Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) DOCUMENT ATTESTATION

Documents attestation from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), makes your documents valid throughout India and also in foreign countries. MEA is the apex body that has the authority to perform MEA attestation. It attests the documents by giving an apostille stamp, as per the applicant’s requirement.

MEA has outsourced its MEA apostille and general attestation services from March 1, 2010. There are collection and delivery of attestation as apostille services of documents done. No document from applicants is acceptable without original documents. It can be directly given to the agencies with the document photocopy and the applicant’s passport photocopy.

What is MEA attestation?

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is the highest authority, the central government authority. They are responsible for foreign affairs management, and they authenticate the documents by giving a stamp or seal. It is a must to acquire an MEA stamp on the documents during the document legalization process. It is the MEA attestation process.

Receiving an MEA attestation is a complex and time-consuming process. It is accessible and facile with the attestation service providers efficient to provide MEA attestation service. The MEA attestation service providers assist the process until completion.

MEA attestation refers to receiving a verification stamp from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). It is about receiving an attestation on your documents from the central department (MEA) dealing with external affairs. It relates to anything related to foreign countries. Thus, when you seek certificate attestation, it is a must to verify your certificates and documents from the Ministry. Document legalization is an essential step for the documents to prove genuineness. Thus, the External Affairs Department is responsible for centralized attestation, but now it is de-centralized.

Why is MEA Attestation necessary?

MEA attestation is necessary for various reasons. It includes student visa, resident visa, and work visa when you are performing business from a foreign country or are employing candidates from foreign nations. It is a priority for the visa and to get embassy authentication. Ministry of External Affairs attestation for Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, etc. is a must on many personal and educational documents such as birth certificate, business certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc.

If you are planning to get out of the country to pursue an education or job, you must get a student visa and further the process. It is required to get attestation on educational certificates from the central government as it proves the authenticity of your educational documents. However, even before obtaining legalization on the central level for a degree certificate, there is a need for document authentication from other departments of the government such as Notary and HRD, then you can proceed for the attestation of the degree certificate.

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How to get MEA attestation?

MEA attestation procedure is complex, and time-consuming that performing it all alone is tricky. There are several MEA attestation agents ready to provide the apostille attestation services. It is best to contact ND Universal the authentic MEA attestation services to start and complete the process of verification to attestation on your behalf. We give you enough time to complete your other chores. You have to fill the form and submit the documents. The ND Universal attestation services will take care of the ordeal.

The attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs requires many stages of authentication before document verification. The entire process for the authentication of the center relies upon the documents type i.e. personal, educational, or commercial.

The procedure begins at the Regional level. It is in the charge of the local notary or the university that issued the documents. While the commercial documents receive approval from the Chamber of commerce.

The certificates legalization is next from the state relying on the document type. The departments are the State Home Department, Human Resource Department, and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. However, SDM is independent, yet the state level verification performed is taken into consideration before authorization.

MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the final authentication stage from the home government after which the document receives an MEA stamp or sticker. MEA is the central organization that relates to the foreign affairs of the country and every five years elects a minister. Applying for MEA attestation and receiving the stamp assures the embassy of your genuineness.

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