Frequently Asked Questions

What does Apostille Mean?

An Apostille is a term used for the legalization of any document for use in Foreign Country that belongs to the Hague Convention.

What does Legalization or Authentication Mean?

Legalization or Authentication is the process required, when you apply for any country which is not a member of Hague Convention.

How to apply for Apostile/ Authentication Services?

Call our support staff executive at 91-8000399331, 91-9537089898 or drop us your queries at [email protected] Our executive will get back to you in short time.

What is Hague Convention?

Hague Convention is referred to the group of countries joined together in order to create a simplified way of legalizing the documents for universal recognition. The legalized document is known as apostille, which is recognized by all the member of the Hague Convention countries.

What kind of documents can be legalized?

Be it adoption certificate, degree certificate, commercial certificates, divorce certificates, adoption certificate, affidavits, ID Proofs/Passport, Agreement Document, Private document,etc can be legalized.

How long the process of legalization takes?

It takes roughly 5-7 working days to complete the process of legalization of the documents.

What are the payment options?

You can make online transactions or pay us the fee or service charges either by cheque or by DD in the name of the company. The attested documents will be dispatched to you by courier, only when the payment gets cleared.

What all documents are required for the process of attestation?

In case of attestation of educational documents, original degree along with a copy of the mark sheet is required with a copy of your passport.

In case of marriage certificate or birth certificates attestation, the original certificate along with a copy of your passport is required.

After attestation, are there any other formalities required?

An apostille issued by the Authority is the proof itself that the documents submitted are relevant and genuine. No additional proof is required other than this.

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