Certificate Attestation for UAE (Sharjah,Dubai) in Thane

Importance of Attestation of Documents in Thane for the UAE Embassy:

The process of authentication, which includes a long process of authenticating and certifying documents for legal use in other countries, is a long and tedious process. The rapidly growing UAE economy is increasing the number of educational and employment opportunities day by day.

To establish oneself in the UAE, document verification is a major criterion. External service providers such as ND Universal help individuals and organizations with the process of attestation of documents. They help individuals pursue their lifelong dreams through simplified document attestation and verification processes at quite affordable charges.

The Process of Attestation of Documents in Thane for the UAE Embassy

When you go for the UAE Embassy attestation in Thane, authentication and verification of documents on your own is quite time-consuming and demands a lot of effort and traveling around from place to place.

To free yourself from this tiresome procedure of running around and visiting government offices and the UAE embassy in Thane, external service providers take up all the responsibilities of handling your documents without any errors. The embassy website has a detailed list of the specific documents that are required for educational, employment or marriage purposes.

These documents need to be attested and verified first in the country of origin before they are submitted to the UAE embassy.

The required documents for the purpose of concern can be couriered to the external service providers in Thane. The service providers will then ensure that all the certificates and documents are sent to and attested by the following authorities:

  • Notary in Thane
  • Home Department (where the authenticity of the documents is verified)
  • HRD of the state of Maharashtra
  • Ministry of External Affairs of India
  • UAE Embassy

Although one can do all this work on their own as it’s in the same city as well as in the same state, it’s recommended to let the work be done by professionals. This approach makes the process of certificate attestation for UAE in Thane much easier, faster, and streamlined. It also reduces the chance of any mistakes happening or any loss of documents during the ongoing process.

It’s very important to get the right documents in order to get visas for educational and employment opportunities in a foreign country, and the whole process of verification can take up to two to six weeks.

Some of the essential documents and certificates required for authentication, verification, and attestation are:

  • School certificates
  • College/University certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Proof of Identity
  • Financial statements for businesses
  • Business Licenses

The verification of documents ensures the credibility of the applicant as well as the safety of the citizens of the UAE. Besides, it also helps the applicant to get jobs, open a bank account and even rent apartments easily in a foreign country.

Why Choose ND Universal?

ND Universal is a trusted, and well-known provider for the UAE Embassy Attestation in Mumbai and Thane. Here are the key reasons why you should connect with the ND Universal team to get your documents attested for the UAE Embassy.

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