Birth Certificate Attestation Service

Trying to hire a professional agency to help you get your birth certificate attested by an embassy of the GCC countries? Are you looking for a reliable, experienced agency offering birth certificate attestation services for UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia?

If you are, welcome to ND Universal one of the most experienced and professional agencies in India, offering birth certificate embassy attestation services.

For over a decade, we have delivered top-notch and professional offering birth certificate attestation services for UAE and other GCC countries, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, as per the immigration goals of the customers.

Birth Certificate Attestation

What is birth certificate attestation?

When you move to a gulf country for a job, business, or permanent residency, you need to get your personal documents attested. The embassy of the corresponding country has to attest the document and make it valid for legal use in their country.

As the birth certificate is an important personal document, you need to hire birth certificate attestation services from an agency to help you get your certificate attested. The agency will take care of the process by submitting the birth certificate to the required departments.

After the concerned departments verify the document, the embassy of the corresponding country will attest to the birth certificate. Having helped hundreds of customers with our bespoke birth certificate attestation services for UAE and all other GCC countries, we can help you in no time, as well.

Why is the purpose of birth certificate attestation?

When going abroad for any purpose, you may be required to get birth certificate attested for the following purposes:

  • 1. Family visa application
  • 2. Residency visa application
  • 3. Secure admission for your children

What is the process of birth certificate attestation?

Whether you are going to the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia for any purpose, you must have a birth certificate attested by that particular country's embassy. The process is lengthy, and according to the country, it may change.

However, the standard process is given below:

  • In the first stage, the birth certificate is verified by a local notary office from the place where the document was issued in the first place.
  • In this stage, the notary-verified birth certificate is passed to the Home Department for verification at the state level.
  • . In the third stage, verification at the national level takes place. The Ministry of External Affairs of India verifies the birth certificate for its legitimacy by stamping it after the verification.
  • This is the fourth and final stage of the process, where the concerned country's embassy attests to the document and declares it valid for legal use in that country.
Process of Birth Certificate Attestation

When looking to work with an agency offering birth certificate attestation services, you must remember that the process can change based on the individual country.

Do I have to wait for a long time for birth certificate attestation?

At ND Universal, we have a standard processing time to complete the birth certificate attestation from any embassy. However, depending on the country where you are going and its embassy requirements, the time taken can change.

In any case, our process and networking capabilities allow us to complete the process in 8 business days.

Also, remember that it can delay due to circumstances beyond our control.

What If Your Documents Are Laminated?

If the documents are laminated then do not try to rip off the lamentation by yourself as this will destroy the document. Submit the documents as they are to ND Universal, our professionals will safely remove the lamination from the documents and an Apostille sticker will be provided by the end of the procedure. It is important to take off the lamination because with the lamination being on, the documents will not get verified.

What is the cost of birth certificate attestation services for UAE and gulf countries?

Wondering about the cost of birth certificate attestation services? If you are worried about it, let us assure you that you do not have to. At ND Universal, we take care of our customers by providing them with top-notch services at economical rates.

The charges for birth certificate attestation services for UAE and other countries are fixed by the embassy of the country where you want to go.

Therefore, the embassy attestation charges differ from country to country. You must consider this factor when hiring an agency to help you.

ND Universal has been offering the most affordable and value-adding birth certificate attestation services for UAE and all other GCC countries for over 12 years.

If you wish to discuss the processing fee, call us or send a mail.

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