Power of Attorney Attestation (Full Information)

The Power of Attorney (POA) is a commercial document and its attestation is very important. To prove the legitimacy of the Power Of Attorney the process of attestation is mandatory to be carried out.

Just like the attestation of any other document, attestation of POA by the central government plays a major role in granting permission to enter another country.

Attestation of POA will help you in proving that you are an individual with no wrong intentions for the country. Without the attestation of required documents, no one can legally enter another country. Thus, it is very important to get the attestation of every required document done by the respective government departments.

Power of Attorney Attestation

The most crucial reason to get the document attested is for acquiring a business visa. All the commercial documents must mandatorily be attested by the relevant government authorities so that one can use those documents legally in another country.

What Is the Power Of Attorney Attestation?

Power of Attorney is a document that allows an individual or an organization to manage the resources or make decisions on behalf of the original authority. it is mandatory for an individual especially when their asset is in a foreign country. This attestation will allow the person in charge to make crucial decisions on the behalf of the owner.

  • Attestation of the POA will determine the authenticity of an individual. It will validate the honesty they carry with themselves, thus giving the guarantee that the individual can be trusted with the power being given to them.
  • Power of Attorney attestation is a very crucial process of verification especially when someone needs it to establish an international business in a foreign land.
  • The authentication of documents should be done by the legal procedure set up by the government itself. None of the stages in the process should be missed; otherwise, it can lead to many complications in the future.
  • To prove the legitimacy of your intentions and your documents, you should get them attested by the required departments of the government.
  • Attestation of Power of Attorney is important for any business-related activity that is taking place anywhere apart from the origin country.

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How To Get Power of Attorney Attested In India?

No document can get attestation directly from the embassy. It has to prove its authenticity from where it belongs. A document must go through verification and re-verification at the regional and state-level departments respectively, for further attestation by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).

In India, the process takes place in three major steps and none of them can be omitted. It includes departments at all levels. For attestation of commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce plays a very vital role.

Step 1: Chamber of Commerce

All the commercial or business-related documents will get verified from The Chamber Of Commerce, which is an association, organization, or network of businesspeople that plays a major role in protecting and promoting the interest and the business or companies respectively.

Step 2: MEA Stamp

After getting the POA verified by the Chamber of Commerce, the document can be passed to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). The MEA provides the document with a valid stamp. Application of this stamp from the MEA, that is a central government association that is in charge of every foreign affair, will state the legitimacy of your document and hence it can be passed to the concerned Embassy for further attestation.

Step 3: Embassy Attestation

The concerned Embassy will attest to the POA after re-checking the verification and the stamp by the MEA. The POA will be ready to use in a foreign country after the attestation is provided by the embassy.

Documents required for the process- In the case of Indian passport holders, these documents are necessary for the attestation of Power of Attorney-

  1. Original Power of Attorney with Local Notary.
  2. Valid passport with self-attested copies of first two and last pages
  3. Another Identity proof (if needed).
  4. A list of business partner's names.

Getting the Power of Attorney Attested by oneself can be very uneventful, tiring, and above all, it costs a lot of energy as well as money. Attestation services are available for the comfort of individuals; you can get the document attested without moving from your home. ND Universal's only aim is to provide high-quality service which will not trouble the client in any manner.

What Is the Time Required?

The time frame needed for getting the attestation of Power of Attorney depends on various factors, like the country for which it needs to get attested and the state from which the verification will be done. The Power of Attorney attestation process can take 10 days to complete on average,

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How Much Does It Cost?

The cost forPower of Attorney attestation varies for every state and country:

  • In general, the costing is based on the extremity of the requirement and from the place the document was issued from.
  • The cost for the attestation can be low to very high depending on the urgency of need and extra services you may want.
  • The costing will also be affected by the money that you will be paying for traveling from one office to another. All the departments are located at different places all over the country; it is hardly possible that you will be able to cover the traveling part at a lesser cost in any certain or uncertain way.

That is why it is recommended to take help from a professional and authorized attestation service provider. With ND Universal's services, you will not only save your money but also keep yourself from this exhausting and gruesome process.

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