Birth Certificate Attestation in India

The birth certificate comes under the category of personal documents and it is very necessary to authenticate it. Attestation of a document makes it eligible to act as a reliable source of your identity and personal information. This process of legalization is important when you wish to travel to any foreign land since attestation is the only way to obtain a visa.

Attested documents play an important role in proving your identity in a foreign land. Only attested documents are allowed to be used in a foreign country. It is illegal to use any non-attested document for personal benefits and one can face legal charges if they do so.

A birth certificate states an individual's nationality, origin, name, date, and time of birth. This information is very significant in any country, hence it is important to get a birth certificate attested properly.

Document Attestation is a tiresome process, thus it is recommended to hire an authorized attestation service provider who would help you in getting a proper and legal attestation in the least possible time.

What Is A Birth Certificate Attestation?

It is a mandatory process to be done if any individual wants to travel internationally. A birth certificate has all the information related to your birth like the place of birth, time of birth, your name, and the assigned gender. All of this information will be valid in any foreign country only after your birth certificate will be attested by the official government authorities and the embassy of that country.

  • A birth certificate is issued by the government after the birth. It is necessary to have a birth certificate to get admission to schools, colleges, or universities as it is proof of your identity and background.
  • Attestation in itself is a very significant process that plays a crucial role in proving the main motive of your visit or stay in a country. For obtaining a different kind of visa, it is important to have the required certificates attested.
  • Birth certificate attestation will help individuals to prove the credentials owned by them, attestation will also make the use of the same information in that particular country valid. Foreign officials need to know from which country you belong in case of uncalled emergencies.

How To Get A Birth Certificate Attested?

Attestation of birth certificates involves various stages that have to be followed without leaving out any of the steps. The procedure involves more than one step and hence no document can get attested directly from the embassy of the concerned country. The document must have verification from all the required departments.

An individual can get a birth certificate attested by them but the process is very sensitive and lengthy, and one has to make sure that no error is made. So, to avoid any hassle, you can hire an authentic attestation service provider like ND Universal.

We have experience of more than eight years in the field of attestation with the only aim to provide clients with the service they deserve. Our professional staff will take care of your documents and their attestation, and will make the process streamlined for you.

Purpose of Getting Certificate Attestation

There are many reasons for getting a birth certificate attested. It can be personal or professional. One might desire to get a quality education away from the home country, or establish a business, land a better job for professional growth, or relocate to some other country for a better and sound life or Family Visa.

For any of these purposes, an individual will require a study visa, work visa, residential visa, or permission to start a business. Without an attested document, no visa will be approved. Hence, it is really important to get the birth certificate attested because it will prove the integrity of your personal information and identity, thus granting you a chance of acquiring a visa.

How to Get The Attestation Done In India?

Birth certificate attestation involves a process that includes different departments at the home government level before getting the attestation by the embassy. The certificate will have to go from regional to national level verification before being passed on to the embassy for final attestation. As this is a personal document, the Home Department will play a major role in the state-level verification.

The Procedure of Getting a Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth certificate attestation will involve many levels of verification and authentication. Attestation has never been a direct and easy procedure to be done; hence taking help from ND Universal will benefit an individual in terms of saving time and avoiding any confusion that might arise.

The process has four major steps-

Step 1: Notary
In this step, the certificate will go through verification by the local notary. This will be the same notary from where the document was issued initially.

Step 2: State Level
After the verification from the notary, the certificate will be passed for state-level verification. For a Birth Certificate, the Home Department will be responsible for the authentication of the certificate as it is a personal document.

Step 3: MEA
After the authentication by the Home Department, the MEA ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs), India, will take charge of providing the document legitimacy by applying a stamp or sign at the backside of the original document.

Step 4: Embassy
After all the verification and authentication by the central government, the certificate will be passed to the concerned country's embassy for the final station. This step will be performed after the document gets its verification from the central government. This step will help in proving the credibility of the information the document contains.

This procedure causes a lot of mental strain as it is a time-consuming process that drains a person physically and mentally. All the departments work at their pace and it gets very hard to wait while not being able to do anything. This process is very tactful as well; there is no room for even a minor mistake as it can cause a lot of complications in the future as the visa application might get canceled without proper attestation of required documents.

Thus, it is always recommended to hire a service provider who will give you a smooth attestation experience. At ND Universal, we will help you get your certificate attestation as simply as possible.

Time Taken In the Process

Time consumed by the attestation process depends on the type of documents. All the departments involved in the process work at their own pace, thus the exact time period of attestation cannot be estimated.

You can reduce the time taken in attestation of a birth certificate by hiring ND Universal for this service. We provide a fast and high-quality attestation service in 8 Working Days.

How Much Money Will It Cost?

The charges of official attestation will vary. It will depend on the origin country of the document and also the nation for which it has to be attested. Every document has a special set of attestation rules and they have to be verified by different departments accordingly. Thus, the exact cost of attestation cannot be reckoned. This cost might include the travel costs as well.

The fee of attestation varies from place to place, but the cost can be reduced if you take the help of ND Universal as we charge fair prices for all levels of attestation. We will also provide free pick-up and drop-off services.

Why Choose ND Universal?

You might be wondering why you must pay at all when you can yourself get the certificate attested without the help of any service provider. But you should know that with every office and department being located in different regions and fuel prices on the rise, the traveling cost you will have to pay will be far more than what we will charge for our safe service.

Misplacing a document or missing out on a particular department's verification can cause a lot of trouble. This process may leave you unduly stressed and exhausted if not assisted by an authorized service-providing agency. Thus, it is always suggested to get the attestation process done by professionals who will carefully do their job with zero errors.

We, at ND Universal, will make sure that your birth certificate attestation is error-free and that you do not have to face any difficulty during the process or after it. We are a team of professionals experienced in the field of certificate attestation, and we will provide you with the best possible service.

Here are some of the specialties of our services-

  • Fast and reliable service
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  • Regular updates about your certificate
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