Bahrain Embassy Attestation Services

Moving to a foreign country like Bahrain? ND Universal is a provider for attestation services all across India. We are the facilitator for services like Visa applications, translation of the documents from various languages in English and offering attestation or apostille services in cities and states of India. If you are afraid of all the hustle which includes administrative work for attestation of degree certificate or marriage or birth certificate, just inform us, we are the trustworthy partner for attestation services.

ND Universal accepts attestation for different types of documents. Be it attestation of your certificates for higher studies, Non-educational document or commercial documents, we are the one-stop service provider for attestation located in Mumbai city.

The process for attestation of documents does not require your physical presence, all you need to do is send us the list of documents with a photocopy of your passport and rest will be taken care by our team in Mumbai. We follow a standard process, which includes free pick up and delivery of the documents. The process of pick up and delivery of documents is taken care by our courier service partner Blue Dart, they ensure the security of your documents. The process for attestation may require 7-10 working days and the procedure for attestation of documents may vary from one to another.

Why is Bahrain Attestation Required?

Bahrain Embassy Attestation Services are needed for many different purposes. Some of the most popular purposes are discussed below –

  • Educational Certificate Attestation – Educational certificate attestation for Bahrain is mainly required for educational documents, including certificates such as school leaving certificates, diploma certificates, degree certificates issued by Indian schools, colleges, and universities, whether government or private. If you are planning to pursue studies in Bahrain, you will need to get Bahrain Embassy Attestation services.
  • Salary Certificate Attestation – Salary certificate is a certificate that proves the genuineness of your past employment tenure to the potential employer. It also highlights all the details of the position, roles & responsibilities, employment period, and salary drawn. Salary certificate attestation is needed by companies in Bahrain before they can offer you a job in their organization.
  • Experience Certificate Attestation – Experience certificate attestation is essential if you are looking to apply for skilled jobs in Bahrain. The experience certificate by your previous employers shows that you have been associated with them during the time mentioned in the certificate and highlights your productivity. It is an important piece of document that can make your case stronger in front of potential Bahrain employers.
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation – If you want to migrate to Bahrain for further studies or wish to change from one organization to another for work, transfer certificate attestation is important. Without it, you would not be granted permission to join the new university or the organization. A transfer certificate is also referred to as a migration certificate.
  • Non-Educational Certificate Attestation – There might be several purposes such as adaptation, opening a bank account, purchasing property, and others that might need non-educational certificate attestation. Non-educational certificate attestation follows the same process as the educational one but might have additional steps depending on the nature of documents and their usage.

How to get Certificate Attestation for Bahrain?

The entire procedure for the attestation services by Bahrain Embassy is quite lengthy and complicated. Even those who are aware of the entire process, often end up submitting the wrong documents that result in loss of your time and money. Thus, it is best to hire a professional who can take the worry of getting your documents attested away.
For your information, the Attestation procedure for Bahrain for different types of documents are mentioned below –

Educational Attestation for Bahrain

  1. Attestation by the HRD or Regional Attestation Centre from the concerned state
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  3. Attestation from the Embassy of Bahrain or Bahrain Consulate on the Original and Translated Documents

Non-Educational Attestation for Bahrain

  1. Attestation by State Home Department Attestation of the respective state or Attestation from State Home Department (case-specific) or Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate in New Delhi (case specific)
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  3. Attestation from the Embassy of Bahrain or Bahrain Consulate on the Original and Translated Documents

Commercial Certificate Attestation for Bahrain

  1. Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce of the respective state
  2. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  3. Attestation from the Bahrain Consulate or the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in New Delhi

How Many Days does it take to get Certificate Attestation for Bahrain?

The certificate attestation for Bahrain can take from 2 weeks to a month, depending on the purpose of attestation. The attestation from the Bahrain Embassy or Bahrain Consulate alone takes about ten working days. So, make sure that you have enough time in hand when submitting documents for the Bahrain Embassy Attestation services.

What is the Cost Incurred for Certificate Attestation for Bahrain?

The attestation fees vary depending on the type of document. The attestation fees for documents for commercial, property and financial purposes are relatively high in contrast to the educational and non-educational document attestation.
In the case of attestation of employment-related documents, the embassy has the power to refuse attestation without providing any reason. In addition to the Bahrain embassy fee mentioned above, you will have to incur bank charges and service fees.
With ND Universal, you can be assured to get the best services at a reasonable price. For price-related queries, do drop an email at [email protected] or speak to one of the experts at ND Universal at +91 80003 99331, +91 95370 89898.

Why choose ND Universal?

ND Universal is one of the leading providers of Bahrain Embassy Attestation Services. We take pride in providing our customers with authenticated services by authorized regulatory bodies so that you can travel to Bahrain without any problems. We strive to make the entire document attestation process less complicated and hassle-free for you. We will keep you updated on the status of your documentation throughout the process of attestation by Bahrain Embassy so that you do not stress about it. Since you need to submit your original documents for attestation, we go beyond our duty to keep the documents fully secured and safe with us till we return it to you after attestation.

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