Indonesia Embassy Attestation (A Complete Guide)

Indonesia is considered to be a very resourceful country. The country gives a lot of opportunities that are inclined to every field of operation and welcomes foreign individuals to work, set business and even pursue education.

The process of embassy attestation of documents will help individuals in getting a visa and permission of using the documents legally in Indonesia. The nation is very well known for opening new opportunities in the employment and business sectors and thus many people visit or stay in the country for commercial purposes.

What Is Embassy Attestation?

Indonesia Embassy Attestation

The Embassy Attestation is a process in which the documents and certificates get their authenticity and legalization from the defined departments. The embassy is a foreign government department that is set up in another nation to ease the issues between two respective countries. Embassy attestation of documents is required even while travelling to Indonesia as that is not a part of The Hague Convention and apostille will not be accepted.

Indonesia Embassy Attestation is the process of getting the attestation stamp from the embassy of Indonesia. The attention is provided to every kind of document and should be done in terms to get in the country. The final attestation by the Indonesia Embassy will be provided after the legalization of documents and certificates from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) which is a central government department of India and it handles all the affairs related to a foreign land.

The Indonesian Embassy Attestation will provide the documents with their genuineness and will permit the use of documents lawfully in the premises of Indonesia. Attestation by the Indonesian Embassy is also significant and rather mandatory for getting the visa application selected.

Why Is Embassy Attestation Required?

Embassy Attestation is a very crucial process that should be handled with much care because negligence can cause very large distress and can also create hindrance in the process of legalization of the documents and certificates. The most common reason for getting the documents and certificates attested by the embassy is to apply for several types of visas. Embassy attestation is a mandatory process and no documents must be used on the premises of Indonesia without proper attention.

Indonesia Embassy Attestation includes personal, professional, academic, and commercial documents.

Degree certificate

Degree certificate helps individuals to provide information about the course they graduated from. A degree certificate contains information like the score of the individual, name, etc. Attestation of this document will help individuals in getting admission to colleges or universities and will also help in getting a job.

Individuals wanting to pursue their education or career in Indonesia should attest to this certificate to get a student or work visa.

Birth certificate

The birth certificate will include information such as date, day and time of birth, nationality, and place of origin of a person. This information is important when travelling to another country. The certificate should be attested to prove the authenticity of the credentials mentioned in it. Attestation of birth certificates will also give an advantage for getting a visa.

Individuals wanting to enrol their children in a school or those who want to migrate in the country should attest to the certificate as it will also help in getting the names changed if an individual wants to do so.

Marriage certificate

A marriage Certificate is a personal document that helps in stating that two individuals carry the marital status. It is required to prove the marital relationship between two individuals and thus should be attested for claiming the validity of the marriage in Indonesia as well.

Attestation of the Marriage certificate will help Individuals in getting a family visa, spouse visa, resident visa, and dependent visa.

Police clearance certificate

Better called PCC, this certificate provides proof that an individual has no history of a criminal offence. This is a very important certificate to be attested if in need as this will provide individuals to validate that they are no threat to a country as in many cases the applications of visa are rejected due to services of criminal offences.

Individuals should get the Police Clearance Certificate attested to prove their innocence to the authority of Indonesia.

Export Document Certificate

Attestation of Export documents is done for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes include company registration, expansion of business in the country, etc. People who want to do commercial activities in Indonesia should get the Export Document attested by the embassy to get the legal permission of exportation, etc.

The proper attestation of documents will vary according to the type of documents that has to be attested.

Different Types of Attestation

Several kinds of attestation are done by the embassy. The process of attestation will depend on the type of document and the departments that have to be involved in the process. Various departments are assigned the task of verification but each department is responsible for a certain kind of document or certificate. Verification by the correct department is very important for the process of attestation because if the documents will not be verified by the concerned department then they will not be eligible for the attestation.

Personal/ Non-educational documents

Documents that belong to personal and non-educational criteria contain information such as date of birth, information about marital status, etc. These documents are used to state personal information.

These types of documents and certificates include birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc, and are to be attested to get residency or for visiting the country.

Steps involved:

  • Step 1: Regional verification will be done by the local notary
  • Step 2: State-level verification will be done by State Home Department or by the SDM( Sub-divisional magistrate)
  • Step 3: Central level legitimization will be done by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Step 4: The final attestation will be done by the Indonesian Embassy.

Professional/ Educational documents

Documents that are used for showing the educational and professional credentials like the highest earned degree or work experience are included in this type of documentation.

These documents are assigned by the respected university or the concerned department. Professional/educational documents and certificates are used for acquiring educational and work visas in general cases.

