Most Swift Birth Certificate Attestation Procedure in India

Birth certificate attestation falls in the non-academic category of document attestation. The attestation has various purposes but the most significant one is international dealings such as immigration, family visa ,work permits and study visas. The country you intend to travel to will require a proof of your place of origin and that is provided in the shape of birth certificate.

it is an official document. It includes details such as your place of birth, date of birth, gender, your name and the name of your parents etc. The certificate is issued at the time of birth. It is a personal document of significant importance. For example, it is needed when applying for admission to foreign educational institute

In order for the document to be acceptable for immigration and visa processing purposes, the document needs to be attested. Attestation refers to the witnessing of the certificate by an authorized person from a relevant government department or authority. The birth certificate Attestation is usually done through a seal and signature of the concerned department or its officials

This attestation is necessary to prove the genuineness of the document that the certificate has been issued by legal issuing authority, i.e. the government. It is proof that the document is not forged or fake. Attestation is also a testament to the truthfulness of the details mentioned on the certificate.

The Procedure For Birth Certificate Attestation In India

The attestation In India can be carried from the country of origin i.e. the country where the certificate was issued. In case of a birth certificate in India, it needs to be attested from the relevant Home department, the Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy of the country where the application for visa has been submitted

The Certificate In India first needs to be verified from the state government of the area an individual is born in. The MEA and Embassy follow later on. The documents required for the attestation procedure are the original certificate and a copy of the individual’s passport.

What is the purpose?

The main purpose of a Birth Certificate Attestation In India is to serve as a proof of an individual’s age and place of origin/birth for immigration or visa application processing.

The attestation of the birth certificate is mandatory to obtain a family visa or if the parents need to take a child to another country. To prove the authenticity of the certificate, it needs to be sealed and signed by the relevant legal authority.

What this means is that the birth certificate needs to be verified or attested by the country it was issued in. It is a requirement when submitting an application for admission to a foreign school and has an equally important role in other international dealings by the individual

How to get it done in india?

The certificate is the most basic proof of an individual’s essential identification details and parentage so the attestation needs to be carried to prove and preserve its authenticity. The certificate is one of the most important identification documents. Hence, the Home government necessitates its attestation. It grants the permission in the form of a sign or a stamp to allow the person to enter a foreign country.

How to get a birth certificate attested?

The purpose of an attestation is to facilitate the suitable attestation of an individual’s personal documents. There are a number of attestation services and agents in various cities providing services for attestation of certificates. If you do not have any prior knowledge about the process you need to follow, it is better that you consult ND Universal for this services.

We are specialize in the attestation of certificates. We are helpful in pointing you to the right direction or if you ask for it, we will get the whole process done on your behalf. These services are completely legal so you can rest assured about the authenticity of the whole attestation process. We will charge you a fee in exchange for their services.

Opting for an attestation agency is a really good option. Getting the attestation yourself and navigating through the different departments concerned can be a hassle. We will save your time and effort. You are, therefore, better off availing their services to save yourself the trouble. You may not even have to set foot out of your home. We also provide pickup and delivery service.

The attestation of the birth certificate is not a straightforward process. There are a few steps involved in order to get to the final attestation. The process starts with getting an attestation from the notary. The step-by-step process is highlighted below:


  • Getting a notary attestation from the local notary, usually in the form of a stamp and a sign. This is the first step in the process and the most basic requirement for the attestation of all certificates, academic and personal.


  • The next step involves getting the attestation of personal documents from the Home department of the state you belong to. These include the birth, death and marriage certificates. The authority provides attestation about the legality and genuineness of these personal documents


  • • For educational documents, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate attestation is autonomous and works individually. That means that attestation from the SDM is needed for educational documents.


  • The last step to finalize the legality of the document is the stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs. It signifies the home government providing the authentication on the documents. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the central government department responsible for the country’s foreign affairs and policy.

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How much time will it take ?

The time needed to get the birth certificate attested and verified from depends on a lot of factors. This is understandable keeping in mind the number of individuals and personnel involved in the whole process. A delay at even one of these stages will delay the whole process as they depend on each other.

On average, the whole process takes between 5 and 8 Working days to complete. However, depending on the nature of the case, the duration of time may extend to a few weeks or more than a month.


The fees involved in the attestation of the birth certificate vary from state to state. For some places, the fees are understandable but for others they are exorbitant. The fees may also change depending upon the nature of service you are interested in. For instance, if you choose to get your documents picked up and dropped off at your doorstep, the charges will of course be high.

The fees for the birth attestation changes with each state and country. The attestation cost may be high or reasonable. It can change relying on the add-ons such as document attestation pick and drop at your home service.

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