Certificate Apostille Services in Surat

Apostille Services in Surat

Apostille is the process to authenticate or certify the stamp and seal signatures on any document, and as a proof of Apostille, a sticker is applied to the documents by the concerned authority. When traveling to certain foreign countries, who are a member of the Hague Convention, one needs to avail of Apostille Services. These services are needed for all kinds of travel purposes to these countries, including employment, educational, short-term residency, tourism, or work travel.

Other reasons for which one might require Apostille services in Surat are marriage in that country, adopting a child from that country, claiming an inheritance, opening a bank account in that country, etc. Depending on the purpose of travel to any Hague convention country, one needs to get their educational, commercial, or non-educational documents Apostille.

The entire Apostille process is complicated and lengthy and involves each document going through many verification procedures. Any small mistake or negligence involving the legal authenticity of documents can result in rejection and cancelling of the travel plan to that country. The entire process takes 3 to 4 weeks as it is performed by the Central Government. The person applying for Apostille doesn’t need to be personally doing it. So it’s best to avail Apostille services in Surat by a professional service provider to avoid money and time loss.

ND Universal has a team of agents who provide Apostille services in Surat. People looking for assistance in Apostille stickers for any international travel purpose to Hague convention countries can choose them for speedy and accurate service. ND Universal offers a wide range of services, which include collecting and delivering documents from the applicant, getting them verified, and getting the Apostille stamp on them from the MEA.

Types of Documents that require Apostille:

The documents that require an Apostille stamp for travel to any country in the Hague convention are categorized as:

1). Personal Documents

For various travel purposes such as marriage in that country, family occasion, or vacation, the apostille services need to be obtained for the personal documents. The procedure of Apostille for Personal documents includes attestations from Notary, Home Department or SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India.

The list of personal documents are :

Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate
Single Status Certificate Registration Certificate
Potdce Clearance Certificate Leaving Certificate
Medical Certificate Bona-Fide Certificate
Power of Attorney Certificate

2). Educational Documents

Any person needs their educational documents Apostille for various travel purposes such as Employment Visa, employment, or higher studies. The procedure of Apostille for Educational documents includes verification from respective University and attestations from the Home Department, HRD or GAD and Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India.

The list of educational documents is:

Degree Certificate PG Degree certificate
Diploma certificate BE Certificate
Mark sheets Nursing Certificate
Dentists Certificate MS Certificate
SSC Certificate MD Certificate
HSC Certificate etc.

3). Commercial Documents

Any person needs their commercial documents Apostille for various travel purposes such as starting a new company, Import/Export, any agreement, etc. The procedure of Apostille for commercial documents includes attestations from Notary, respective Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India.

The list of commercial documents is:

Certificate of Origin Export Invoice
Certificate of origin Power Of Attorney
Agreement Memorandum of Association
Board Resolution Article of Association
GMP Certificate Physical Analysis Report
Manufacturing tdcense Packaging list
Health Certificate Shareholder Certificate, etc

Why Choose ND Universal?

With the help of apostille service experts such as ND Universal, you are ensured to get the entire process done without any hassle. The experts at ND Universal are at your service round the clock for clarification of any doubt or any help required.

ND Universal is a trusted, and well-known organization for Apostille services in Surat. Here are the key reasons why you can bank on the ND Universal team to get your documents apostille.

  • Quick, and reliable embassy attestation services by a well-groomed professional team
  • Round-the-clock services for clients from various geographies
  • High-quality attestation services
  • Free Pick-up and drop facility for documents
  • Optimum security is ensured for the client’s original documents

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