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MEA Attestation in Chennai

Traveling abroad requires a lot of paperwork that includes stamping, signing, and attestation of documents. Among these attestations is the MEA Attestation. MEA is the office that is included in the works of the central government which helps in verifying your documents for traveling purposes. MEA Attestation services in Chennai means that you have the service of getting the MEA attestation from Chennai without going to the main office in the northern states of India.

MEA Attestation services are something that should be looked upon with great concern. Having the perfect guide for all the validation of all your documents is very essential and that is where ND Universal comes in. We can help you get all your documents attested within the given time span without any complications.

MEA Attestation Chennai

What Is MEA Attestation?

MEA Attestation refers to the process in which a specific branch of the central government (Ministry of External Affairs) authenticates your documents. The Ministry of External Affairs deals with the foreign matters of the country and is an important branch of the home government for keeping the external affairs of the nation prompt and secure.

The process of obtaining the attestation includes several steps, and each step varies depending upon the requirements of the traveler and the document they have submitted. MEA attestation in India is necessary for getting your documents attested by the embassy of the concerned country.

How to Get an Attestation from MEA in Chennai Branch?

The process of procuring attested documents is not a very easy task. It requires a lot of time, energy, and money while going through all the said procedures by the Ministry of External Affairs in Chennai. It involves very complicated stages and cannot be completed within a day or two. But this process can be fast-tracked for you if you hire ND Universal as your service-providing agency.

ND Universal experts have been trained to give you the best possible customer service. We know all the nooks and crannies of the attestation process. All you would have to do is to submit your documents and pay the fees online or by any other mode, and we will make sure you get the attestation at the right time with the required and appropriate stamps.

What Is The Procedure For The MEA Attestation In Chennai?

The process of MEA attestation includes a lot of paperwork that is signing, sealing, and procuring new certifications. Each of them is different from one another and varies according to the requirements of the traveler. According to the place of legalization, the document would also vary, and simultaneously the procedure.

The MEA attestation is the final step for getting your document attested from your home nation that is India, thus implying the said travelers are allowed to travel to other countries.

Step 1: Notary Attestation

The first and foremost step in the MEA attestation would be the notary attestation. The local notary would attest to the given papers stating that the given documents are valid. It would contain a seal and a signature. This stage cannot be omitted as it is mandatory to get the notary attestation for both the educational and personal documents.

Step 2: State Government

There are mainly three types of document authentication in this stage. Three departments are authorized to verify documents depending upon their type. The three state government departments are:

  • SHD -State Home Department
  • HRD- Home Resource Department
  • SDM- the Sub-Divisional Magistrate

SDM authentication is an independent procedure.

Step 3: MEA Stamp

The Ministry of External Affair or MEA provides the final certification that is to be given by the Indian government. The branch of central government that is involved in this service, i.e. the Ministry of External Affairs, offers the seal and a sign that is a must for all the documents of a traveler.

How Much Time Is Required?

The time taken for the MEA Attestation in Chennai depends upon many things. It is a must for all Indian citizens to get their documents attested according to the country that they have to travel to.

The process from the MEA Attestation center in Chennai is very tiring as well as time-consuming. It normally takes about a month, but with the help of ND Universal, it would take only 3 to 4 days. But, if the documents need attestation from HRD, the time frame required would elongate to around one-two weeks.

What is Cost?

The MEA Attestation fee varies from one document to another. The urgency in the matter is also a variable. The services like pick-up and drop-off of your documents could also contribute to the hike in charges depending upon the service center you hire.

A service center that provides a hassle-free experience has become a necessity for the proper MEA Attestation services in Chennai. This is where you can trust ND Universal. With us, you can rest assured that the service center will carry out the process with perfection and care. ND Universal makes sure that there is no delay or rejection of your document attestation application.

Who Must Apply For This and Why?

MEA Attestation is an essential document for all travelers. Without a doubt, attested documents are proof of trust and credibility for the government of the other country. This procedure holds a lot of value and some reasons for it are listed below:

The following individuals should have the certified attested documents.

  1. Having an MEA Attested document would help a lot in the process of recruitment as it is a verified document from the job applicant's home nation.
  2. Attested documents act as proof of the true intentions of a traveler. With the help of an attested certificate, the authorities can verify whether an individual is traveling for visiting purposes or some other purpose.
  3. Those individuals who wish to build a business or expand their business in a foreign country have to produce attested documents as proof of trust and assurance.
  4. Those who wish to study overseas can get enrolled in the school or university of their choice with the help of these attested certificates. With this, the administration would have proof that the student wishes to study in their university or school and not cause any harm or propagate any sorts of bad influences.
  5. The families who are moving due to the shift in work-life would require attested documents. It will help the officials to verify whether the people are genuinely moving out of the country for residential purposes only.

Why Choose ND Universal For UAE Embassy Attestation In Delhi?

Many services state themselves as the best for providing attestation services. But, if you are looking for a fast and professional service that legalizes your documents in a way that matches up to your time and requirements, you must choose ND Universal. Our claims of being the best are not based upon some loose facts.

All our customers are 100% satisfied with our fast and accurate services. Being a company with 8 years of expertise in this field comes along with a lot of patience and hard work. Thus our company, ND Universal, will do the work with great preciseness and accuracy.

ND Universal has earned its ranking through the transparent and reliable services it provides. We make sure all your demands are fulfilled under any circumstances. You can safely invest your trust and energy in us. All you need to worry about is packing your bags to have the best, safe and sound trip to your destination.