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Birth Certificate Attestation

If you plan to apply for a visa or migrate to any other country, the first and foremost thing that you must do is get your birth certificate attested. The process of birth certificate attestation is not only important for adults but their children as well. If you have plans to go abroad and take your children with you, it’s equally important to have their birth certificates attested as well. In many countries, birth certificate attestation is a necessary process for making a social security card, being admitted in colleges and schools, for identification purposes, etc.

What is the Attestation of Birth Certificates?

The process of birth certificate attestation is when your birth certificate is witnessed by authorized officials/person/departments after which they put their official signature and seal on it. This process confirms the fact that the particular birth certificate had been created by the mentioned department and its authenticity is guaranteed by both the seal and the stamp.

Why is the Attestation of Birth Certificates Required?

If your children are planning to pursue their higher education from a foreign college or university, you will need to get a birth certificate attestation. In many foreign countries, it is also required for migration or employment purposes. This is the most important document required to verify your age and origin according to the place where it has been issued.

The process of birth certificate attestation is of prime importance in every field. It is the first step that you must clear to get your dependent visa from the particular destination embassy. This may be a long process, but it improves the noticeability of your certificate in that specific nation.

The birth certificate attestation also helps the minors or children of an individual who is already a permanent citizen or resident in a foreign country. It facilitates the process of job application and other employment needs. In some countries, you cannot even apply for colleges or jobs if your birth certificate is not attested properly.

What Are the Documents Required for Attestation of Birth Certificates?

The following documents are required for the attestation of Birth Certificates:

  • The Original Birth Certificate
  • One copy of your Passport
  • One copy of your Visa
  • 2 Photographs of the person to whom the certificate belongs
  • One Authorization letter from a government official.

Process of the Birth Certificate Attestation

The process of birth certificate attestation is very long. It involves -

  1. Notary Attestation: This is the first process of attestation. You need to get your documents signed and sealed by a local notary.
  2. Home Department Attestation: All your details are then sent to the State Home Department who confirms the authenticity of those documents.
  3. SDM Attestation: The sub-divisional magistrate signs and seals the documents sent by the State Home Department.
  4. The MEA stamp: The Ministry of External Affairs puts their stamp on the documents. It is the final level of legalization.
  5. Embassy Attestation: Then the documents are sent to the embassy who verify and attest it. The payment can be made after the delivery of your document: You don't have to pay anything before the process. But once you get your attested copy, you have to pay a certain amount of money.
  6. Checking Status of your Document: You can check thestatus of your submitted documents as and when required.
  7. Free Collection and Delivery Services: Usually, after the process of attestation is done, the official documents will be collected and delivered to you, free of cost.
  8. Insured Documents: All the documents provided will be insured to guarantee their safety.

The entire process of attestation might be a long one, but if you want to enjoy a carefree stay abroad, then you need to get your birth certificates attested.

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