MEA Attestation and Apostille

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Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

You might have heard this word of MEA from your employer who you are traveling for an employment visa. Plus, there is a possibility that you get an email from a university to get it done when you are traveling on a student visa.

The ministry of external affairs is a central department of India. Only this department has the authority to legalize the documents.

MEA Attestation and Apostille

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA Attestation means the legalization of all the documents and certificates. The Ministry of External Affairs legalizes your educational and non-educational documents like degree, birth, and marriage certificates.

MEA Attestation is only possible when your documents have already been attested by the state department.

For example, if your documents are issued from Maharashtra then local authentication from Mumbai is necessary before you go through the MEA Attestation process. After the authentication from Mumbai, the MEA department will attest your documents.

Why do you need to go through the MEA Attestation procedure?

People are required to go through the process because it is a law of the Hague Convention. As per this law, whenever you are traveling to other countries for employment or study then your documents need to be verified by MEA so that foreign countries can believe that all your documents are genuine.

What is the difference between MEA Attestation and Apostille?

If you are traveling to the European and Hague Convention countries then you need to go through the MEA Apostille procedure. While you are traveling to the Gulf countries like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, and Bahrain you need to go through the MEA Attestation procedure before you submit your documents to the respective embassy.


Where you can get MEA Attestation in India?

The branch to attest the documents is located in New Delhi.

CPV Division Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House Court, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-110001.

On the date of 1st March 2012, MEA gave the authority to the agencies to submit and collect documents. But only MEA has the final authority to attest and apostille the documents.

What process do we do after getting all the documents at our Office?

Trying to understand how we provide the most dependable services? Here you can get all the details.

We will review all your documents after receiving them. We make sure that you have submitted all the supportive documents or not. Our executives will ensure that they are as per the law.

We also provide an internal tracking system in which our executives will put a barcode sticker on all the documents. By using this barcode you can easily see the current status of your documents.

After that, we will do the process of MEA. As the documents are verified our executives will double-check if all the documents are containing the stamp on them or not. Plus, we will also check the spelling and other minor things.

If there are any corrections then we will do the procedure again. At last, after the completion of the MEA Attestation and Apostille procedure, we will send you a scanned copy and dispatch the physical documents to your address.

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