Yemen Embassy Attestation

Attaining attestation stamp from Yemen embassy or consulate is a type of legal procedure that will render with the proof of the verification of the document. ND Universal provides Yemen Embassy attestation certification of documents that are essential to perform business in Yemen or obtain a visa for the same.

Yemen attestation is required in the case of export of goods from one country to another. Export goods could be pharmaceutical products, liquids, drugs or chemicals. In order to export these goods, manufacturers have to legalize the document from Yemen Embassy. ND Universal, Mumbai offer hassle free attestation services for the export documents.

In order to attest the documents, ND Universal require:

  • Draft Distribution agreement
  • GMP Certificate
  • Manufacturing License, and
  • Company's Site Master File.

The process for the attestation for Yemen Embassy includes attestation from Chamber of Commerce followed by the attestation from Health Department of the Country. The next step of attestation includes signature or stamp from Ministry of External Affairs then by Yemen Embassy Attestation.

The process for attestation to Export goods to Yemen includes attestation from various department of the country. The draft distribution agreement gets legalize firstly from Chamber of Commerce followed by MEA attestation and lastly from Yemen Embassy. GMP Certificates gets legalized from Ministry of health followed by the stamp by Yemen Embassy. Manufacturing license gets legalize from Ministry of Health followed by the stamp by Yemen Embassy. Company Site Master File requires stamp from the company and in this case no legalization is required.

ND Universal located in Mumbai offer services at affordable and competitive prices when it comes to attestation services. Our team of professionals are ready to assist you anytime related to the process. We maintain absolute transparency in process and procedure for attestation and ensure complete satisfaction to our clients. Our reliable and secure Blue Dart Courier Service ensures that your attested documents are safely transported from one place to another. We are the experts in the field and carry out the attestation process as per the exact requirements.

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