UAE Embassy Attestation in Thane

Millions of people migrate from one country to another every year. For the last few years, the United Arab Emirates Embassy has become more lenient, allowing people to migrate to and from the country. A lot of people from India migrate to UAE either in search of a job, for pursuing higher studies, for better academic or sports opportunities, or to reside there with their family, kids or partners. To obtain a visa for the UAE, it is mandatory to get your documents and certificates attested.

Purpose of UAE Attestation in Thane

The UAE Embassy attestation or certificate attestation is a security process of verifying one's documents by authenticating them with the official stamp and signature of the issuing authority. It is a mandatory process for obtaining a visa for a foreign country. This legalization process helps the government or other official authorities of the foreign country verify the genuineness of the document. Your document will not be considered legally valid abroad if they are not attested. Document attestation helps an individual avoid any kind of obstructions after migrating to a foreign country by proving the originality and legitimacy of their documents.

The first procedure for the UAE Embassy Attestation services will start from the regional level, where the documents will be authenticated by a local Notary Department first. After that, one has to get their certificates attested at the state level, where the documents get attested based on their types. Personal documents get attested either from the Home department or from the Sud-Division Magistrate. In contrast, educational documents get authenticated from the HRD or GAD department, and the commercial documents get attested from the chamber of commerce. After signing from this department, it goes straight off to the central government for issuing the MEA stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs. The Last and most important step is to get your certificates attested from the UAE Embassy within your home country.

Who And Why Must Apply For This?

Attestation of your documents is necessary if you are planning to relocate to another country. Without saying, it's like a certificate of trust for the government given by the visitor. One can not obtain a visa without getting their certificates attested from the issuing authorities. People get their certificates for several reasons; the reasons for this application can be divided into two main categories: educational and non-educational.

Educational Reasons

  • For those who love to study abroad, and the choice is UAE, then with the help of UAE embassy attestation, you can easily achieve your dream.
  • After your studies, if you wish to extend your stay over there by looking for a job, then with the help of UAE embassy attestation, this is possible.
  • For those who wish to work over there or who got relocated to their UAE office. Getting a UAE embassy attestation will help in the process of issuing employment visas.
  • For those families who stay there and wish to admit their children to schools in UAE, getting the UAE attestation will help in this process.

Non-Educational Reasons

  • Traveling and staying with your family is different from staying alone. So for the safety of both your family and yourself, it's always better to get the UAE embassy attestation.
  • With the help of UAE embassy attestation, we can easily get the resources from all sorts of faculties like hospitals, stores, pumps.
  • You can easily travel around the country since there won't be any problem and the reasons for your visits are transparent.
  • For those aspiring business owners who wish to establish their business over there, getting the UAE embassy attestation is very important.
  • You won't get yourself involved in any complications.

Why Choose ND Universal For UAE Embassy Attestation Services?

The long process of certificate attestation at times becomes complicated as it involves a lot of legal paperwork that includes the submission of various documents and unnecessary tantrums. Due to this, most people end up making wrong choices or get frustrated while getting their certificates attested.

With the help of our professional and reliable services, we make sure to get your certificates attested without making you go through any trouble or stress. Our trustworthy services legalize your documents without any complications. Our fast-paced services and speedy delivery has satisfied customers from all states. Choosing us as your Attestation in Thane service provider will benefit you with:

  • Pick-up and drop-off of your documents
  • Professional staff for taking care of your documents
  • 24/7 availability
  • Regular updates of your documents
  • A safe and reliable place for your documents
  • Simplified procedure

Our Process

With ND Universal, you can breathe with ease. Our professionals are at your doorsteps, providing the top-notch services that any company. ND Universal process is the most trustworthy among all the companies:

STEP 1: Regional Level
The first step is to get your documents authenticated from a local notary department.

STEP 2: State Level
This step can be divided into three organizational levels depending upon the document that needs to get attested. We get it according to the states that the applicant comes from. It usually comes from these three departments SHD State Home Department, HRD Home Resource Department, and SDM Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

STEP 3: National Level
National Level is the last step where the Indian government would be involved. The officials in international relations would give the MEA stamp.

STEP 4: International Level
This attestation would be provided by the officials of the UAE Embassy. We get it from the UAE embassy. Thus you are eligible for travel to UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions