UAE Embassy Attestation in Sangli

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a federation of seven Emirates that are rapidly developing in every sector. The United Arab Emirates presents a noticeable mix of tradition and innovation.

Many people tend to travel every year to the UAE for various purposes. Since many people enter the UAE every year, the attestation process is mandatory while applying for a visa to move there either for personal or professional reasons.

Attestation is the process carried out for the sole purpose of demonstrating the documents and certificates as lawfully verified. UAE Embassy Attestation is the process required when someone is willing to travel to the UAE for any reason whatsoever.

UAE Embassy Attestation

Benefits of UAE Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation means getting the authorized stamps and signatures on your documents and certificates will legalize them for use in a foreign nation. It is a process to verify the authenticity of an individual or a company. The documents will go from secondary verification, re-verification, and authentication before being submitted for the UAE Embassy Attestation.

Attestation is done on many documents and certificates, which vary according to the purpose of the individual for traveling to the UAE. It is a major procedure to be followed before filing for a visa application because without attested documents, your visa application will not be passed. This process is crucial and subtle; thus it is suggested to take help from government verified attestation service providers so that no difficulties come in the way of verification of your documents.

According to the purpose of travel or stay in the UAE, different certificates are required to get attested. For example- the attestation of your degree certificate will play a major role in getting you enrolled in any University or college in the UAE, and attestation of your work experience certificate will play a prime role in your job applications.

Who Must Apply For This?

This process is compulsory for obtaining an entry permit to the UAE. Attestation of your documents and certificates will help you in proving that your reason to visit or reside in the UAE is not illegitimate and that you do not mean any harm to them.

If you are someone interested in staying in the UAE for educational, professional, personal, or business-related purposes then you must get all the required documents attested from the embassy so that you can use them in the UAE. Anyone who wants a visa for the UAE has to apply for the attestation of the required documents by the embassy; otherwise, legally you will not be permitted to enter the UAE.

Why Is Embassy Attestation Important?

UAE Embassy Attestation is very important to prove the originality of your documents and the genuineness of the reason for your stay in the UAE. By having attested documents on your side it will become easier for you to live in the UAE. Following are the reasons which state the importance of the attestation process:

Educational Purposes

  1. To get a study visa - If you are willing to get into a university or college based in the UAE then you must get your certificates attested for approval of your study visa.
  2. To get a work visa - If you are someone who wants to work in the UAE for professional or personal growth, then you will be required to get your certificates attested to legally work in the UAE.

Non-educational Purposes

  1. To get a business visa - The business industry in the UAE is thriving and the establishment of your business in the UAE can be quite promising, but you must get all the commercial documents related to your business being attested by the embassy so that you can lawfully set-up your company there.
  2. To get a residential visa - Settling in the UAE will require a resident visa, and for the same, you will have to get all the vital documents attested by the embassy so that your visa application can get confirmed.

Our Procedure

The UAE Attestation in Sangli is a very intimidating process that needs to be done very precisely to avoid any probable errors that could cause complications in the future.

We will make sure that your experience of the Attestation in Sangli is as fluid as possible. We work according to the guidelines the government has laid down. We proceed with your documents lawfully and handle them with the utmost care.

The procedure is divided into four stages:

Step 1: Local Notary
We will get your certificates attested by the local notary from where they were issued.

Step 2: State Authority
After being verified by the notary, we will pass your documents to the State Home Department, or HRD (Human Resource Development) Department, or the SDM ( Sub-divisional Magistrate), depending on the type of the documents that are sent for re-verification.

Step 3: MEA Stamp
Documents being authenticated will get a stamp from MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Step 4: Embassy Attestation
Your documents will be safely passed to be attested to the UAE Embassy in India for the last stage of attestation.

The Cost of UAE Embassy Attestation

Here is the the cost of UAE embassy attestation for educational and non-educational documents:

Services Regular Normal Urgent
Cost ₹ 7100.00 ₹ 8100.00 ₹ 9100.00
Time 15 Working Days 8-10 Working Days 4 to 6 Working Days
Pickup Facility
Drop Facility
Same Day Delivery
After Attestation
Remove Lamination

Note: No extra/added cost. Pickup and Drop charges are already added. In case you courier your documents an amount of 250 will be deducted from the cost.

Why Choose ND Universal As Your Service Provider?

It is always suggested to get the attestation process done by the professionals as it should not have any errors. We, at ND Universal, will make sure that your UAE Embassy Attestation in Sangli will be error-free so that you do not face any difficulty in the process or after it. We are a team of professionals experienced in the field of certificate attestation. We will provide you with the following services -

  • Fast service and all-time availability
  • Regular update of your documents
  • Security of your documents
  • Fair charges with easy payment options

If you are wondering why you should pay for a task that you can manage all by yourself, you must know that the process is not as easy as it sounds. Every office or department will be stationed at different places, and with the fuel prices being on the rise, the traveling cost you will have to pay will be far more than what we will charge for our safe service. Losing or missing out on a certain document because of the overwhelming process is normal but it can create a lot of trouble for you. When availing of our services, you can be assured that the UAE Embassy Attestation in Sangli will be done for you with accuracy and in the least possible time.

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