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Apostille Services in Mumbai

You require different types of documents with an apostille stamp for different types of reasons. You need to go through the Apostille procedure to verify and legalize the Mumbai-issued documents. We are the most trustworthy and reputable agency that provides Certificates Apostille services in Mumbai.

What is an Apostille?

Let us take an example: If you are an owner of a company in India and you hire someone from a foreign country. So you will not know if that person’s degree is genuine or not. Similarly, there are many universities in India and how foreign countries can decide if the degree is genuine or not.

That’s why countries from all over the world gathered and created a law. It states that whenever a person goes to a foreign country for a job, an apostille shows the person has all genuine documents.

If you are going to settle in Hague Convention countries then you require bar code apostille stamp on your documents. It is a legalizing procedure that will guarantee the legitimacy of various kinds of documents.

Apostille in Mumbai

Why And When Document Apostille Is Required?

You must get an Apostille stamp on various documents if you are applying for a resident visa, student visa, work visa or any other legal procedures. You need to go through the Apostille procedure because it ensures that all your documents and certificates are legal.

Degree certificate:

  • A degree certificate apostille is necessary whenever you are trying to get an Employment visa or Student Visa.
  • You will require a degree certificate apostille if you are going to Hague convention countries for a job.

Birth certificate:

  • The birth certificate is a personal document that needs to go through an apostille procedure whenever you want to get a student visa or residence Visa for Childrens.

Marriage certificate:

  • Marriage certificate apostille of a document that is necessary whenever a spouse is trying to get a resident visa.

Police Clearance certificate:

  • The police Clearance certificate is known as PCC and an apostille for PCC is necessary because it ensures that you don’t have any criminal record.

Export document certificate:

  • Export document certificate apostille is required whenever you are looking to expand your business in Hague Convention countries.

Countries Accepting Apostille Documents

Document Apostille is only accepted in Hague convention countries. The Hague Convention includes more than 92 countries. If you are thinking about settling in these countries then you need to submit Apostille documents.

List of Hague Convention Countries

Process of Document Apostille

  • 1. Notary
  • 2. University Verification
  • 3. HRD (State Attestation)
  • 4. Home Department / SDM
  • 5. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Now let’s understand both procedures to get an apostille stamp on educational documents.

1. HRD Attestation:

  • HRD Attestation can be done from the state’s capital wherever the document is issued from. For example, if the document is issued from Maharashtra then state authentication will be done from the HRD Attestation Educational department in Mumbai.
  • Before the certificate may be legally recognized, the university must first approve it. The HRD attestation procedure will take more time as it includes authorization from the university.

2. The Ministry of External Affairs:

  • Once you have successfully gone through the Notary, Home department, and state authentication procedures, your documents will be delivered to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) office in New Delhi.

Second Process for Apostille of Educational Documents

1. SDM Attestation:

  • A department known as SDM, or Sub-Divisional Magistrate, is responsible for attesting educational documents and certificates before they are submitted to the MEA.

2. The Ministry of External Affairs:

  • Once you have successfully gone through the Notary, and SDM authentication procedures, your documents will be delivered to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) office in New Delhi.

Note: When you are traveling to Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Austria or Qatar then you must go through HRD attestation. Without HRD attestation your documents won't be acceptable.

Click here to see the process of HRD Attestation in Mumbai.

Process for Non-Educational / Personal Documents

  • Firstly, you need to complete the procedure of attestation from the Home department of Maharashtra.
  • All of the paperwork will be delivered to the MEA office in New Delhi once you have completed the home department attestation,
  • As you get the documents from MEA with an apostille stamp on them you can use them in Hague Convention countries.

For Commercial Documents

  • For all commercial documents, the authentication process must be completed through the Chamber of Commerce department.
  • After that, your documents will be sent to the Ministry of Affairs department so that all your commercial documents will get an apostille stamp on them.

What Does An Apostille Sticker Look Like?

  • An apostille sticker is provided on the back side of the document.
  • The Apostille sticker is computer generated and is square, approx. 9 cm long.
  • The Apostille sticker contains a unique 14-digit code.
  • With the help of this digit, the countries that are part of the Hague convention can check the authentication of the information provided in the documents.
  • The sticker is registered, numbered, impressed, and dated with the government's official seal on it.
  • Apostille certificate will include the name of the person whoever’s certificate it is.

What are the Documents Required For Apostille Attestation?

All the original documents are required on which you need to get an apostille stamp. You will require a Copy of your Passport or Copy of Aadhar Card.

Time Taken To Complete the Procedure

If you decide to do the Apostille procedure by yourself then it can take more time. Usually, the Apostille procedure is completed within 5-7 days. But if you decide to go through HRD attestation then it will take more time because it depends upon the universities.

Validity of Apostille for Mumbai issued documents

Apostille documents are usually valid for 6 months or 12 months. The validity of these documents can change from one country to another. In some countries, Apostille documents are valid for a lifetime.

We provide free pickup and drop services in all the areas of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Just share the Pincode of your area with our executive to get all the information about this pickup and drop service.

Apostille in Mumbai

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have the documents in India. How can Apostille be done?
    In case you do not have the documents with you right now, you should call our executive and they will help you in every manner. You can courier the documents to us after talking to our executive. Once we get your document, we will start the process of apostille without any further delay.
  • Is there any extra cost for fast service?
    No, we do not charge any extra money for the fast service we offer. Our main aim is to provide you with the documents in the fastest way possible. This is the main reason for which clients approach us. So we do not take extra money for providing you with fast apostille services.
  • My document is issued online. How can Apostille be done on it?
    In case your documents are not printed originally, you can talk to us and after that, you can mail us your online copy. We will get the colored copy of it by ourselves. After we get the colored copy of the document, we will start the process of apostille and you will receive the document once the process is completed.
  • Is physical presence required?
    ND Universal will pick up your documents from your doorstep and will deliver them to you once the apostille stamp has been provided. In the entire process, an individual need not be present physically. You can track the progress of your documents while sitting at home.
  • Do you provide free pick-up and drop-off services?
    Yes, ND Universal provides free pick-up and drop-off services throughout India. You can contact us and can take the benefits from free pickup and drop services.

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