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Attestation Services provider in Kolkata

As you are planning to go abroad, you may have many more works to attend. The attestation services in Kolkata are many. You can approach one such reliable attestation providing services company to get your attestation.

The attestation services providing companies follow the standard procedure and ensure you receive proper attestations on your documents.

Traveling to another country insists you apply for visa, and a visa is issued only after the document’s verification is done by officials. Thus, there is a need for attestation. The attestation on the document gives the proof that you are genuine.


Attestation services of the documents are the facilities given by reliable attestation providing agency like ND Universal. They help the people in Kolkata in reaching the government authorities and in receiving the legalization of the documents. The service providing agency ND Universal ensure a convenient course of action such that the authentication requirement is handy and acute. We offer easy to approach ways with the government authorities and get your document legalization done without hurdles. We reaches the government authorities and obtains the certification of documents even on urgent notice.

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Why do we need Document Attestation?

The main reason to get the document attestation is procuring legalization. It offers confidence among the individuals and the officials. The need for attestation of the documents is mandatory if you wish to avail of a student, residence, or employment visa. It is also a requisite if you are extending your business to a foreign country. The document legalization is an obligation offered by the document attestation services providing company.

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How to obtain Certificate Attestation in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, there is certificate attestation providing service providers. They are reliable and offer trustworthy services so that they handle this time-taking job in lesser time. The agencies know about the certificate verification process and provide efficient authentication services on the documents. They offer fast and convenient authentication services that you can receive attestation on documents and their verification without any delay. The certificate attestation services in Kolkata include attestation from MEA, Embassy, SDM, HRD, Notary, Apostille, Home Department, and GAD. Handing the document attestation to a professional service providing company ensures the ease of receiving the documents with complete attestation by higher authorities.

What are the categories of Document attestation?

3 document types require authentication. They are personal, educational, and commercial documents. Hiring attestation experienced professionals is helpful as they are up dated and are aware of the document attestation services. They provide legalization on the essential personal documents that include birth certificate, PCC, or marriage certificate. The educational documents include the degree certificate, mark-sheets, and school leaving certificate, or commercial documents such as the board resolution, Incorporation certificate, and memorandum of association.

What is the Process?

The certificate authentication process from Embassy or MEA is indirect. You have to go through various legalization steps. It also involves local officials, the central government, and the state government official’s verification in the process. It depends on the certificate type, from whom you need attestation. However, selecting professional services ensures you need not worry as the professional service providers work on your document certification from the day you submit your documents in Kolkata.

The procedure is as follow:

  • Notary attestation – Home Department/SDM Attestation – MEA Stamp – Embassy Attestation.

How much time is required to get Document Attestation in Kolkata?

There is a list of documents that requires a legalization. Thus, the time requirement also relies on several factors. It relies on the organization you require from or the document types. Commonly, getting the document legalization takes 2 weeks to a month, though there is an influence on other aspects.

What will be the expense?

The price for attestation varies with each service. It relies on the extremity, from the place of delivery of the documents, and the urgency. The fee is as per the need, and for additional facilities such as documentation for legalization services offering pick-up and drop. These services are given by the agency, as an additional convenience, and the charges vary. But Contacting ND Universal where you get fastest service with free document pickup and delivery, We provide Attestation service in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, and Mumbai

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