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A degree certificate is one of the most important personal documents that needs to be legalized. To prove your and your documents’ genuineness, the degree certificate must be verified, or in common terms, attested. It is mandatory to be obtained, especially for some international purposes

The attestation process helps in getting the approval from the home government to allow you to enter another country. The office of the government requires reassurance that your intention for travelling to the said country is valid and acquiring a visa will be helpful.

The certificate comprises generic data and credentials of the individual such as his/her name, the institution they studied in/graduated from, and the date/time of their graduation. It may also mention the marks or grades obtained by them.

The attestation of this certificate is a very crucial legalization step. You have to obtain an attestation stamp from the authority/department concerned. The whole process has to be carried out in India.

What is the purpose of Degree Attestation?

Attestation provides a legal acknowledgement necessary for the reliability of the document. The procedure provides a confirmation whether the document has truly been issued by the concerned institute or department or not. The documents required and the process involved varies between each case.

  • 1. The attestation of the graduate certificate or document is necessary for some immigration programs as well as to acquire a work visa for a foreign country.
  • 2. The degree’s authenticity also needs to be proved in order to pursue further studies abroad.
  • 3. The most common reason behind obtaining a degree attestation is seeking employment in a foreign country.

Why is it required?

Attestation services are the most suitable option for you to get all your educational documents attested. At ND Universal, the agency provides services like attestation of your certificates in India. We are a well-known firm, striving to provide customer-friendly services. Choosing us, you can rest assured that the services provided are all lawful and we will complete the procedure for you.

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Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure

Degree certificate attestation is not a one step process. There is a set procedure and formalities you have to fulfill before the final attestation. The documents required for the attestation of your degree certificates include:

1:Regional Level

  • The first stage for document verification is the Regional level. The authentication is done by the notary or the University that issued the documents. The commercial documents are the responsibility of the Chamber of commerce.

2:State Government

  • The certificates authentication is under three departments, the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). SDM is the authority on the state level.

3:MEA Stamp

  • It is the final authentication level from the home government. They affix a sticker or a stamp on the documents. It is the central department dealing with foreign matters of the country.

4:Embassy Attestation

  • embassy attestation is in the hands of the respective country officials of the documents. It is also the last stage for most nations in the certification procedure after the MEA seal.

5:After the attestation

  • After the attestation from the MEA, the final step in the process is the attestation from the relevant embassy i.e. getting the document verified by the officials from the country you are headed to

how to attest degree certificate?

Degree certificate attestation is not a one step process. There is a set procedure and formalities you have to fulfill before the final attestation. The documents required for the attestation of your degree certificates include:

  • Step 1Copy of passport
  • Step 2Original degree certificate

How much time is needed?

As mentioned above it is a multi-staged process concerning different departments of the government as well as the embassy. The duration of time it takes for the procedure to complete depends upon various factors including the country it is intended for, the state of origin and the type of document.

The normal processing time is between 8 and 10 days. However, since there are so many factors and procedures involved, the time required may stretch to a couple of weeks. For more complex cases, it may take well over a month’s time to complete the process.

What is the cost?

The fees involved with degree certificate attestation depend upon the state of origin and the destination country. The fee may also be affected by the level of urgency of the process. Moreover, the fee will be different for each case depending upon the additional requirements of the applicant, for example, the pickup and delivery service. Get in touch with us to find out the exact charges for your criteria.

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