mea attestation in delhi

MEA Attestation in Delhi (A Complete Guide)

According to the requirement of the document or certificate, verification by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India is done after the document or certificate has been authorized by the regional and state-level departments. This process is considered crucial as it is an important stage where the documents or certificates get their authenticity, thus allowing them to go for the embassy attestation.

  • This process is important for individuals who want to travel or stay in a foreign country for personal or professional reasons. The attestation from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) will provide the document with genuineness and verify the credentials mentioned in the document.
MEA Attestation in Delhi
  • The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is a central government branch that deals with all the affairs related to foreign matters. As countries abroad need proof of the legitimacy of the documents and certificates, carrying out the process becomes one of the most important and tiresome processes.
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What Is MEA Attestation?

The procedure through which a document or certificate gets its legitimacy from the central government with the involvement of the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is termed the MEA Attestation. This process is done whenever an individual wishes to travel or move abroad. This process is mandatory to get the attestation from the concerned embassy if the country is not a part of the Hague Convention.

Attestation from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India is important for all the Indian origin documents that will be required abroad. This process is mandatory for getting approval of the visa and permission to enter a country. Without the attestation of the documents by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), you will not be allowed to use them legally in another country.

MEA Apostille

Ministry of external affairs apostille is delivered with your documents and is accepted only in Hague convention countries. The certificates that the MEA apostille will bear the ministry of external affairs' seal and signature. The seal suggests that the document has been verified and approved by the relevant authorities.

Importance of MEA Attestation

The MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) provides the documents with a stamp proving the legitimacy of the document. It is a branch of the central government that deals with all matters regarding foreign relations.

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How to Get Attestation from MEA for Delhi Issued documents?

Different processes will be followed according to the type of document or certificate.

Personal documents
For attestation of personal documents from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), the documents must be verified by both regional and state-level departments. For documents having personal information like birth certificate, marriage certificate, and medical certificate the Home Department of the state will be responsible.

Professional Documents
These types of documents will include the certificates that will be required to get a job or continuing education in another country. All the educational documents like degree certificate, diploma certificate, work experience certificate, HSC certificate, etc. will be verified by the regional notary and then by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Department of the respective state.

Commercial Document
Documents related to business or commercial should get verification from the regional level notary and the Chamber of Commerce before going for the MEA Attestation. Documents like the power of attorney, or any document related to your company or business will be included in this category.

After the completion of these verification processes, the documents will be eligible for getting the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation.

The Procedure of MEA Attestation in Delhi

The process followed by the documents for the MEA Attestation for Delhi's Document can be very tactful that is why you should hire ND Universal as your service provider. Though there are many service providers available, the ND Universal is authorized by the government and we not only promise high quality of service but also stand by our words.

The process that will be followed by the documents for the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation:

Step 1: Notary attestation

Any document, be it personal or professional, has to go through the regional level verification process that will be done by the local notary from where the documents were issued initially. This basic process is very crucial as without this process the documents will not be eligible for further authentication.

Step 2: State-level attestation

The state-level attestation will involve various departments that are assigned for the verification process according to the category of the document. All the personal documents will be verified by the Home Department or by the SDM ( Sub-divisional Magistrate ). All the professional and educational documents will be verified by the HRD ( Human Resource Development) Department and the commercial documents will be verified by the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 3: The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation

After the completion of all the regional and state-level verification by the authorized departments, the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) will provide the stamp proving the legitimacy of the documents.

The whole MEA Attestation process will help the documents to get their legitimacy and thus will help an individual to prove the credibility of the details mentioned in the document. This process is important for getting an attestation from the embassy of the country that you want to visit, thus this process should not be ignored.

How Much Time will take?

According to the process followed by the document and the need for extra verification, the time frame can be anything between 3 and 5 working days. This time frame can also be stretched to a month due to reasons uncalled for. To avoid any difficulty, one should hire a trustworthy service provider.

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How much will it cost to get the documents attested from the MEA?

The cost will depend on various factors, like the department being involved and the time being consumed. One has to travel from one office to another for attestation, thus the travel cost will also be included. In all, the cost would be much higher than expected and the process will cause much more stress and exhaustion.

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Why Should You Choose ND Universal's Services?

It is a very crucial process that involves different government departments. Different verification is needed for every document. Even a minor mistake anywhere in the process can lead to more complications and distress.

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