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Medical Certificate Attestation for Bahrain

Medical Certificate Attestation for Bahrain

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Medical Certificate Attestation for Oman

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Medical Certificate Attestation for Qatar

A written document given by a health care provider or a doctor that confirms the respective candidate's outcome of a particular medical test is called a Medical Certificate. Medical Certificate Attestation is required when a candidate applies for their Visa for any country. It's necessary as a medical certificate is taken as proof of the candidate's state of health.

Why Do You Need to Get Your Medical Certificate Attested?

Apart from getting your Visa, there are various reasons why you should get your medical certificate attested. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • To explain the cause of short-term or long-term absence from work, educational institutions, and more.
  • To get an extension, and salary when you are on leave for medical reasons.
  • To claim medical insurance.
  • To claim medical benefits from the Government or an organization.

Medical Certificate Attestation Procedure

The MEA or Ministry of External Affairs has decentralized the process of Medical Certificate Attestation and has made it a lengthy process. However, there are various reliable agencies that you can hire to get your certificate attested. The new authorities that attest the medical documents before they are finally verified as well as stamped by the officials of the MEA are the RPOs and branch secretaries. Now, let's take a look at the attestation process in detail:

Stage 1:

The first step is to get your medical documents attested by the local notary of your state. The local notary would attest your document with a stamp or signature. This is the most fundamental prerequisite for the attestation of any documents.

Stage 2:

Since a medical certificate is your personal document, the second step is to get your medical certificate attested by the Home Department of your State. They will further verify the authenticity of your documents.

Stage 3:

This is an optional stage. It might happen that the organization or authority where you will show your attested medical certificate would require you to get the attestation from the Sub-Divisional Magistrate for your document.

Stage 4:

If you have applied for your Visa, then the country that you plan to visit would require an attested copy of your medical certificate. Here, the Ministry of External Affairs that looks after a country's external affairs will have the medical certificates attested with a specific stamp.

Stage 5:

Now the Embassy or the Consulate of the respective country that you are visiting will certify your medical document. This is the final stage that proves the ultimate authenticity of your documents.

This can be daunting at times, which is why people mostly hire attestation agencies to get their medical documents attested in the simplest way and the shortest time possible. With the help of these service providers, you can get your paperwork done without having to face any hassle. This helps save a lot of your time, which would have been otherwise wasted in long queues.

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