then the MEA will not approve them for the stamping or signing process.

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