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Complete Guide about Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in Mumbai

Medical certificate attestation for UAE in Mumbai is a process to acquire a visa. Making the procedure of attestation achievable is to ensure customer convenience. The medical certificate attestation is a responsibility that needs fulfilling by acquiring the certificate and documents attestation if you wish to visit UAE. It is a priority defining and giving evidence about your genuineness. The practical option is to contact the legitimate medical certificate attestation services, in Mumbai, ND Universal.

medical certificate attestation in mumbai
medical certificate attestation in mumbai
medical certificate attestation in mumbai
medical certificate attestation in mumbai

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What is Medical Certificate Attestation and why is it required?

A medical certificate should practically come from a doctor or a health care provider medically qualified assuring the medical examination outcome of a patient is true. It can also be known as a sick report that works as an evidence revealing the state of health.

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purpose of documents attestation
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purpose of documents attestation
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purpose of documents attestation
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How to get Attestation for Medical Certificate in Mumbai?

There are attestation services available in Mumbai for medical certificate. ND Universal is an attestation service provider handling all types of certificate attestation. They ensure quick and reliable document attestation. ND Universal offers medical certificate attestation in Mumbai as you require suitable to your convenience.

What is the procedure for Medical Certificate Attestation in Mumbai?

The medical certificate attestation in Mumbai is a lengthy time-consuming process. The MEA, the central government branch attests the document last after the verification is completed by other departments. The MEA officials verify and stamp the documents with a sticker. The few steps of this procedure of medical certificate attestation in Mumbai includes:

  • Notary Attestation – The certification is given by the notary and is the first course of action. The local notary gives the attestation on the documents or the certificate as a stamp and signature. It is the basic requirement for this procedure offered as attestation on personal and education documents in India.
  • Home Department Attestation - The personal documents verification is performed by the State Home Department. The Home Department verifies the personal documents such as a death certificate, marriage certificate, and birth certificate. The officials here attest the documents and it is the legalization second step.
  • SDM Attestation - SDM represents the Sub-Divisional Magistrate for the Home Department variant and in rare cases, for HRD. However, the authorities must give HRD attestation for educational documents. Sub-Divisional Magistrate the main state government and operates individually.
  • MEA Stamp - Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the authentication last stage from the home government on which there is a MEA stamp affixed on the document. It is the central department dealing with the country’s foreign matters.
  • Embassy Attestation – The concerned official performs the attestation on the documents. It is after the MEA seal and for most nations is the certifications last step.
Medical certificate attestation process in Mumbai

How long does it take to get Medical Certificate Attestation in Mumbai?

The normal time takes is around 7 to 9 days to receive the medical certificate attestation in Mumbai. However, this may vary with and take a few weeks over a month.

How much does it cost to get a Medical Certificate Attestation in Mumbai?

Medical certificate attestation cost in Mumbai varies with each state and country. The cost relies on the attestation urgency and also on the document details and its types. There are the services that also work on the cost factor to rise by offering pick up of original documents to drop of documents with attestation at your door service.

Why choose ND Universal?

  • ND Universal is a one-stop solution if you wish to get certificate attestation in Mumbai. They are one of the pioneers in offering the attestation services. The procedure to get medical certificate attestation for UAE in Mumbai is a process that consumes more time. Conversely, ND Universal has skilled staff to ensure there is no delay or discrepancies causing delay.
  • ND Universal professionals stay updated with the changing laws. They know the practical reality of the customer and prioritize the convenience of the customers. It is to the extent of offering pickup and drop service of the documents.
  • The safety and security are the main key of ND Universal that more people rely on them for attestation services, be it an embassy attestation on documents and certificates or the medical certificate attestation for UAE in Mumbai.
  • ND Universal has licensed professionals to handle the certificate attestation services. These professionals have a direct approach with the government department higher officials. They reach them as per the system and fulfill the attestation requirements perfectly that you can stay stress-free.
  • Going out of the country involves many more works to complete. You can carry on with the other procedure’s completion. ND Universal maintain transparency that you can know the status of the certification progress from anywhere anytime. The staff are well-qualified and experts in completing the certificate attestation for UAE as per the requirement. They ascertain your attestation of certificates are completed on time and you have a peaceful visit to UAE.

Why Choose ND Universal for Mediacal Certificate Attestation for UAE in Mumbai?

ND Universal is the pioneer for providing Mediacal Certificate Attestation for UAE in Mumbai. We are known as the customer oriented firm for offering hassle free services with free pickup and delivery to the documents. Our team is available 24*7 online to take your inquiries. Feel free to reach us out in case of any concerns.

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