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Apostille Services in Bangalore

Apostille means authenticate, certify, or complete. It is about legalizing the documents issued by a recognized institute. Once a document receives apostille, it is legal in Hague countries, and it includes India. Having apostille on a document is enough for countries that are a part of the Hague convention. It does not need any further attestations. Validating documents is the process for simple apostille. Apostille services in Bangalore provide proper and certified authentication of certificates.

What is Document Apostille?

The process of acquiring certificate legalization on a required certificate receives an apostille sticker from the MES (Ministry of external affairs). The affixing of the apostille sticker works as authenticity. Document apostille refers to a procedure of document verification. It is a must to follow as a procedure in the nations that are a part of the Hague convention. The central government department is the Ministry of External Affairs, and it engages with foreign matters that it alone has the right to provide in India the legalization for certificates.


What is the need?

The documents given in a particular city in one country should receive approval in another country. It may be for a student visa, residential visa, or work visa. Even if you plan to go on a business deal, there is a need to give your business establishment document as evidence to get an apostille sticker on it. Thus, the other country recognizes those documents having an apostille sticker and gives the same value as in the parent country that issues the documents.

Before the Hague Convention, the procedure of authentication was difficult. It is because it had the involvement of many people who had to authorize one document as legal. The Hague convention now simplifies the documents procedure if both countries belong to the convention.

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purpose of documents apostille
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Is India a Part of Hague Convention?

Yes, India is a part of the Hague convention.

What if the country I wish to go to is not a part of the Hague convention?

There is a possibility that the country you wish to go to is not from the Hague Convention. If so, your documents must get approval from Embassy/Consular legalization. It will include 2 more steps at the Embassy or Consulate and the Department of State.

How to get Apostille in Bangalore?

There are reliable apostille services in Bangalore offering document legalization facilities such as birth certificate, degree certificate, marriage certificate, etc. It is best to get an apostille in Bangalore from certified and experienced professionals like ND Universeal to do the certificates legalization. Look for a reputable apostille agency in Bangalore to offer fast legalization consultancy. Getting attestation and authentication of certificates from the notary or the apostille sticker from the MEA is more convenient. The MEA apostille sticker on a certificate authenticates the certificate that it is useful even for visa processing. If you look for reputable agencies then you can contact ND Universal and enjoy the best customer facility 24 /7.

Categories of Document Apostille

The apostille document categories are depending on the verification. Traveling to countries to work, study, or for business purposes, the need for the certificates are in three types, birth certificate, personal documents, and marriage certificates. The educational documents include the degree certificate, and it is essential to pursue higher education or to seek a job. People looking for business purposes apostille have to get their confirmation.

What is the approximate cost to get?

Getting a document authentication in Bangalore for apostille includes several levels. The certificate legalization procedure determines the fee. If your certificate needs only the notary sign, the process is simple. However, when there is a need for authentication as apostille attestation from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), the gravity of acquiring the legalization is an influential factor. It plays a role in determining the cost of getting the document certification.

Regarding the cost in Bangalore for the services varies with each agency. However, the price is more when there is the involvement of middlemen in this procedure of document apostille. When there is no involvement or inclusion of the middle man, the costs are less. ND Universal is a Reputable agency doing they have direct contact with the Ministry of external services and so the middle man cost is not inclusive.

Get the Professional Apostille Services from ND Universal

We are one of the best attestation and apostille services provider with 9 years of experience. We provide same day pickup in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Vadodara.

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