Steps Involved:

  • Step 1: Verification from the university or from the local notary from where the degree certificate was issued.
  • Step 2: Authentication by the HRD ( Human Resource Development ) Department
  • Step 3: Legalization by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs )
  • Step 4: Final attestation by the Indonesian Embassy

Commercial Documents

Commercial documents include certificates and documentation that revolves around commerce such as the power of attorney, export documents, etc.

These documents should be attested to gain the permission of running a business in Indonesia.

Steps involved:

  • Step 1: Verification by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Step 2: Legalization by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs )
  • Step 3: Final attestation by the Indonesian Embassy.

Brief Guide about Attestation from Various Departments

Many departments are involved in the procedure of the Indonesia Embassy Attestation. Different departments are in charge of different kinds of documents that are to be verified very specifically by the in-charge department.

Step 1: Authentication by the Local Notary

The first departments involved in the process of attestation are those who issue the documents in the first place. Generally, local notaries and universities are involved in this step as these two departments issue the initial personal and educational documents respectively. For documents that are related to commerce, the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the initial verification process.

Step 2: Verification from State-level Departments

These include departments that are of state-level including the State Home Department that verifies all the personal documents, the HRD ( Human Resource Development ) Department that verifies educational documents and certificates, and the SDM ( Sub Divisional Magistrate ) that works separately but is qualified for verifying documents.

Step 3: Legitimization from the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs )

This step involves the central government department, the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs ) who will provide the documents with their legitimization on a central level thus making them eligible for the final attestation.

Step 4: Malaysia Embassy Attestation

When the documents and certificates are finally verified by all the relevant departments, they get eligible for the Indonesian Embassy Attestation. Getting the attestation from the embassy makes the documents legal to be used for visa applications and in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Government will ask for properly attested documents to permit you into the country. It is very crucial to get verification from all the relevant departments to get permission from the government to enter the country. Moreover, improperly attested or non-attested documents cannot be used in the country and if an individual is caught using such documents then legal actions are taken against them.

What Documents Are Required For Embassy Attestation?

Following mentioned documents will be needed for Indonesia Embassy Attestation of personal, educational, and professional documents:

Attestation of personal/ non-educational and educational documents will require:

  1. Original document which is to be attested
  2. Any of the supporting documents can be provided. Document such as your passport, passport photocopy, passport application receipt, or your Aadhar card can be provided.

Attestation of commercial documents will require:

  1. An original document to be attested
  2. You can submit any of the supporting documents; for example your passport, photocopy of the passport, passport application receipt, or Aadhar card.

In any case, if your documents are laminated then do not try to remove the lamination by yourself as it can result in damage to the document, instead, send us the documents, and here at ND Universal, our professionals will remove the lamination carefully.

Time Taken For Embassy Attestation

The time frame of attestation of documents by the embassy will depend on the origin and type of the document. Time taken for the process will depend on the speed of the relevant departments that will verify the document on different levels. The whole process can take up to weeks to even months if done without the help of attestation service providers.

By hiring ND Universal not only will you get a safe attestation of your documents but also relatively fast attention because we do not hold documents unnecessarily. Your documents will be dropped within 5-7 working days. For further details, you can mail or call our executive.

Cost of Indonesia Embassy Attestation

The of the process will depend on the type and origin of the document as these two things will affect the departments being involved in the process of attestation. If an individual does not hire any service provider then the travelling cost will also be added, in total it will cost much more than what ND Universal will charge.

By hiring ND Universal you will not have to take stress about the cost as we will not charge extra money unnecessarily. We work transparently and every penny-related detail will be given to you. For further details, you can call or mail our executive.

How to Start the Process?

To start the Indonesia Embassy Attestation process by hiring ND Universal, you will have to call or mail our executive who will attend you for explaining the terms and conditions of the process and also about the basic structure that we will follow. The procedure followed by us will not be different from that assigned by the government as we are an authorized attestation service provider. All the concerns will be discussed and you will be able to call us whenever you feel like you have any doubt.

Our process will ensure the safety of your documents. We provide same-day pickup and a receipt will be provided to you for the same. We have partnered with blue dart dispatch for drop-off services and once your attested document will be dispatched all the tracking details will be provided to you.

Why Choose ND Universal?

ND Universal will not only help you in getting the documents attested from the Embassy but also will take care of the safety of documents and certificates because we follow a systematic process that leads to no error. You will not have to go from the tiresome process of attestation that brings a lot of stress. We guarantee that we will get your documents attested within a week.

ND Universal will not only help you but also will make the process of attestation easier for you to understand. The professional staff we have will talk you through every doubt you have regarding Embassy Attestation and will make sure your documents safely get the Indonesia Embassy Attestation.

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