Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE

Attestation of certificate is the act of witnessing the Medical Certificate by Departments or Authorities with their official seal and signature. The attestation also confirms that the specified Medical certificate has been issued by the mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular Medical certificate is genuine.

Why Medical Certificate Attestation is required for UAE?

Medical Report Attestation is required in order to claim health care benefits, it is also considered as the legal document in case if you are unable to attend your work or company.

Purpose of Medical Certificate Attestation in India

  • In order to get Medical Benefits and allowance claim
  • To Extend Leaves
  • For claiming Medical Insurance
  • For proving your leave of absence in a professional environment.

ND Universal offers attestation services for various types of documents. Medical Certificate Attestation for documents can be done from Mumbai, India for countries like UAE.

Medical Certificate Attestation Process in India?

The process for attestation for Medical certificates may take up to 5-7 working days. The process involves Attestation of the Medical Certificate from respective State Home Department followed by the attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi. Finally, the document will be attested or Legalized by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in New Delhi.

ND Universal situated in major cities of India, ensures that the document gets attested from anywhere within the country through their reliable, trustworthy and hassle-free services. All you need to do is share us the documents for attestation and rest will be taken care by our team in Mumbai.

The documents required for the process of attestation includes Original Certificate, passport and visa copy along with their photocopies.

Attestation services at ND Universal ensure that the customer must get updated with the entire flow of a process. With each progressive step, the user will be informed through messages regarding the status of the attestation. Our free pick and drop services make sure that the client has hassle-free experience with us. In order to attest the documents your physical presence is not required, you can drop the documents to our centers available all across India, later after the process of attestation they will be dropped back at your doorstep.

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