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Apostille Services in Mumbai

Getting documents Apostille in Mumbai is necessary in travelling to certain countries. There are many consultancies but offering legitimate authentication for the certificates is fewer ND Universal in one among the few. The apostille process is about assuring the genuineness of an individual and their need for another destination country.

What is Document Apostille?

Traveling to certain countries of the Hague Convention means you have to submit documents to the MEA and get apostille certification. Receiving this certification gives the visiting country confirmation about the individual, and they accept the documents as authentic and legal. The legalization of the documents or certificate bears the witness authenticity of the MEA. It is the procedure of getting on necessitated certificates of the apostille sticker.


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How does the Apostille sticker appear?

The document legalization procedure is a part of the Hague convention, and many countries follow it. Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the central government department relating the foreign affairs. It is the only department granting the legalization in India for the certificates.

The Apostille sticker is a square-shaped stamp that is a computer-generated stamp. This stamp is pasted on the concerned document reverse side by the MEA. The stamp bears a unique identification number that verifies even by the receiving country. With this stamp attestation, your document becomes legal, authentic, and approved by MEA of the visiting country. Having apostille on a particular document means there is no need for any more attestation from any Consulate or Embassy.

Document Requirement

There is a need for certificate legalization for various reasons such as student visa, residential visa, employment visa, or even to deal with foreign countries on a business where the nation is a part of the Hague Convention. There is a need to give proof of an individual addressing as genuine, and thus the process of legalization is a must.

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Work Visa
purpose of documents apostille
Study Visa
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Family Visa
purpose of documents apostille
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How to get Apostille Attestation in Mumbai?

Nd Universal is Best apostille agencie in Mumbai, Maharashtra. These agencies offer different facilities on document authentication such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, etc. The authorized and experienced professionals alone carry out the certificate’s authentication. It is best to believe in them as they do it methodically and faster. The Apostille Attestation Mumbai includes getting verification from the notary and the apostille sticker from the MEA. The MEA sticker application on the certificate acclaims that it is useful for the visa application process.

What our customers saying?


Jayant Patil

The management staff from ND Universal was helpful in solving my apostille issue. I consider myself overall satisfied with the services, Thank you ND Universal


Daxita More

Very quick apostille process and support is awesome. Happy to have ND Universal as my partner to get apostille process done in 4 Days.

We Provice free document pickup and drop facility for Apostille services

Document categories for Apostille

Whatever is the reason or purpose to visit, there is a need for certification in different types. Individuals may travel for jobs, education, or for business to different countries. Thus, the certificates requiring apostille vary with each reason. The main three document categories for apostille are the personal documents, birth certificate, and the marriage certificate.

The set of personal documents include your degree certificates and other educational documents. These are useful if you wish to get a job or to pursue higher education. If you are going on a business visit, you may get your commercial documents apostille. The commercial documents refer to the documents of your business establishment settled here stating it is genuine and legal.

What is the time duration to get Apostille?

Getting Apostille in some cases becomes unavoidable, and the time duration relies on the authentication requirement type, how much this authentication process is in requirement. Going for the apostille procedure offline will take a time duration of 25 to 45 days. On the other hand, if you consider reaching any of the genuine apostille services in Mumbai like ND Universal, you can get it done in lesser time around 5 to 7 business days. Thus, the process becomes simpler for you, and you need not run through the traffic. However, the time duration will complete within a few days.

What is the charges?

for Document apostille involves authentication in several stages. It is a process of legalizing a certificate. The apostille attestation fee relies on the authentication type you require, whether you are looking for the MEA authentication alone or authentication from other levels.

Get the Professional Apostille Services from ND Universal

We are one of the best attestation and apostille services provider with 9 years of experience. We provide same day pickup in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Vadodara.

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