Power of Attorney Attestation in India

A Power Of Attorney is a commercial document that requires attestation. The Power Of Attorney authentication is important as it proves you and your document is genuine. The attestation procedure is through the Home government offering the grant to enter the foreign country. The government concerned office requires approval stating you are an honest person, beneficial to their country. Only then, you can get the visa and it requires providing the attested documents. The legalization is dreary and broad and insisting the attestation of documents is a must. You can also get attestation services from ND Universal.

What is Power Of Attorney Attestation?

Power Of Attorney attestation is one an important processes of legalization , where an attestation stamp is acquired from the concerned authority. It is to be done from the certificate issued country i.e. India. Power of Attorney (POA) enables a person to allot an individual or an organization to handle the affairs in your absence, when you are unable to do so. The authentication of this document is functional, if the concerned person has assets abroad. They can do any changes if required by the assigned person. The documents give evidence of being reliable and authorized to perform by the government of India. The commercial certificate attestation is a need for international business and businessmen looking for best Power Of Attorney services will find ND Universal the right attestation service provider who is an expert to complete the formalities of Power Of Attorney Attestation.

How to get Power Of Attorney attested in India?

Attestation services are about getting a suitable attestation on the commercial documents. Attestation agents such as ND Universal offer legal services. They have experience in this area and also are licensed to receive notification about any law changes in any country. This keeps them updated about all the details and so they render services prioritizing the comfort and convenience of their customers.

What is the process?

Commercial documents attestation is not a direct process. It is a must to go through various steps before final attestation. It begins with notary attestation and finishes with consulate/embassy attestation. The attestation procedure in India is:

  • Chamber Of Commerce Attestation - Chamber of Commerce is the local businessmen organization and verification is the first step for the legalization of commercial document. The commercial documents offer the evidence of your business that it is genuine and helps in proceeding.
  • MEA Stamp - The MEA stamp is the authentication last level. It is from the home government that fixes its stamp on the document. It is the central department managing the foreign affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation - The officials perform the attestation on the documents. They are the respective country officials doing the attestation and verification of the documents. It is the final step after the MEA stamp and also the last step for most nations in this procedure of attestation.

How long does it take?

The time taken to get the Power Of Attorney attestation is not more than a week to 10 days. It stretches to a few weeks to a month at times, when there is a need to get more details into the attestation procedure.

How much does it cost to get a Power Of Attorney Attestation?

Power Of Attorney attestation fees is not the same for each state and country. It gets affected by the urgency, also from the issued state that gives the documents. The attestation may increase with price as it includes services such as pick and drop service.

Why choose ND Universal?

ND Universal is functioning for many years and has earned a name and recognition in India for offering the best apostille attestation services. ND Universal has its branches in most cities in India and they are continuously helping the citizens to go abroad by helping in their attestation procedures.

The confidence on ND Universal is because they offer the services and customer support 24 x 7. They also respond to queries and do not hesitate to explain the entire procedure. They also support their customers offering a customer-friendly approach.

The services of pickup of original documents and drop of the documents with attestation is highly appreciable. Most people are full of work to complete before they leave India and this makes them want to complete many works. Handing over the attestation work to ND Universal leaves them more time to complete other pending works.

ND Universal has the in-depth knowledge about this procedure and so they do not take any chances. They take all the essential documents and submit as required that there is no delay or rejection. The process is smooth and everything is in order facilitating the customers to get the attestation with perfection.