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A degree certificate is one of the most important documents that require legalized authentication. The authentication will be crucial in proving the genuineness of the credentials mentioned in the document and thus prove their legitimacy. Attestation of degrees certificate will also help in proving your motto of the visit to the specific country. The procedure of degree certificate attestation will be carried out by the home government before passing it on to the concerned embassy.

The process of attestation should be done very precisely by following all the rules and regulations put forward by the government. The document will need verification from the concerned regional and state-level departments, which will vary according to the type and need of the document.

One should keep in mind that the country they want to visit for any personal or professional reason will ask for their documents to prove the credibility of the information. Only properly attested documents will be taken into consideration. Without accurately attested documents, a visa will not be issued and the person will not be allowed to enter that country.

A degree certificate will contain information about the educational background of an individual and the course they studied or graduated with. It will also contain important information like the institute's name, individual's name, etc., thus attestation of this document will be mandatory to get a study or work visa.

What Is Degree Certificate Attestation And Why Is It Required?

In general terms, attestation is a process that is done on the necessary documents to prove their originality in a foreign country. Attestation of documents is required to get legal permission to use them in a foreign country. This process is significant for obtaining a visa for both personal and professional reasons.

A degree certificate attestation is the legalization process that is followed for proving the authenticity of the document. This attestation is mainly done by the students seeking education in foreign countries or by the job applicants where their degree plays a major role.

The main purposes of attestation of a degree certificate are mentioned below-

  • Attestation of a degree certificate is required for some selected immigrant programs and it is also beneficial for getting a work visa
  • For enrolling an individual, a university or college will ask for an attested degree certificate to prove their credentials and claims.
  • Many people relocate to a foreign country to pursue a better career, and in such cases degree certificates should be attested for use in the concerned country.
  • It is also a significant document that should be attested to get a study visa.

What Is The Procedure For Degree Certificate Attestation?

Attestation of documents is never a one-step process. It is indeed tactful, and preciseness should be taken into consideration because there is no space for even a minute error as it can ruin the whole process. For avoiding any distressing situation in the process, it is better to get the help of professionals for the procedure.

The process that will be followed for the Degree Certificate Attestation is done in four major steps-

Step 1: Regional or University Level
The regional level verification of a degree certificate is done by the government-authorized university that issued it or by the local notary. This process can not be missed out, as it will give your document regional verification that is essential for state-level verification.

Step 2: State-level Verification
The Degree Certificate comes under the category of educational documents. All the educational and academic documents are to be verified by the HRD (Human Resource Development) Department of the state you belong to. This is an important procedure to be done for the attestation of the documents by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India.

Step 3: The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation
Attestation by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India comes under the central government department that manages all the foreign-related affairs. Attestation by this department will be done by giving a stamp or signature on the document, thus legalizing its originality. After getting the document attested by the MEA, it will be eligible for attestation by the concerned embassy.

Step 4: Embassy Attestation
After the verification and authentication by the different authorized departments according to the need of the document, it can be passed to the Embassy Attestation that will legalize the use of documents in the concerned country.

According to the origin and type of the educational document, the process may vary at some stages. For steering clear of any confusion, you should contact ND Universal. We will explain the process to you more thoroughly and ensure proper and accurate attestation of your document.

What Documents Will Be Required For A Degree Certificate Attestation?

Being a multi-step process, the degree attestation should be done carefully. The document must get verified by all the officials. The main documents that will be included are-

  • Few photocopies of your passport
  • Original Degree Certificate

You must always remember that attestation is done only on original documents.

How Much Time Is Required For The Completion Of The Process?

The time of the multiple-step process of attestation depends on the type of document to be attested. It also depends on the state of origin, and the county for which it needs to get attested.

All the departments work accordingly at their own pace, thus it is hard to deduce the exact time to be taken by them. The duration can be anything between 8-10 days, but this time frame can be stretched due to reasons uncalled for, by a few weeks to months.

To avoid any such trouble, one should contact ND Universal for attestation services. We are government-authorized attestation service providers with experience of more than eight years. We guarantee to get your degree certificate attested in just 7 days.

How Much Will Attestation Cost?

The cost of attestation will depend on the origin of the document and for what country it is being attested. There are other additional charges one has to bear while getting the document attested by themselves, like traveling costs for going from one place to another. All the departments are located in different places, thus making it hard for one to eradicate the travel cost.

One can avoid such unnecessary costs by hiring ND Universal, which provides the clients with free pick-up and drop-off services, in addition to a transparent service procedure with no extra charges than necessary.

Why Choose ND Universal?

There is a lot to keep in mind while getting a document attested. The whole process can be very confusing because it is a multi-layered process. Every document needs special attention while the process is going on for ensuring its safety, as well as for confirming that every step is taken care of effectively.

Attestation itself is a time-consuming process and no one can beat that, but to eliminate any unwanted delays, it is always recommended to take help from a service provider. Many agencies provide attestation services, but not all of them will be as efficient as ND Universal.

We, at ND Universal, will give you high-quality and end-to-end service right from picking up your documents to dropping them off with guaranteed attestation. Following are the highlights of our services:

  • Comfort: We will work for you, safely and soundly while you can sit at home and relax. Our motto is customer satisfaction and that can not be achieved if one is not comfortable with the service being provided. We have experience of eight years in the field of attestation.
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  • Service availability: Our services are available all over India. For any kind of attestation, ND Universal is the go-to agency. With precise techniques and safe methods, we will make sure your documents get all the right verification.
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Our methods involve the legal procedures that are put forward by the government. By hiring us, you will have a smooth and streamlined procedure of attestation. All you have to do is invest your time and energy in us and submit the required documents at our office. If you are not able to send us your documents, then our trusted agents will pick them up from your doorstep and we will provide a tracking number after submission of your documents through which you will be able to track their progress. In addition, regular information will be provided by email.