Birth Certificate Attestation in India

Birth Certificate attestation is an attestation type falling under non-education certificate attestation. This attestation type is of use even for the international dealings. An official document is the birth certificate as it has the birth date and the birthplace mentioned in the birth certificate. It also gives the details of parents. It is a certificate proving an individual's birth. It is an important personal document. It is useful to get admission for a child in any overseas school.

This gives proof that the birth certificate is genuine and real. It shows the contents of the certificate are true. It is essential for the school's admission abroad.

Birth certificate attestation procedure

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

The birth certificate attestation procedure requires verification is first done in the respective state where the individual is born. The next step is the MEA attestation. Later the embassy follows where an individual wish to apply.



  • As age proof
  • To know migration, etc.

Attestation of birth certificate is compulsory to avail family visa or when a child is taken to a foreign country with parents. The certificate should be sealed and signed by the legal authority as evidence of its genuineness.

This means attesting the birth certificates, and it is done in the country issued. It is required when children seek admission to education in schools overseas.

It is a must to change an individual's name and for schooling. It is an important document for any person. Birth certificate attestation has an equal role in any international dealings. It is the only legal proof showing the existence of an individual, so attesting is mandatory proving the immigrant's identity. This proves the birth of an individual and its trustworthiness.

It is an important personal document requiring attestation. It is essential, and the process is a must, says the Home government. Receiving grant or permission in the form of the sign or seal allows a person to enter a foreign nation.

How to get a Birth Certificate attested?

The attestation services are about getting suitable attestation on the personal documents. There are attestation agents offering services such as attestation of the certificates. These services are notable, and they have a staff to give you the right direction and also to do it on your behalf. Thus, they can save time and trouble. The services provided by the agencies are legal, and they handle the entire process for you by charging service charges. It is useful to opt for these services and get the attestation without any trouble. The agency services also include delivering and pick up the attestation documents.

The personal documents attestation is not a direct process. There are a few steps to go through to ensure the final attestation. o begin with, it starts with receiving attestation from the notary. The detailed procedure is:

  • Notary attestation receiving from the local notary. It is a stamp and a signature. It is the first step and the basic necessity of education and personal documents as attestation.
  • The next is the State home department that does the verification of your personal documents. Birth, death, and marriage certificates. These personal documents receive authority's attestation as legal.
  • The SDM attestation is on the educational documents. It is autonomous and works individually.
  • A stamp from the MEA is the last step of legalization. It is the home government giving the attestation on the documents. It is the central organization dealing with country foreign affairs.
  • Embassy attestation is the final step by the respective country officials and this is the step after the MEA stamping and signing of documents.
sample of document attestation
sample of document attestation
sample of attestation
sample of document attestation

Sample copies

What is the process for a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

The birth certificate legalization is not a one-step procedure. It is a step by step attestation procedure that completes with the final attestation received by UAE embassy. The procedure is as follows:

  • Notary Attestation - The notary is the first course of action in this procedure. The local notary offers a stamp and a signature on the document as attestation. The notary fulfills the requirement of legislature relates to the process of certification. The notary attestation is a must for educational and personal documents, as the first step.
  • Home Department Attestation - The personal documents certification is performed by the SHD, the State Home Department. The verification of the personal document includes death certificate, marriage certificate, and the birth certificate. The attestation on the personal documents is done explicitly by the Home Department and the appointed officials permit attesting documents. This is the personal documents legalization second step.
  • SDM Attestation – It is an alternative for the Home Department and is useful in rare situations. Some authorities need HRD attestation on the educational documents and as Sub-Divisional Magistrate operates distinctly form the main state government, it gives the authority.
  • MEA Stamp - The Ministry of External Affairs is the MEA. It is the authentication last level that offers the MEA stamp on the document. It is the home government and the central department operating the external affairs in the country.
  • Embassy Attestation - The personnel carry out the certification of the documents of the respective country. It is after the MEA stamp and seal. It is the last verification step for most nations.


The duration relies on various reasons. It takes around 8 to 15 days to complete. The time extension may take a few weeks or a month.

The fees for the birth certificate attestation changes with each state and country. The attestation cost may be high or reasonable. It can change relying on the add-ons such as document attestation pick and drop at your home service.

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