Vietnam Embassy Attestation

Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Southeast Asian Indo Chinese Peninsula. Vietnam's population is estimated to be 95.5 million inhabitants as per the 2018 census. Vietnam is the 15th most populous country in the world. Vietnam shares land borders with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. It is officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The documentation required for the Vietnam Embassy Attestation can be classified as below.

  • Educational documents such as Diploma certificate, Graduation certificate, PG certificate, Medical degree certificate, Management degree certificates, UG certificate, Education Transfer certificate from each grade, and all kinds of certificate/appreciation received during the education process.
  • Non-Educational Documents – Birth Certificate, Salary Certificate, Marriage certificate, Health fitness certificate, Experience certificate, Single status certificate/document, Divorce certificate Bank statement, etc.
  • Commercial Documents – Certificate of origin, export invoice, certificate of incorporation, physical analysis report, chemical analysis report, history and the current status of the existing organization, packaging list, etc.

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Process for Education Documents attestation

As the first step, the educational documents need to be attested by the Human Resource Development department of the corresponding Country. This is followed by the attestation at the MEA – Ministry of External affairs. Finally, the educational documents will be attested by the Embassy of Vietnam.

Process for Non-Educational Documents attestation.

Attested at below three stages.

  1. Attestation at the HRD department of the respective state.
  2. Ministry of External affairs.
  3. Attestation from the Vietnam Embassy.

Process for Commercial Documents attestation.

Documents of the applicant will be attested at the Chamber of commerce. Secondly, the process flows through MEA – Ministry of External Affairs and final attestation at the Vietnam Embassy.

There are few recompenses for Vietnam Embassy Attestation.

  1. The process is made easy for the people who are applying for higher studies in Vietnam
  2. It is beneficial to obtain employment visas.
  3. Once you attain a Vietnam Visa, it helps in accomplishing a residence visa for you and your family.

Vietnam Embassy Attestation Fees:

The documents required for attestation differ depending on the purpose of the Visa. The fees for Visa also vary accordingly. The Vietnam Embassy attestation fee is relatively higher for property, financial, and commercial when compared to educational and non-educational documents attestation.

It should be noted that apart from the attestation fees, there will be bank charges and service fees applicable. For queries on attestation fee details, you may connect with the experts at ND Universal.

Time for attestation of the documents.

The time differs for attestation depending on the purpose of the Visa application. It may take 15 days to one month from the date of submission of the required documents. However, the applicants must ensure that accurate and original certificates and documents are submitted to avoid any contingencies.

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