Argentina Embassy Attestation

Argentina is a very famous country and it welcomes foreigners for visits, staying for work and business. Individuals visit Argentina for many purposes including professional as well as business.

Argentina Embassy Attestation is a very significant process that is mandatory to carry out when an individual is willing to visit Argentina for any purpose. This process will help prove the genuinity of the credentials mentioned in the documents and certificates.

To visit Argentina it is very important to get the documents attested because without embassy attestation individual visa applications will not be accepted and access to enter the premises of Argentina will be denied.

Argentina Embassy Attestation

What is Embassy Attestation?

Attestation is the process in which the documents and certificates are granted with stamps that helps prove the authority of the information mentioned in them. Attestation stamp from Argentina Embassy is a legal procedure that will help prove the authenticity of the documents when used in Argentina. Argentina Embassy attests documents that are to be used for opening a business, for exporting, for getting a job, or for settling in Argentina permanently. For acquiring a visa also, one must attest the documents, or else the application will be rejected due to the absence of properly attested documents. To get all the documents and certificates attested, an individual needs to get the concerned papers checked at the various levels of Indian Government departments.

Attestation of the documents and certificates will depend on the reason for visiting or staying in Argentina. A large number of people from various countries migrate to Argentina for reasons like better job opportunities, or export purposes, or for running their own business in the rushed market of Argentina. Whatever be the reason, it is very important to get the documents attested from all the relevant departments and then by the Argentina Embassy.

The documents related to certificate of Incorporation, Invoice, Board of Resolution, certificate of origin, Registration, Memorandum, Power of Attorney, Articles of Association, packing list all are counted as commercial documents. The authentication or verification of documents and certificates is done by signing or stamping the documents. In any case, if someone is caught using unattested documents in the country, then legal actions against them will be taken.

Why Is Argentina Embassy Attention Required?

All the commercial documents must be attested according to the reason of visits such as business visa, work visa, or commercial approval to stay in the country.

Export document certificate: Documents and certificates related to commerce should be attested to take permission from the concerned government for doing commercial activities. Attestation of these certificates will help in proving the legitimacy of the information mentioned in documents and certificates. All the documents and certificates will be valid to use in another country only after being attested by the embassy. Documents and certificates will include:

  • Letter of Credit
  • Customs Packing List
  • Performa Invoice
  • Bill of Sight
  • Certificate of Origin Certificate (COO)
  • Memorandum of association (MOA)
  • Shipping Bill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of incorporation (COC)
  • Articles of association (AOA)
  • GMP Certificate
  • Export License
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Export License
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Health Certificates
  • Authorized letter
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Power of Attorney
  • Contract Letter
  • Commercial Invoice

Purpose: There are many reasons to attest Export documents:

  • For the registration of the company
  • For the consignment of export
  • To have a clean chit from customs inspection
  • To be able to elect an in-charge
  • For the expansion of the business steadily
  • For other legal matters

Attestation is always done on original documents. Argentina Embassy Attestation is a crucial process because without the certificates being attested properly by the embassy, one will not be allowed to enter the premises of Argentina.

Documents Attestation Process

Steps: The steps of the procedure involved are:

  1. The verification of commercial documents and certificates will be done by the Chamber of Commerce. Verification from Notary or any other regional level department is not needed. Commercial documents do not even need verification from state-level authorities.
  2. After the verification is done by the Chamber of Commerce, the document will be eligible for the legitimation of the information by the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs).
  3. When the document will be legalized by all the relevant departments, it will be granted attestation by the embassy.

The process of Embassy Attestation is not only complicated but is also very tiresome and thus professional help should be taken in these cases. Hiring ND Universal will help you in getting the Argentina Embassy Attestation in a very easy manner.

Detailed Procedure Attestation

As Argentina welcomes individuals from around the globe to enjoy and expand their professional side in the country, many come for the sole purpose of running commerce of their own. The required documents must get attested in the following manner:

Step 1: Verification by the Chamber of Commerce

In the initial stage, personal and professional documents are attested by the local notary but in the case of commercial documents, they must be attested only by the Chamber of Commerce. Individuals must get their documents signed or stamped by the department to get the central level authentication. Commercial documents included documents like power of attorney, documents stating the information about commerce, and much more.

Step 2: Authentication by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

Commercial documents do not need authentication by the state-level departments which are important in the case of other documents. After the certificates and documents are attested by the Chamber of Commerce, one can submit the documents for authentication by the central government department MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) India, which handles all the issues that are related to a foreign land. The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) provides the documents with a signature or stamp that is crucial to legalize the documents, to be honest.

Step 3: Argentina Embassy Attestation

After the commercial documents are attested by the relevant departments, they will be eligible for embassy attestation. One should not skip this part as it will help in obtaining any kind of visa and will grant permission to get into the country in a lawful manner.

The process is very tiresome and costly because all the departments are situated on different premises. For reducing any hindrance, one should hire ND Universal where clients will get proper and comfortable services.

Documents Required For Embassy Attestation

Following general papers will be needed to get the documents attested by the Argentina Embassy:

Attestation of commercial documents will require-

  1. An original document to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce
  2. Covering letter addressed to the Embassy of Argentina.

Timeline for Attestation Services

The time frame of the Embassy Attestation depends on the type of document that is to be attested. Each document has to go from a different level of verification. It also depends on the nature of the document and the state from where it was issued. There is no time limit for these procedures. It can take anywhere from three working days to weeks and even months depending on the procedure that has to take place.

All the related documents whether personal, educational, professional, or commercial should be attended to properly by the Argentina Embassy to get the acceptance of visa application and permission to enter the country. Without the documents being attested, individuals will not be allowed to enter the country and certainly, one can not use documents legally.

In many cases, it takes six to eight days for completion of the embassy attestation but this can also stretch due to unseen circumstances.

Cost of Attestation

The process of Embassy Attestation can be very tricky and tiresome. Negligence cannot be tolerated when it comes to paying attention to details since the process is crucial and sensitive. There are different departments where one has to obtain verification before submitting the documents to the embassy for final attention. Individuals can face difficulties in finding and traveling to the various departments scattered across the whole of India. The process can get very monotonous and exasperating for some.

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