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ND Universal is the leading MEA Attestation services provider in India, accepting documents for attestation from all over the world. Established couple of years ago, the company has marked its presence and provides primarily services for certification for the documents from various authorities. Our service at ND Universal offers apostille services for different kind of documents including Educational Certificate Apostille, Non-Educational Documents Apostille like birth certificate, Commercial Documents Apostille. We believe in offering valuable services to our client to make their process for legalization. The apostille, procedures begin at the Notary attestation and carried on by SDM attestation.


Need for Mea Attestation

MEA Attestation Services

You must have heard about MEA attestation while applying for admission to foreign universities, a job visa, or a resident visa. It is also required to recruit foreign nationals or to conduct business abroad. Most of the first-time applicants are uninformed of the Ministry of External Affairs attestation procedure and the need for it.

ND Universal is a leading document attestation and legalization service company with branches all over the country. We get the documents attested on your behalf and deliver them to your house. We ensure that all the documents are genuinely attested by the MEA and accepted by different embassies.

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA is the Ministry of External Affairs, the central Government Department responsible for managing the foreign affairs of the country. The ministry authenticates all the certificates and documents issued from India. Many personal and educational certificates such as the birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificates, etc. have to be attested by MEA to prove their genuineness.

MEA attestation is part of the document legalization process, which is mandatory to obtain student, work and resident visas, and many other purposes. MEA attestation in India proves the authenticity of your documents.

The process of MEA attestation of degree certificate and other educational certificates is time-consuming as it requires a lot of running around different offices. Hiring experienced agencies that offer document legalization services helps you to complete the process in-time. ND Universal is one of the best agencies having the required understanding of the process. We provide end-to-end verification and attestation services.

The procedure of MEA Attestation

The MEA attestation procedure is different for various types of documents. It consists of various stages and requires prior attestation at the regional and state levels.

  • Regional Level : It is the first level of the attestation procedure. Regional level attestation is done by a Notary, University issuing the certificate, or the chamber of commerce, depending on the nature of the document.
  • State Attestation : The state-level document attestation can be performed by the 3 different organizations as per the nature of the document. The attestation can be done by the State Home Department, State Human Resource Department, or the Sub-divisional Magistrate.
  • MEA Attestation : This is the final level of attestation, where the MEA authenticates the documents by affixing a stamp or a sticker depending on the nature of attestation.

The process of Ministry of External Affairs Attestation in India varies according to the nature of the documents to be authenticated.

Process of MEA Attestation for Personal Documents

For MEA attestation of personal documents, you first have to obtain a notary certificate from the local authority, State Home Department or sub-divisional magistrate authentication, and finally the MEA attestation.

mea attestation personal documents

Process of MEA Attestation of Educational Certificates

The process of MEA attestation of degree certificate depends on the origin of the certificates and the requirements of the individual embassies.

The process generally includes Notary attestation at the regional level, Home Department attestation or the Sub-divisional Magistrate attestation at the state-level, and the final MEA attestation.

However, if the embassy requires authentication from the HRD, the process is different. The certificates must be verified by the university issuing them, followed by an HRD attestation, and finally the Ministry of External Affairs attestation..

mea attestation educational documents

Process of MEA Attestation of Commercial Documents

For commercial documents, the process of MEA attestation is completely different. The documents must be verified and authenticated by the local Chamber of Commerce. Later, the documents are authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs.

mea attestation commercial documents

Documents Required for MEA Attestation

Depending on the purpose of getting the Ministry of External Affairs attestation, you will have to submit the original copies of several personal, educational, and commercial certificates for attestation.

Some examples of types of documents:

  • Personal certificates – birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving license, divorce decrees, police records.
  • Educational certificates – school records, graduation and post-graduation certificates, etc.
  • Commercial documents – certificate of incorporation, trademark agreements, invoices, etc.

Types of MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs authenticates the original documents or true copies of documents to portray their genuineness. There are two types of MEA attestation in India.

1. Apostille

The Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, abolishes the legalization requirement of public documents issued by foreign countries. India is a member of the convention since 2005. The members of the convention, Apostille personal and educational certificates such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, power of attorney, matriculation certificates, diploma or degree certificates etc. The convention has 105 member countries, and the documents Apostilled in one member country are acceptable in all the other countries. The MEA affixes your documents with a stamp and the Apostille sticker if you apply for the Apostille attestation.

2. Normal MEA Attestation

Countries, which are not members of the Hague Convention, require normal MEA attestation. The MEA affixes their stamp on the back of your documents to show that the documents are attested.

Time Taken for MEA Attestation in India ?

The time taken to complete the MEA attestation procedure depends on the number of documents to be attested, the type of attestation, and the nature of the documents. However, the process generally takes 7 to 12 working days. In case the concerned embassy required HRD attestation, the time may increase further.

Can individuals submit documents directly to the MEA for attestation?

No, the MEA does not accept documents from individuals. All the documents should be submitted through the service provider recognized by the MEA.

Do I need to be physically present for the MEA attestation?

We complete the attestation on your behalf. You need not be present for the attestation process. We collect the documents from your home and deliver the attested copies through Blue Dart courier.

What are the services ND Universal offer?

ND Universal offers,

  • Free Pick and Drop services of documents.
  • Consultation Services for Attestation.
  • Tracking updates to user at each step of attestation.
  • Courier services via Blue Dart
  • 24×7 Assistance from our staff.

Feel free to reach us out, for any concerns.

Why Choose ND Universal for MEA Attestation services ?

ND Universal is the pioneer for providing MEA Attestation services. We are known as the customer oriented firm for offering hassle free services with free pickup and delivery to the documents. Our team is available 24*7 online to take your inquiries. Feel free to reach us out in case of any concerns. We also provide MEA attestation service in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad

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